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Vinson DiSanto, DO: What Is Chelation Therapy?


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Vinson DiSanto, DO: What Is Chelation Therapy?

Published in: Health & Medicine
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Vinson DiSanto, DO: What Is Chelation Therapy?

  1. 1. Vinson DiSanto, DO: What Is ChelationTherapy?
  2. 2. A doctor of osteopathic medicine (DO) and acertified clinical nutritionist,Dr. Vinson DiSanto has more than 20 yearsof experience in homeopathic medicine. Healso holds a diploma for advanced proficiencyin chelation therapy from the AmericanCollege for The Advancement of Medicine.
  3. 3. Known most commonly as a treatment forlead poisoning, chelation therapy is also usedto treat heavy metal poisoning. The basicprinciple of the treatment is simple: injectingethylenediaminetetraacetic acid (EDTA)causes the chemical to bind with heavymetals in the body, including iron, lead,mercury, cadmium, and zinc. Once the heavymetal has bonded with the EDTA, it passesfrom the body through urination.
  4. 4. Chelation therapy has also been suggestedas an alternative therapy to treat heartdisease, cancer, and other conditions.However, according to, this is noscientific evidence to support theeffectiveness of chelation therapy in treatingconditions other than heavy metal poisoning.In fact, if performed incorrectly, chelationtherapy may introduce new toxins that couldcause kidney damage, irregular heartbeat,and even death.