Magic Roundabout - Empowering Young People


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Full time and virtual volunteering and progression pathways - from Envision.

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Magic Roundabout - Empowering Young People

  1. 1. Envision 2008/9 • Youth Empowerment charity • 80 Schools & colleges: London • 25 Schools & colleges: Birmingham • 3 Schools around the country • Over 1500 students across the UK and a graduate network of 5000+ • 175+ EYE adult volunteers •New Leeds Office in August 2009 •Training, events and consultancy
  2. 2. Envision 2008/9 •Guardian Charity of the year - 2008 • National Lottery Awards finalist for Best Education Project - 2008 j •Young Partners Awards National Winner – 2008 •New Philanthropy Capital recommended “out of hours” provision for young people • C bi t Offi G ld t E Cabinet Office Goldstar Exemplar Project f l P j t for working with hard to reach volunteers
  3. 3. Envision’s Mission, Vision i i ’ i i Vi i and Values Mission: • To empower young people to realise their capacity to make a difference. • To build confidence, aspiration and skills necessary for affecting social and environmental change. Vision: • Our core vision is to see young people empowered to take responsibility for issues around them and demonstrate leadership in their communities.
  4. 4. Envision’s Mission, Vision i i ’ i i Vi i and Values Values: Authentic Opportunities for change: Within every individual lies the desire and capacity to create positive change - all that is required is the opportunity. Experiential Learning & Skills Building: Learning by doing is more effective than simply learning through instruction. Youth-Leadership: Positive change is brought about by examples of individuals and groups making a difference, 'the ripple effect'. Youth-Voice: Young People have valuable opinions and ideas and require a platform from which to be heard in our society Ethical living: Envision is an advocate for sustainable development and social justice
  5. 5. Schools College S h l / C ll Programme The Envision Schools & Colleges Programme supports 16-19 year olds to develop their own social and environmental projects in their schools, colleges and local communities. It is an extra curricular active citizenship programme that empowers young people to realise their capacity to make a difference. Our youth-led approach builds confidence and improves youth led communication and team working skills. Previous projects have tackled issues relating to homelessness, climate change, recycling, fairtrade, poverty, healthy living, bullying and diversity. For more information please visit: p
  6. 6. V Student Case Study y Valentines Tea Dance Young volunteers from Haverstock School Envision team held a Valentine’s Tea Dance for 80 elderly people in Camden to bridge the invisible barrier between the youths and the older generation. y g They filled Haverstock Hall with balloons, table settings and tea, cakes and biscuits which the elderly people enjoyed before taking part in swing band dancing and waltzing. The event really helped the young people to promote respect for each other regardless of age and at the same time promote sustainable living as they made their own recycled decorations and served home made cakes.
  7. 7. Envision Consultancy As part of our commitment to the communities we work with; Envision works with schools, businesses, universities, local authorities, Third Sector Organisations and any organisation who are looking l ki to support or engage with young people. The Envision team works with our clients not just to provide a service but also to build sustainable partnerships which would benefit all parties involved. With our flexible and innovative approach we can create bespoke programmes and consultancies to match the desired needs or you can choose from one of our existing packages. If you have any questions or ideas please contact or visit
  8. 8. Envision Consultancy Burberry corporate mentors for young y p y g volunteers taking action to promote ethical fashion Envision’s v project has supported Burberry’s staff to act as corporate mentors to young volunteers tackling the issues around p y g g ethical fashion. Young people were helped by Envision to present their ideas to an audience of Burberry staff at Burberry’s offices, to inspire them to come and be corporate mentors for young people’s volunteering projects. Many young people then took part in Envision volunteering event workshops on recycled fashion, clothing customising and clothes swaps and inspired Burberry mentors ran the workshops, offering volunteering project advice to young people and helped out at the young people’s own recycled fashion show events later on.
  9. 9. Agents for Action g The Agents for Action programme is an interactive citizenship half or whole day that has been designed to engage y y g g g young g people with a number of citizenship and sustainability themes and inspire them to become leaders. The workshop facilitators will coach awareness, curiosity, discussion, cooperation, persuasion, creativity and project i i i d j design. Games, group activities, role play, conversation, video and presentations are used t h l t ti d to help young people develop their understanding of sustainability issues and explore ways to make a difference difference. The programme consists of three sections entitled: Provoke, Inspire, Inspire and Create Create. For more information please contact
  10. 10. Workshops Envision can provide workshops to schools on a variety of social and environmental issues including: Climate Change, g g Fairtrade, Sustainable development, Community involvement, Human rights and many more…. We can support either students or teachers to begin or extend sustainability d i bili activities within the eight “doorways” to t sustainability set out in the DCSF Sustainable Schools t i bilit t t i th S t i bl S h l Framework. Envision also offers teacher training workshops for PGCE Citizenship and Citizenship Certificate courses covering the following elements: Community Involvement Theory, Sharing youth volunteering connects with citizenship Working with citizenship, Outside Agencies and Building a community involvement project
  11. 11. Envision Birmingham T: 0121 772 7685 or Envision London T: 020 7253 1677 E: W: