Game development with Cocos2d


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Game Development with Cocos2d

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Game development with Cocos2d

  1. 1. iOS Game Development with Cocos2D SaalisUmer
  2. 2. iOS Game Development with Cocos2DPart 1: Why Cocos2D?Part 2: Cocos2D BasicsPart 3: Let’s build a Cocos2D game
  3. 3. Part 1:Why Cocos2D?
  4. 4. Anatomy of a simple game CPU & GPU
  5. 5. Meet Cocos2D for iPhone Open source iOS game development framework Developed by Ricardo Quesada, acqui-hired byZynga (2011) Stable v1.1 Based on OpenGL ES 1.1 Beta v2.0 Based on OpenGL ES 2.0 3,500+ iOS games shipped
  6. 6. The Cocos2D Family Cocos3D (Obj-C)Cocos2d-Android (Java) Cocos2d-Mac Cocos2d-X (Obj-C) iPhone/Android (C++) Cocos2d-XNA Cocos2d-HTML5 Windows Phone 7 (C#) Web (Javascript)
  7. 7. Proven Success
  8. 8. Great Effort-Flexibility Balance Direct OpenGL/100 CoreGraphics Cocos2D/Sparrow Unity/Corona 0 Flexibility
  9. 9. Cross Device, Cross Resolution
  10. 10. Active Ecosystem
  11. 11. And most importantly.. Tons of great features for games Sprite Sheets Scene Transitions Parallax Scrolling Effects: Actions: Tile Map SupportLense, Ripple, Wave.. Move, Rotate, Scale..Particle Systems Integrated Physics Engines Text Rendering Ribbons Shaders (v2.0) Sound Support
  12. 12. Part 2:Cocos2D Basics
  13. 13. Basic Cocos2D Concepts Class that creates and handle the main Window Director and manages how and when to execute the Scenes.
  14. 14. Basic Cocos2D Concepts Creates and handle the main Window Director and manages how and when to execute the Scenes. A scene (implemented with the CCScene object) is more Scenes or less an independent piece of the app workflow. .
  15. 15. Basic Cocos2D Concepts Creates and handle the main Window Director and manages how and when to execute the Scenes. A scene (implemented with the CCScene object) is more Scenes or less an independent piece of the app workflow. .A CCLayer has a size of the whole drawable Layersarea, and knows how to draw itself.
  16. 16. Basic Cocos2D Concepts Creates and handle the main Window Director and manages how and when to execute the Scenes. A scene (implemented with the CCScene object) is more Scenes or less an independent piece of the app workflow. .A layer has a size of the whole drawable Layersarea, and knows how to draw itself.It is a 2D image that can be moved, Spritesrotated, scaled, animated, etc.
  17. 17. Director & ScenesDirector LossIntro Main Menu Level I Level 2 Victory Options High Scores Game made up of “game screens” called Scenes Each Scene can be considered a separate app Director handles main window and executes Scenes
  18. 18. LayersEach Scene contains several full screen LayersLayers contain Sprites which are the game elementsLayers useful for Controls, Background, Labels, Menus.
  19. 19. NodesNodes are anything that gets drawn or containsthings that get drawn (= Scene, Layer, Sprite)Can: Contain other Nodes Schedule periodic callbacks Execute Actions
  20. 20. Sprites in Action CreateCCSpriteFrame* spriteFrame = [[CCSpriteFrameCachesharedSpriteFrameCache]spriteFrameByName:@"sprite.png”];CCSprite* sprite = [CCSpritespriteWithSpriteFrame:spriteFrame];
  21. 21. Sprites in ActionwinSize.height Add to Layer (x,y) at anchor point winSize.width (0,0) sprite.position = ccp(x, y); [layer addChild:sprite z:5 tag:666];
  22. 22. Sprites in Action Move CCMoveTo *moveToAction = [CCMoveToactionWithDuration:duration position:newPosition]; [sprite runAction:moveToAction];Properties can be transformed directly or through actions
  23. 23. Sprites in Action Scale/RotateCCScaleTo *scaleToAction = [CCScaleToactionWithDuration:durationscale:scale];CCRotateBy *rotateByAction = [CCRotateByactionWithDuration:durationangle:angle];CCSequence *sequence = [CCSequenceactions:scaleToAction, rotateByAction, nil];[sprite runAction:sequence];
  24. 24. Sprites in Action AnimateCCAnimation* animation = [[CCAnimationCachesharedAnimationCache] animationByName:@"animation"];CCAnimate* animateAction = [CCAnimateactionWithAnimation:animation];[sprite runAction:animateAction];
  25. 25. Sprites in Action Schedule Updates[scene schedule:@selector(updateSprite:) interval:interval];
  26. 26. Actions Can be performed on Sprites or any Node Basic Move, Scale, Rotate, Bezier, Hide, Fade, Tint..Composition Sequence, Repeat, Spawn, RepeatForever.. Ease Ease, EaseExponential, EaseBounce.. Effects Lens, Liquid, Ripple, Shaky, Twirl, Waves.. Special CallFunc, Follow..
  27. 27. SpritesheetsAdded as a child to the layerCreated with TexturePacker or ZwoptexMemory considerations, 16bit images, .pvr.ccz
  28. 28. Controls- (void)ccTouchesBegan:(NSSet *)touches withEvent:(UIEvent *)event;- (void)ccTouchesMoved:(NSSet *)touches withEvent:(UIEvent *)event;- (void)ccTouchesEnded:(NSSet *)touches withEvent:(UIEvent *)event;- (void)ccTouchesCancelled:(NSSet *)touches withEvent:(UIEvent *)event;Implement directly based on CCStandardTouchDelegateCan use UIGestureRecognizer classesOpen source implementations of joypad/buttons available
  29. 29. Part 3:Let’s Make a Game!
  30. 30. Part 3:Let’s Make a Game!..but first we need a story, graphics, music and sfx :)
  31. 31. KillTimeBecause he likes to kill paratroopers
  32. 32. Graphics
  33. 33. Music & SFXBackground music, shoot sound, death sound
  34. 34. Steps for making KillTimeApplication SetupStep 1: Adding BackgroundStep 2: Adding Our HeroStep 3: Adding Bad Guys (Game Logic)Step 4: Killing Bad Guys (Adding UI)Step 5: Check for Bad Guy DeathStep 6: Animating Our HeroStep 7: Animating Bad Guys DyingStep 8: Adding Body CountStep 9: Adding Sound & Music
  35. 35. New Cocos2D Project
  36. 36. HelloWorldScene.h@interface HelloWorldLayer : CCLayer{ // Player spriteCCSprite *_player; // Target and bullet sprite arraysNSMutableArray *_targets;NSMutableArray *_bullets;! // Body count counter and isShooting flag int _bodyCount; BOOL _isShooting;! // For body count labelCCLabelTTF *_labelTitle;CCLabelTTF *_labelCount;}
  37. 37. HelloWorldScene.m// Create the new scene including this layer+(id) scene{! // Create the sceneCCScene *scene = [CCScene node];!! // Create the layerHelloWorldLayer *layer = [HelloWorldLayer node];!! // add layer as a child to scene! [scene addChild: layer];!! // return the scene return scene;}
  38. 38. Hello World
  39. 39. Step 1: Adding Background(In init)// Get the window size to place elementsCGSizewinSize = [[CCDirectorsharedDirector] winSize];// Add the background imageCCSprite *background = [CCSpritespriteWithFile:@"background.png"];background.position = ccp(winSize.width/2, winSize.height/2);[self addChild:background z:0];self.isTouchEnabled = YES; _bullets = [[NSMutableArrayalloc]init];_targets = [[NSMutableArrayalloc]init];
  40. 40. Step 1: Adding Background
  41. 41. Step 2: Adding Our Hero Preload the spritesheet(In init)// Load the sprite sheetCCSpriteBatchNode *batchNode = [CCSpriteBatchNode batchNodeWithFile:@”spritesheet.pvr.ccz"];[self addChild:batchNode];// Load the sprites into the shareSpriteFrameCache[[CCSpriteFrameCachesharedSpriteFrameCache] addSpriteFramesWithFile:@”spritesheet.plist"];
  42. 42. Step 2: Adding Our Hero Add the hero sprite// Add the player spriteCCSpriteFrame* playerFrame = [[CCSpriteFrameCachesharedSpriteFrameCache]spriteFrameByName:@"player1.png"];_player = [CCSpritespriteWithSpriteFrame:playerFrame];_player.position = ccp(_player.contentSize.width/2 + 10, winSize.height/2);[self addChild:_player z:1];
  43. 43. Step 2: Adding Our Hero
  44. 44. Step 3: Adding Bad Guys (Game Logic) Schedule a new target every second(in init)[self schedule:@selector(addTarget:) interval:1.0f];
  45. 45. Step 3: Adding Bad Guys (Game Logic) Create a sprite for the target// Create a new enemy-(void)addTarget:(ccTime)dt { // Create the target sprite CCSpriteFrame *targetFrame = [[CCSpriteFrameCachesharedSpriteFrameCache] spriteFrameByName:@"target.png”]; CCSprite *target = [CCSpritespriteWithSpriteFrame:targetFrame]; // Add the target to the layer and the array! [self addChild:target];! [_targets addObject:target];}
  46. 46. Step 3: Adding Bad Guys (Game Logic) Generate a random x position for the target // Determine where to spawn the target along the X axisCGSizewinSize = [[CCDirectorsharedDirector] winSize]; // Find a random X for the target in the right half of the screenintminX = winSize.width/2;intmaxX = winSize.width - target.contentSize.width;intrangeX = maxX - minX;intactualX = (arc4random() % rangeX) + minX; target. position = ccp (actualX, 320 ); target.anchorPoint = ccp(0, 0); // Determine speed of the targetintminDuration = 2.0;intmaxDuration = 4.0;intrangeDuration = maxDuration - minDuration;intactualDuration = (arc4random() % rangeDuration) + minDuration;
  47. 47. Step 3: Adding Bad Guys (Game Logic) Create a move action for the target with a callback when reaching the bottom// Create and run the actionsCCMoveTo* moveTarget = [CCMoveToactionWithDuration:actualDuration Position:ccp(actualX,-target.contentSize.height/2)];CCCallFuncN* actionForTargetMoveDidFinish = [CCCallFuncN actionWithTarget:selfselector:@selector(targetMoveFinished:)];[target runAction:[CCSequenceactions:moveTarget, actionForTargetMoveDidFinish, nil]];
  48. 48. Step 3: Adding Bad Guys (Game Logic) Add the callback method for a target that dies or reaches the bottom// Method for removing a target that has died or reached thebottom-(void)targetMoveFinished:(id)sender {CCSprite *target = (CCSprite *)sender; [ self removeChild :target cleanup : YES ];[_targets removeObject:target];}
  49. 49. Step 3: Adding Bad Guys (Game Logic)
  50. 50. Step 4: Killing Bad Guys (Adding UI) Detect the touch- (void)ccTouchesEnded:(NSSet *)touches withEvent:(UIEvent *)event {// Choose one of the touches to work withUITouch *touch = [touches anyObject];CGPoint location = [touch locationInView:[touch view]]; location = [[CCDirectorsharedDirector] convertToGL:location]; if (!_isShooting) { _isShooting = YES;
  51. 51. Step 4: Killing Bad Guys (Adding UI) Create the bullet// Create the bulletCCSpriteFrame* bulletFrame = [[CCSpriteFrameCachesharedSpriteFrameCache]spriteFrameByName: @"bullet.png" ];CCSprite* bulletSprite = [CCSpritespriteWithSpriteFrame:bulletFrame];bulletSprite.position = _player.position; // Bullet actions CCCallFuncN* actionForRemoveBullet = [CCCallFuncNactionWithTarget:self selector:@selector(removeBullet:)]; CCMoveBy* bulletMoveBy = [CCMoveBy actionWithDuration:1.0f position:ccp(winSize.width, 0)]; [bulletSpriterunAction:[CCSequenceactionOne:bulletMoveBy two:actionForRemoveBullet]];// Add bullet to layer and array[self addChild:bulletSprite];[_bullets addObject:bulletSprite];_isShooting = NO;
  52. 52. Step 4: Killing Bad Guys (Adding UI)
  53. 53. Step 5: Check for Bad Guy Death-(void)update:(ccTime)dt { CCSprite* bulletToRemove = nil; for (CCSprite *bullet in _bullets) { for (CCSprite* target in _targets) { CGRecttargetBox = CGRectMake(target.position.x, target.position.y, [target boundingBox].size.width, [target boundingBox].size.height); // Check if bullet is in the targets bounding box if (CGRectContainsPoint(targetBox, bullet.position)) { // Animate target death and remove target bulletToRemove = bullet; } } } // Remove bullet if target was hit if (bulletToRemove != nil) { [self removeChild:bulletToRemovecleanup:YES]; [ _bullets removeObject :bulletToRemove]; }}
  54. 54. Step 5: Check for Bad Guy Death
  55. 55. Step 6: Animating Our Hero Preload the animation from the spritesheet Adding Player animation in init(In init)// Load the animation for playerNSMutableArray *animFrames1 = [NSMutableArray array];for (inti = 1; i< 11; i++) { CCSpriteFrame *frame = [[CCSpriteFrameCachesharedSpriteFrameCache] spriteFrameByName: [NSStringstringWithFormat:@"player%d.png”,i]]; [animFrames1 addObject:frame];}[[CCAnimationCachesharedAnimationCache] addAnimation:[CCAnimation animationWithFrames:animFrames1 delay:FRAME_DELAY] name:@"player"];!
  56. 56. Step 6: Animating Our Hero Preload the animation from the spritesheet Adding Kill animation in init(In init)//// Load the animation for villain killNSMutableArray *animFrames2 = [NSMutableArray array];for (inti = 1; i< 8; i++) {CCSpriteFrame *frame2 = [[CCSpriteFrameCachesharedSpriteFrameCache] spriteFrameByName:[NSStringstringWithFormat:@"kill%d.png",i]];[animFrames2 addObject:frame2]; }[[CCAnimationCachesharedAnimationCache] addAnimation:[CCAnimationanimationWithFrames:animFrames2 delay:FRAME_DELAY*5] name:@"kill"];
  57. 57. Step 6: Animating Our Hero Animate the hero when shooting(In ccTouchesEnded)// Actions for shooting animationCCCallFunc* actionForShootDidEnd = [CCCallFuncactionWithTarget:self selector:@selector(shootDidEnd)];CCAnimation* playerShootAnimation = [[CCAnimationCachesharedAnimationCache] animationByName:@"player"];CCAnimate* shootAnimate = [CCAnimateactionWithAnimation:playerShootAnimation];[_player runAction:[CCSequenceactionOne:shootAnimatetwo:actionForShootDidEnd]];
  58. 58. Step 6: Animating Our Hero
  59. 59. Step 7: Animating Bad Guys Dying(in update)// Set up actions for animation and target removalCCCallFuncN* actionForDeathDidFinish = [CCCallFuncNactionWithTarget:self selector:@selector(targetMoveFinished:)];CCAnimate* deathAnimation = [CCAnimateactionWithAnimation:[[CCAnimationCache sharedAnimationCache] animationByName:@”kill"] restoreOriginalFrame:NO];[target runAction:[CCSequenceactionOne:deathAnimationtwo:actionForDeathDidFinish]];
  60. 60. Step 7: Animating Bad Guys Dying
  61. 61. Step 8: Adding Body Count(In init)NSString* bodyCountString = [NSStringstringWithFormat:@"%d", _bodyCount];_labelCount = [CCLabelTTFlabelWithString:bodyCountStringfontName:@"Arial"fontSize : 16 ];_labelCount.color = ccc3(0,0,0);_labelCount.position = ccp(110, winSize.height - 16);[self addChild:_labelCount z:2];(In update:)_bodyCount++;NSString* bodyCountString = [NSStringstringWithFormat:@"%d", _bodyCount];![_labelCountsetString:bodyCountString];
  62. 62. Step 8: Adding Body Count
  63. 63. Step 9: Adding Sound & Music(In init)! // Start background music, set lower volumeSimpleAudioEngine.sharedEngine.backgroundMusicVolume = 0.4f;! [[SimpleAudioEnginesharedEngine] playBackgroundMusic:@"explosive_attack.mp3"];(In ccTouchesEnded) // Play sound effect on every shot and on death! [[SimpleAudioEnginesharedEngine] playEffect:@"shot.mp3"];!(In update: where the target is killed)! [[SimpleAudioEnginesharedEngine] playEffect:@"death.mp3"];
  64. 64. Let’s Play!
  65. 65. KillTime 2.0Enemies can move and attackJoypadMove our heroDifferent weapons, power ups and healthGame menu and high scoresLevelsSave/Load GameRefactor code (More scenes and layers)
  66. 66. More stuff to explorePhysics Engines - Chipmunk and Box2DParticle SystemTilemapsMenu Interface
  67. 67. Where can you learn more Cocos2D Demo Library (Comes with Cocos) Wiki: Ray Wenderlich: Steffen Itterheim: http://learn-cocos2d.comSapus Tongue Source Code:
  68. 68. Thank You! SAALIS UMER