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Slasher/Horror films


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Slasher/Horror films

  2. 2. FINAL GIRLThe most important aspect ofa horror movie though is the"Final Girl". She is the onewho no matter what, survivesuntil the final fight scene.Through out the movie shewill tend to stand out themost compared to her groupof friends. Problems will bechasing her in many sort ofways , but the final girl willalways have a way in escapingfrom any sort of danger .There should always be a finalgirl so that there is a purposeadded to the movie.
  3. 3. BENEFACTORBenefactor are the characterthat the main person from themovie goes to for help/advice/suggestions . Most ofthe times they tend to be oldcharacters as they have a broadmind of knowledge and arewise. It is good to have abenefactor as it will be neededfor a horror movie for the mainperson to have a chat withthrough hard times. Also olderpeople have a better standard ofknowledge this makes thereliable.
  4. 4. MONSTERNegativity is needed isdefinitely needed in a horrorfilm, therefore there is always abad guy that gives spooks at alltime and scare the audience.This it the reason to all thecharacters that die through outthe film. It gives an excitementto the audience along with theshocking expectation of whatmay happen next. This willcontinue until the final girl getsa way out to survive .
  5. 5. GROUP OF FRIENDS A group of friends will be needed to make the film more interesting and thrilling. For an example in scream 4 nobody expected the ending to be like that. in many occasions in a group of friends there is always a sexually active blond girl and always a heroic guy. In movies such like these the group of friends fight for their lives . The common thing is that the whole group of friends die one after the other leaving the final girl/person to survive.
  6. 6. INEFFECTIVE CHARACTERS The role of this character is to be the bad guy through out the film, but this role isn’t as important as you think. Is good to have an ineffective character to make the film feel suspicious. Ineffective characters can pop out of anywhere such as a group of friends ; for example scream 4 , in a group of friends there was one girl killing the group members one by one . These characters are known as the high authority figures.
  7. 7. LocationsSuburban neighbourhood and the woods are the 2 types of location in a slasher film. The mostcommonly used location is the suburban neighbourhood. Most of the audience live in a suburban area, this will give them the idea that everything will be fine , when actually it wont be in a slasher movie.The location can symbolise the killers bad childhood. Woods is not commonly used in a slasher filmbut its still used. Suburban area Is not a place to be scared of as houses are surrounded the place,give the audience that feeling of shock where they believe that nothings going to happen buteventually something pops up to scare the audience. Using suburban are makes it useful for theaudience to relate to the area as many of the audience live in suburban area, they have experiencedlife in that way. Audience will connect to suburban areas as some place to be safe and friendly, whereits safe to hang about in casual day. Eventually something bad happens as we all know in a horrormovie there is always a disruption. Theses types of films should include a shock and excitement to itto create tension for the audience as that is what they like to see. Suburban area s are mainly used,because suspense are creates , and tension increases as help is the location is not as easy to findwhereas in city’s there is lots of people where its easier to get help if any sort of harm appears. Inhorror movies, conventions are to do it in woods or suburban area which are more effective. Usingtowns/ cities in a horror movie seems too busy and loud, which gives away the suspense as peoplealready know something bad is going to happen. The media explains a lot about the current placesnowadays , they say where certain incidents take place which may give an effect on certain peoplesthough of to what may happen in the movie. For an example it is scary to film in a quite lonely placewhere we know that its harder to survive there than cities. In cities you tend to get burgled which isthe scariest thing so far but easy to get help or catch the burglar. Many movies don not use areacountry side areas and estates as they are seen as dangerous because of the media . For our horrormovie trailer I used the woods part of my location, this is because the create so much tension andsuspense to what may happen. To make the atmosphere scary it is good to film in the woods where ithas nobody there also if its dark, it tends to get the audience more scared and will give connotationsof danger. Stereotypes of the woods are seen to be scary and gives ideas that something bad is goingto happen and its noticeable that most of the horror movies take place in the wood., the solving ofthe disruption that takes place happens here. They give the audience the feeling of being isolated andalone and this gradually builds up to be scary because you will never know when something is going topop up from where. However finding the right kind of woods may be hard to follow the atmosphereand suit the story. It can also be hard to find make take long to find and may have to go travel a longwalk.
  8. 8. GermanExpressionism
  9. 9. LightingsGerman expressionism:German Expressionism refers to a number of related creative movementsbeginning in Germany before the first world war that reached a peak inBerlin during the 1920’s. These developments in Germany were part of alarger Expressionist movement in north and central European culture infields such as architecture, painting and cinema. German expressionismplays an important part with the cinema industry. The Germans onlystarted this to let the audience see the effectiveness of the movies. Youcan see for yourself from the pictures its gives different sorts of effects.German expressionism is almost like the start of mise-en-scene, becausethey use the lightings to show the background and the mood of theatmosphere. The first expressionist films Is used with weird shapes andpatterns on walls and floors of the studios to let the light, shadow andobjects show properly. German expressionism didnt last for long and fadedaway in quick time.
  12. 12. Analysis-15 Rated Films; an advantage of a 15 rated film would be that it has a larger audience thereforemakes more profit. Also, people aged 15 and over are more likely to go cinema and watchslasher films. Teenagers are the main target audience as they would enjoy horrors more thanolder people would. Teenagers are most likely to go out to cinemas with friends, means that 15rated films are the ones to get the most profit.-- Disadvantage to this is that films will be restricted and will have limited amounts of sceneincluded in the film. You will have to think about target audience very carefully and make sure itsuits them. It will have to be less scary and also might be scary.-18 Rated Films; an advantage of an 18 rated film would be that you can include as much gorystuff as you want and make the film more interesting. Some writers will give negative feedback18 rated movies and this will provoke others into watching the movie. This leads into anadvantage as more people will spend money and watch the movie in the cinema. It give somuch freedom into including as much horror as you want .-Disadvantage: smaller audience therefore smaller budget. The movie would be more restricted.You would have to think carefully about the things you include in the movie., because peoplewill give bad reviews on the film and will give negative opinions about the film and that willmake people not to watch it. People under 18 wouldnt be allowed to watch it.
  13. 13. SAW 2 (2005)Budget: HALLOWEEN (1978) Budget: Budget$4,000,000 (estimated) $320,000 (estimated) CANDYMAN (1992)Gross: Gross: Budget:$147,739,965 (Worldwide) $60,000,000 (Worldwide) $8,000,000 (estimated) (1978) Gross:SAW 3 (2006) $25,792,310 (USA) HALLOWEEN (2005)Budget: Budget:$10,000,000 (estimated) $15,000,000 (estimated)Gross: Gross: CANDYMAN (1995)$164,874,275 (Worldwide) $80,253,908 (Worldwide) Gross: $13,940,383 (USA)SAW 4 (2007) HALLOWEEN 2 (2007)Budget: Budget:$10,000,000 (estimated) $15,000,000 (estimated)Gross: Gross:$139,352,633 (Worldwide) $33,335,670 (USA) (15 November 2009)
  14. 14. FRIDAY THE 13TH 1980 NIGHT ON ELM STREET 1984 FINAL DESTINATION 2009Budget: Budget: Budget:$550,000 (estimated) $1,800,000 (estimated) $43,000,000 (estimated)Gross: Gross: Gross:$39,754,601 (USA) $25,504,513 (USA) $66,436,248 (USA) (15 November 2009)FRIDAY THE 13TH (2009) NIGHT ON ELM STREETBudget: 2010 FINAL DESTIATION 5 2011$19,000,000 (estimated) Budget: Budget:Gross: $35,000,000 (estimated) $40,000,000 (estimated)$64,997,188 (USA) (19 Gross: Gross:April 2009) $113,400,000 (Worldwide) $42,139,208 (USA) (18 (8 August 2010) September 2011)THE TEXAS THE TEXASCHAINSAW MASSASCRE 1974 CHAINSAW MASSASCRE 2003Budget: Budget:$83,532 (estimated) $9,200,000 (estimated)Gross: Gross:$30,859,000 (USA) $107,071,655 (Worldwide)
  15. 15. SCREAM 1996Budget: Budget$15,000,000 (estimated)Gross: PSYCHO (1998) GRUDGE$161,600,000 (Worldwide) Budget: Budget: $25,000,000 (estimated) $10,000,000 (estimated)SCREAM 2 1997 Gross: Gross:Budget: $37,141,130 (Worldwide) $110,175,871 (USA) (19$23,000,000 (estimated) December 2004)Gross:$101,363,301 (USA) PSYCHO (1960) GRUDGE 2SCREAM 3 2000 Budget: Budget:Budget: $806,947 (estimated) $20,000,000 (estimated)$40,000,000 (estimated) Gross: Gross:Gross: $50,000,000 (Worldwide) $39,143,839 (USA) (12$161,830,000 (Worldwide) (January 2004) November 2006)SCREAM 4 2011Budget:$40,000,000 (estimated)Gross:$97,037,610 (Worldwide) (1September 2011)
  16. 16. CHILD’S PLAY 1988MIRRORS 2008 Budget:Budget: $9,000,000 (estimated)$35,000,000 (estimated) Gross:Gross: $44,196,684 (Worldwide)$30,691,439 (USA) (23November 2008) CHILD’S PLAY 2 1990ORPHAN Budget:Gross: $13,000,000 (estimated)$41,573,740 (USA) (4 Gross:October 2009) $35,763,605 (Worldwide) CHILD’S PLAY 3 1991 Budget: $13,000,000 (estimated) Gross: $20,560,255 (Worldwide)