What have you learned from your audience feedback


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What have you learned from your audience feedback

  1. 1. What have youlearnt from youraudience feedback?
  2. 2. . Our trailer had an age rate of 15 and above, this is because most of the people in our age isnt 18themselves and also teenagers at the age from 15- 18 show that they like the genre of horror/slasher the most. Feedback is considered to be an important part o the media product, to seewhether it appeals to the intended audience. I have generated feedback through giving outfeedback forms of the video, hosting video on YouTube, where people are able to write what theyare thinking about and also social networks such as facebook where a lot of people are able toaccess it. These questions were accessible to all aged people there for I didnt have any biasedsample . For our trailer we asked 5 open ended question where people give qualitative answers.The first question I asked was ‘what did you like about the trailer’? Few feedbacks that I receivedto this questions is ;•The tension builds up through the trailer•Music, the captions, the story•Trailer is good at being scary and having many frights and adding tension•Nice ending and story. Liked the camera technique with Abdul at the end.•music was good, edited, pace of the trailer, scream at the end was good, trailer builds up thesuspense•Too scary, music was good, edited, pace of the trailer, blood from when the girl gets killed,scream at the end was good•The effect of the captions went well with the trailer•Camera angles were done properly•Scenes put together where interesting and the wordings for the captions gives a spooky feel.
  3. 3. From the feedback that I have received for my first question shows that our editing has been donewell, the usage of fast pace editing known as(montage editing) which means the meaning it createdbetween 2 or more shots and also the continuity editing which creates continuous flow of action, hasmade the trailer effective and conveys the sense of genre. For my feedback many have said they likethe way the captions appear on the trailer, and the wordings gives a spooky feeling to the audience.From the feedback I have learnt that the camera shots that I have included in the trailer is very goodand suitable, the captions made it even scarier, the voice over makes you feel related to the story itself.We have constructed the trailer in the sense that builds up tension, I have learnt that the audience likethe editing of the trailer the most and therefore in the future I will know how to edit trailer on horrorgenre. I have learnt that the voice over makes people feel related to the story it self. I chose to do thisquestions as it allow me to see where I am good at in creating a horror trailer. I need to know thingsthat I am good at as well to see whether I have followed the codes and conventions.
  4. 4. Second question that I asked was ‘what could be improved?’ here are few of the responsesthat I got,•Not too scary,•Not too scary, quite common story idea,•It looks more of a story than a trailer, gives away too much•Shows the killing, kills the suspense•The location didnt seem as scary and not many locations are shown•Done like a story giving away the main bits such as killing the characters•Storyline can be more enigmatic, seeing the people die kills the suspense•Could be set in the dark.•The sound effect can be worked on even more where theres a BANG in it and shocks people.•More people should have been shown rather than jus 3, looks boring.•Need to be able to create more suspense so it questions people thought about the filmBy looking at the feedback for theses questions I have learned that showing the death of thecharacter in the film kills the suspense and this wont interest my audience , rather it will makethem think is it worth it to go watch the movie as they already know who will be the one todie. Many people have given feedback saying it is not scary and it give a common story, I learntthat the trailer should giveaway so much of the story or the audience will automaticallydecrease which is not a good thing. So when creating a horror trailer, its important to create asomething full of suspense where the audience will wonder what the story may be aboutwhere as on my feedback you can tell the story and also its important to show more than justthree characters because people will automatically think the film just consists of three peoplewhich is not true. We have filmed the scenes in one location only, which through the feedbackI have notices that quite a few wanted to add in more locations rather than just one whichmakes it look boring and just looks common.
  5. 5. Its important not to give out enigma, also it would have been effective if we shot the scene in the darkwhich would have conveyed a sense of genre. The sound could be worked on even more to give a bang/shock to the audience and it would have scared them as it was a sudden threat.Overall from the feedback I have received from this questions, Ive learnt that I havent followed many ofthe codes and conventions such as the trailer gives away suspense showing the death taking place whichfrom researching I have noticed in may trailer the death doesnt show in trailer. however I havesubverted the codes and convention and tried out something new by show the event of death takingplace. There are many room for improvement and by the feedback I received I have learnt a lot of thingthat could be improved to make my trailer as effective as others.The third that I have asked is, ‘How does the sound help to create tension? And here are a few responsesI got for this question.•It builds up the story•The speed of the heartbeat makes the viewer know something is about to happen.•I like the way the sound builds up and the heartbeat works really well.•It slows down but when something happens it gets faster•The sound make the trailer stand out more and works well to make a tense feel overall.•The sound makes the trailer more lively, and it gives the scary effect.•The sound of the heartbeat make me feel related to the scene taking placeThrough the feedback I received for this question, I have learnt that the sound of the trailer is one of themost important element on constructing a horror trailer and also it effect the sense of genre in a largeportion as it gives a scary effect to the audience. Making the sound something g to do with reality makethe trailer effective such as heartbeats which allows to audience to relate to the trailer.
  6. 6. The fourth question is ‘what do you think of the story line’? And these are some of the responses that I havereceived.•Killer escaped from prison and is on a rampage.• Someone escaped and kills the people in the trailer•A serial killer escaped hiding in the forest and killing people (students)•I think the story is about the girls who are lost in the woods and someone is chasing them with a knife sosomeone wants to kill them, it looks like a camping trip.•Follows the journey of 3 teenagers who are attacked by a monster who has been watching them for a while.•A stalker that has been stalking this young college kids in the forest/woods kills them one bye one.Through the feedback I have received for this question, I have notices that the majority of people havefigured out the story line of the film that we have constructed, I have learnt that this is because I have putthe scene together which gives away the suspense and so I have learnt that not to put related scenestogether or it gives away the story, have different locations and to include more than 3 people to make thesituation more realistic. The enigma off the story has been spoilt and this bring my product into a negativityas people wont be as interested to see the film because the story line in obvious. Its very important not toshow the death happening in the trailer or the suspense gets killed off.
  7. 7. Last question I asked is ‘What elements of the trailer represent the horror genre?’ and these are theresponse I have received for the last question;•Blood, music, scream, running, the knife.•Action Blood Bad guy•Blood, music, scream, running, the knife, the chase,•The dark voice of the narrator. Cold colours e.g. Blue. Frantic and running ( as if they’re trying to escapelike a nightmare) we see it in the eye of the villain, forest representation of isolation and no escape,screams as well as background music gives more impact as it feels busy which contrasts to the build up ofthe silence. The use of camera angles, showing the isolation of the victims as he is all up in their grill.•Music and screams•Blood, music and screams•The knife, the woods, the fear in the characters aces, and the way happiness seems to change quickly.From this I have learnt that there are many elements to convey the genre of horror such as the propsbeing used. In our trailer a knife is being used and the knife gives connotations of death, blood andviolence. The location is also important to convey a sense of genre, such as woods/ forest these placesare isolated place which gives connation of loneliness which people are aware of straight away when theyrecognise the woods. The music and sound which have been added all gives the feel of horror straightway . The monster dressed in black with his hidden identity, represents the genre horror as you see inmany horror films the monster hardly reveals its identity to create suspense.
  8. 8. In conclusion, the feedback that I have received all together has made meunderstand the codes and convention of a horror trailer. I have looked back at thetrailer and understood myself through the feedback in which bits I should haveimproved. The feedback has helped me understand that showing too much/ givingaway too much of the film can kill the suspense and it will lead into a decrease inaudience. It is important to have shock in the trailer, but through my audiencefeedback I have noticed the actual death taking place in the trailer make theaudience aware that the person will die and so they will get bored of watching theperson who they already know thats going to die.