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Atlantic city rescue mission


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Hope Happens at the Atlantic City Rescue Mission, by Vinson DiSanto

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Atlantic city rescue mission

  1. 1. Hope Happens at the Atlantic CityRescue Mission, by Vinson DiSanto
  2. 2. For almost 50 years, the Atlantic City Rescue Mission has beenthe largest shelter in southern New Jersey providing a refuge forthe homeless and restoring the lives of thousands of individualsand families, including more than 40,000 people in the lastdecade alone. Among the Mission’s clients are individuals withaddictions to alcohol, drugs, and gambling. Many Missionclients are homeless men, women, and children unable to findpermanent and affordable housing.
  3. 3. The Atlantic City Rescue Mission programs provide safeshelter environments, regular meals, medical care, andcounseling. For clients requiring specialized care, theMission provides long-term recovery residentialprograms.Not only does the Mission address the needs of thehomeless, but it also undertakes the difficult work ofpreventing homelessness. The Mission helps individualspay overdue utility bills or delivers food baskets to thoseat risk of displacement. In this way, the organization isassisting many low-income individuals stay in theirpresent housing.
  4. 4. Vinson DiSanto, a Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine who practices inNew Jersey, is a financial contributor to the Atlantic City RescueMission. Dr. DiSanto is board certified in a number of complementaryhealth care disciplines, including clinical nutrition, anti-aging andrejuvenation medicine, oriental medicine, and homeopathic medicine.