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Channel Hopping - The Mentoring And Befriending Foundation


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Mentoring and befriending.

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Channel Hopping - The Mentoring And Befriending Foundation

  1. 1. Setting up a mentoring scheme Jenny Taylor (Post 16 peer mentoring co-ordinator) co-
  2. 2. Who we are…(five main aims) 1. T provide national l d To id i l leadership f hi for mentoring and befriending movement 2. To encourage organisations to use g g mentoring and befriending as part of their support strategies 3. 3 To provide capacity building support to mentoring and befriending projects through a national and regional body infrastructure i f t t 4. To promote quality and standards in mentoring and befriending g g 5. To develop and share best practice in mentoring and befriending
  3. 3. How can mentoring/peer mentoring be used? d? Transition T ii Behaviour improvement Raising attainment Anti - Bullying Self Harm Looked After Children / Care leavers Special Educational Needs (SEN) English E li h as an Additi Additional L l Language (EAL) Supporting Volunteers Youth Offending Young People with Disabilities Other Support Strategies for Young People
  4. 4. What is Mentoring? g Mentoring has been defined as… “…a one to one non-judgemental relationship in which an individual a non- mentor voluntarily gives time to support and encourage another. This is typically at a time of transition in the mentee’s life, and lasts for a significant and sustained period of time ” time… (ACU, UK Home Office) Peer Mentoring… …is the engagement of two people in a mentoring relationship who are of similar age or have shared a similar experience
  5. 5. Setting aims, objectives and outcomes Aim: the change or difference the programme is trying to achieve Objectives: the methods or activities by which the programme plans to achieve its aim Outcomes: the changes, benefits or learning that occur in your client group as a result of the objectives (activities)
  6. 6. Recruitment process p Consider: (In line with the Approved Provider Standard) 1. Volunteer role and person specification p 2. Where to find volunteers? Who Wh are your current support staff? t t t ff? Who are your potential support staff? 3. Selection process and guidelines
  7. 7. Benefits to core requirements eq i ements Increases learning capacity Contributes to community y cohesion and citizenship g agendas Inclusive of parent and family learning Maximises use of the provision
  8. 8. Benefits for your target group Increases 1:1 support available Enhances the experience p Improves confidence and self esteem Aids progression Increases ability for project manager to meet needs Provides positive role models
  9. 9. MBF Training g What is covered? Planning and Preparation Resourcing Marketing y g your p g programme Recruitment of volunteers Training support staff g pp Preparing ‘Mentees’ Evaluation Networking and support
  10. 10. Training for your volunteers Peer Mentor training package: P M i i k Mentor t i i M t training package: k Unit 1: What is mentoring? Unit 1: What is mentoring? Unit 2: Communication skills Unit 2: Mentoring cycle Unit 3: Differences, values Unit 3: Ground rules and attitudes Unit 4: Interpersonal Unit 4: How can peer behaviour & ‘mentors’ help? communication skills Unit 5: Ground rules (incl. (incl boundaries, confidentiality and safety) Unit 6: Starting the U it 6 St ti th relationship
  11. 11. Recognised Accreditation g Age & background of Courses recommended Cost to centre Time volunteer commitment 13 – 16 years ASDAN – Peer Tutor Award £50 centre registration 1 credit = 10 hours ASDAN – Peer Mentor Award £5 (est.) per candidate 16 + ASDAN – Peer Mentor Award £50 registration 1 credit = 10 hours £5 (est.) per candidate £ ( ) Adult - student CWD Level 2 Nil (LA funded) Lengthy CWD Level 3 Nil (LA funded) Lengthy OCN L Level 2 l £250- £250 500 centre registration + t i t ti 10 h hours t t l total - First Steps to Volunteering £9.50 per candidate. 10 hours focussed OCN Level 3 £200- 500 centre registration + study + added -Introduction to Mentoring Skills g £9.50 per candidate. practical li ti application -Diploma for Learning Coaches unknown to be explored ASDAN Mentor Coordinator next year Adult from business OCN Level 2 – First Steps to £200- 500 centre registration + 10 Volunteering £9.50 per candidate. hours
  12. 12. Approved Provider Standard The Approved Provider Standard is a national award for projects providing one-to-one, volunteer mentoring or befriending Recognises safe and competent practice – “health check” Accepted benchmark by Government Depts / other funding agencies Promotes your programme to potential clients / volunteers Assessment and accreditation is free Our Regional Co-ordinators can also provide free guidance throughout your application process
  13. 13. Useful links h // dbf k/ http://www mandbf org uk/projects/asdanmbf peer mentoring award/
  14. 14. Discussion & Questions Thank you for participating – please f l f l feel free to ask t k questions… 0161 787 8600