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Attaining Reach Achieved Status. An overview from Youth Action Network.


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C S I Birmingham - Rearch from YAN

  1. 1. Reach Youth Action Network v:tv Conference June 2009 J
  2. 2. Who are we? • Youth Action Network • Membership organisation • Contract with v • Training, Networking & Good Practice
  3. 3. What is Reach? Wh i R h? • R Reach i Y th A ti h is Youth Action N t Network’s quality k’ lit practice framework • It focuses on working with young volunteers rather than background functions like Finance and HR f ti lik Fi d • It includes 12 sections • It can be used as a development tool
  4. 4. What do Wh d you h have to d ? do? • Youth Action Network has a contract with v until March 2010 • ALL v-funded organisations must be Reach Achieved by then • All submissions must be sent via the website by December 2009 • We advise a minimum of 2 a month until December
  5. 5. The Process • In summary: – A Self Assessment – Log on to the website – Submit your 12 sections – When requested send in evidence requested, – Become Reach Achieved! • It’s as simple as that!
  6. 6. Self Assessment – The Process Step one – Preparation • Decide who should be involved • Introduce people to the purpose and benefits of R b fit f Reachh • Plan your meetings – how will you tackle the self assessment • A ti Plan Action Pl
  7. 7. Self S f Assessment – The Process Step two – Self Assess • Make an initial assessment – score yourselves against the 12 sections • Id tif what your current practice is in Identify h t t ti i i relation to Reach
  8. 8. Self Assessment – The Process Step three – G tti ready to submit St th Getting d t b it • You’re now ready to start filling in y y g your self assessment online • When you have 75% very happy faces and 25% happy faces you need to identify the evidence which may consist of things like policies and p p procedures, business plans, annual reports
  9. 9. Reach website • When each section is ready, submit it to Youth Action Network • Sections are ready when self-assessed ‘Achieved’ (75% very happy 25% happy faces) Achieved happy, • Help pages – examples of good practice to download
  10. 10. Reach website: l R h b it logging i i in www.youthactionnetwork.org.uk/reach
  11. 11. Reach website: getting started • Website explains the p process Remember to record your other quality systems first if you have: • PQASSO (2nd Ed) • Investors in People • Investing in Volunteers • Volunteer Centre Standards Volunteer Centre Standards • Hear By Right
  12. 12. Reach website: • Complete online self-assessment • Save every page!!!
  13. 13. Reach website: submitting b it b itti • Check progress • Submit sections when ready
  14. 14. Reach website: help & resources • Examples of good practice from vinvolved organisations – on Help Pages g p g • Click on from each section • R Reach F h Forums – ask questions and post k ti d t contributions
  15. 15. Reach submissions For each statement of Reach, please include: • Brief description of p p practice • List of evidence, e.g. for 1.8:
  16. 16. Reach: Evidence • Once your Development Officer has received your submission, we will assess y , your answers and check we are happy with your assessment and scores scores. • When we are ready to request evidence we will email the contact at your organisation and ask that they send us g y the requested evidence.
  17. 17. Reach: Evidence Helpful hints & tips: • We will request whatever evidence you have identified in your submission for three statements for each section. The three statements will be chosen at random. • You will be given a period of 2 to 6 weeks to send the id th evidence t us. Thi depends on the number of to This d d th b f sections we are asking you for. • This time frame is flexible and if you are unable to meet this deadline then you can discuss this with your Development Officer • Each piece of evidence can be sent via email or post.
  18. 18. Reach: Evidence • E h piece of evidence MUST b clearly marked Each i f id be l l k d with which statement of Reach it refers to. • If you are referring to a certain paragraph or sentence please then highlight the section or reference the page number. • If we are h happy with your evidence we will notify you ith id ill tif that the section(s) have been approved and signed off as Reach Achieved. • If we are not happy with your evidence we may ask for further evidence or changes to be made to the evidence you had submitted. Y will th id h d b itt d You ill then be asked to re-send it.
  19. 19. Reach Achieved! What h Wh t happens when you are R h Reach A hi h Achieved? d? • Once the evidence for all 12 sections have been reviewed and signed off you will receive an i d d i d ff ill i email from us congratulating you. • W will then ask you t complete a short online We ill th k to l t h t li survey • O Once the survey has been completed th we th h b l t d then send you a Reach Achieved logo (with guidance on how you can use the logo) and a certificate.
  20. 20. Reach Achieved! • If you are in a consortium, we can reference all partners but certificates will be sent to the lead organisation for them to distribute. • We will soon be detailing all organisations who are Reach Achieved on our website. The website will link straight to your website (as referenced in your online evaluation).