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  2. 2. I gave out questionnaires to a group of people in my class and by looking at the responses, the majority of the class picked the one with red black and white. There was response such as;• It relates more with the horror genre.• Gives a scary atmosphere• Red because give connotation of blood• Danger zone• Tells us that its evil story• Can be twisted with love or hate• The purple orange and white looks too bright, would not fit in with the atmosphere of the genre.• Red and black brings the horror atmosphere.• Blue, purple and black looks interesting and colourful but I prefer the red and black as it gives connotations horror straight away.• Therefore I have decided to go with the majority, where they prefer the colour scheme red black and white , suits the genre.
  3. 3. These are the templates for my magazine cover and I have chosen 3colour schemes which are, purple and orange and white. Red andblack, lastly purple and blue. I have decided to go with the red andblack poster as I recon it will be more suitable for my topic-Horror. Redand black are the main colours that are used by horror magazine andposter. Red gives connotations of blood and danger which may awarethe audience that this is a magazine with horror topics. Also blackgives connotations of darkness and death and mystery so this canattract the horror fans attention. Another colour scheme I chose wasblack, blue and purple. The other colour schemes that I chose don’tthink it will go well with magazine as well as the red and black coloursscheme. I believe that red and black will be more suitable. The film thatwe are creating is called slaughter and for that typography we havedecide to use red colour font so it fits in well with the colour scheme. Ihad to use one of the existing magazines masthead, so I have decidedto use ‘EMPIRE’ to be my masthead. It is very noticeable that the mostcommon colours used in many horror magazine is red and blacktherefore I am going to use the colour scheme red black and white forthe magazine that I will be creating.
  4. 4. MASTHEAD SLOGAN COMING SOON Production company info LOGO- age rate
  5. 5. MASTHEAD SLOGAN COMING SOON Production company info LOGO- age rate
  6. 6. MASTHEAD SLOGAN COMING SOON Production company info LOGO- age rate
  7. 7. These are the templates for the poster that I will be creating. The 3colour schemes I have chose is [black, red and white], [black, purpleand white], [black, green and white]. As you can see I’ve chose whiteand black for all the colour schemes for my poster this is because therecolours fit well with any colour I chose. I chose red because it givesconnotations of blood, and danger which is a popular colour that goeswell his the genre. The colour purple give connotations of violence andbruising which gives the idea that someone definitely gets hurt in outfilm. Lastly I chose green because it symbolises sickness which canrelate to our film in a sense that the way the characters kill ourcharacters in a dirty way which can be sickening. I have decided to gowith the colour scheme black red and white. This is because it thengives a sense of identity for the film because I will be using the samecolour scheme for the magazine and poster. When people see thecolours red and black they will automatically have the idea that itsabout the film ‘Slaughter’.