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Vintage matthew pt8_2.26.12


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Published in: Spiritual
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Vintage matthew pt8_2.26.12

  1. 1. MATTHEWThe Son of Man is going to be17:22betrayed into the hands of men.They will kill Him, & on thethird day He will be raised to life.
  2. 2. MATTHEWIf another believer sins against18:15-17 listensyou, go privately & point out theoffense. If the other person& confesses it, you have won thatperson back. But if you areunsuccessful, take one or twoothers with you & go back again,so that everything you say maybe confirmed by 2 or 3 witnesses.
  3. 3. MATTHEWIf the person still refuses to listen,18:15-17 accepttake your case to the church.Then if he or she won‟tthe church‟s decision, treat thatperson as a pagan or acorrupt tax collector.
  4. 4. MATTHEWThen Peter came to Jesus & asked,18:21-35“Lord, how many times shallI forgive someone who sinsagainst me? Up to seven times?”Jesus answered, “I tell you,not seven times, but seventy-seventimes. Therefore, the kingdomof heaven is like a king…
  5. 5. MATTHEW…who wanted to settle accounts18:21-35with his servants. As he began the settlement, a man who owedhim 10,000 bags of gold wasbrought to him. Since he was notable to pay, the master orderedthat he & his wife & his children& all that he had be soldto repay the debt.
  6. 6. MATTHEWThe servant fell on his knees18:21-35before him. „Be patient with me,‟he begged, „& I will pay backeverything.‟ The servant‟s mastertook pity on him, canceled thedebt & let him go.
  7. 7. MATTHEW.But when that servant went out,18:21-35he found one of his fellow servantswho owed him 100 silver coins.He grabbed him & began to chokehim. „Pay back what you owe me!‟he demanded. His fellow servantfell to his knees & begged him,„Be patient with me, & I willpay you back.‟
  8. 8. MATTHEWBut he refused. Instead, he went18:21-35off & had the man thrown intoprison until he could pay the debt.When the other servants saw whathad happened, they were greatlydistressed & went & told theirmaster everything that hadhappened.
  9. 9. MATTHEWThen the master called the servant18:21-35in. „You wicked servant,‟ he said,„I canceled all that debt of yoursbecause you begged me to.Shouldn‟t you have had mercyon your fellow servant just asI had on you?‟
  10. 10. MATTHEWIn anger his master handed him18:21-35over to the jailers to be tortured,until he should pay back all heowed. This is how My heavenlyFather will treat each of youunless you forgive a brotheror sister from your heart.”
  11. 11. MATTHEW 19:3Some Pharisees came to himto test him. They asked, “Is it lawfulfor a man to divorce his wife forany & every reason?”
  12. 12. MATTHEW 19:4-“Haven‟t you read,” He replied,6“that at the beginning the Creator„made them male and female,‟ & said,„For this reason a man will leavehis father & mother & be united to hiswife, & the two will become one flesh‟?So they are no longer two, but one.Therefore what God has joinedtogether, let no one separate.”
  13. 13. MATTHEW 19:8-Jesus replied, “Moses permitted you9to divorce your wives becauseyour hearts were hard. But it was notthis way from the beginning. I tell youthat anyone who divorces his wife,except for sexual immorality, & marries another womancommits adultery.”
  14. 14. Most holy & merciful Father, we confess to You & to one another, & to the wholecommunion of saints in heaven & on earth,that we have sinned by our own fault inthought, word & deed; by what we havedone, & by what we have left undone.We have not loved You with our whole heart,& mind & strength. We have not loved ourneighbors as ourselves. We have notforgiven others, as we have been forgiven. Have Mercy on us, Lord.
  15. 15. We have been deaf to Your call to serve,as Christ served us. We have not beentrue to the mind of Christ.We have grieved Your Holy Spirit. Have mercy on us, Lord.We confess to You, Lord, all our pastunfaithfulness; the pride, hypocrisy& impatience of our lives. We confess to you, Lord.Our self-indulgent appetites & ways,& our exploitation of other people. We confess to you, Lord.
  16. 16. Our anger at our own frustration,& our envy of those more fortunatethan ourselves. We confess to you,Lord.Our intemperate love of worldly goods& comforts, & our dishonesty in daily life & work. We confess to you,Lord.Our negligence in prayer & worship, & ourfailure to commend the faith that is in us.
  17. 17. Accept our repentance, Lord, for the wrongswe have done; for the blindness to humanneed & suffering, & our indifference toinjustice & cruelty. Accept our repentance, Lord.For all false judgments, for uncharitablethoughts toward our neighbors,& for our prejudice & contempttoward those who differ from us. Accept our repentance, Lord.
  18. 18. For our waste & pollution of Your creation,& our lack of concern for those who comeafter us. Accept our repentance, Lord.Restore us, good Lord, & let Your angerdepart from us. Favorably hear us, for Your mercy is great.Accomplish in us the work of Your salvation. That we may show forth Your glory in the world.
  19. 19. By the cross & passion of Your Son our Lord. Bring us with all Your saints to the joy of His resurrection. AMEN.