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Vintage great adventure_part5_3.3.13

  1. 1. HOW THE GOSPELProclamation -> Martyrdom WAS SPREAD IN Stephen ACTS 6-8 Martyrdom -> Persecution House-to-House Persecution -> Scattering Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria… Scattering -> Spreading Phillip
  2. 2. The combination of HOW THE GOSPEL SALVATION & WAS SPREAD INSUPERNATURAL POWER Substitution + Victory ACTS 6-8 Covenant + Kingdom GREAT JOY!
  3. 3. ACTS 9:1-2But Saul, still breathing threats & murder againstthe disciples of the Lord, went to the high priest& asked him for letters to the synagogues atDamascus, so that if he found any belonging tothe Way, men or women, he might bring thembound to Jerusalem.
  4. 4. ACTS 9:3-5Now as he went on his way, he approachedDamascus, & suddenly a light from heaven shonearound him. And falling to the ground he hearda voice saying to him, “Saul, Saul, why are youpersecuting Me?” And he said, “Who are you,Lord?” And he said, “I am Jesus, whom youare persecuting.
  5. 5. ACTS 9:6-9“But rise & enter the city, & you will be told whatyou are to do.” The men who were traveling withhim stood speechless, hearing the voice but seeingno one. Saul rose from the ground, & althoughhis eyes were opened, he saw nothing. So theyled him by the hand & brought him intoDamascus. And for three days he was without sight, & neither ate nor drank.
  6. 6. ACTS 9:10-14Now there was a disciple at Damascus namedAnanias. The Lord said to him in a vision,“Ananias.” And he said, “Here I am, Lord.”And the Lord said to him, “Rise & go to the streetcalled Straight, & at the house of Judas look fora man of Tarsus named Saul, for behold,he is praying, & he has seen in a vision a man named Ananias come in & lay his hands on him so that he might regain his sight.”
  7. 7. ACTS 9:10-14But Ananias answered, “Lord, I have heardfrom many about this man, how much evilhe has done to Your saints at Jerusalem.And here he has authority from thechief priests to bind all whocall on Your name.”
  8. 8. ACTS 9:15-19aBut the Lord said to him, “Go, for he is a choseninstrument of Mine to carry My name beforethe Gentiles & kings & the children of Israel.For I will show him how much he must sufferfor the sake of My name.” So Ananiasdeparted & entered the house.
  9. 9. ACTS 9:15-19aAnd laying his hands on him he said, “BrotherSaul, the Lord Jesus who appeared to you onthe road by which you came has sent me so thatyou may regain your sight & be filled with theHoly Spirit.” And immediately something likescales fell from his eyes, & he regained his sight.Then he rose & was baptized; & taking food, he was strengthened.
  10. 10. ACTS 9:19b-22For some days he was with the disciples atDamascus. And immediately he proclaimed Jesusin the synagogues, saying, “He is the Son of God.”And all who heard him were amazed & said,“Is not this the man who made havoc inJerusalem of those who called upon this name?And has he not come here for this purpose, to bring them bound before the chief priests?
  11. 11. ACTS 9:19b-22But Saul increased all the more in strength,& confounded the Jews who lived in Damascusby proving that Jesus was the Christ.
  12. 12. ACTS 9:26-28And when he had come to Jerusalem,he attempted to join the disciples. And they wereall afraid of him, for they did not believe thathe was a disciple. But Barnabas took him& brought him to the apostles & declared to themhow on the road he had seen the Lord, who spoketo him, & & how at Damascus he had preached boldly in the name of Jesus. So he went in & out among them at Jerusalem, preaching boldly in the name of the Lord.
  13. 13. ACTS 9:29-30And he spoke & disputed against the Hellenists.But they were seeking to kill him. And when thebrothers learned this, they brought him downto Caesarea & sent him off to Tarsus.
  14. 14. ACTS 9:31So the church throughout all Judea & Galilee& Samaria had peace & was being built up.And walking in the fear of the Lord& in the comfort of the Holy Spirit,it multiplied.
  15. 15. 1. What is God saying to me? QUESTIONS TO CONSIDER…2. What am I going to do about it?