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Report on Sevankur Sharam Sanskar Project at Ghanewadi Jalna..........

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Sevankur shram sanskar_camp_report

  1. 1. “Youth for Drought”SEVANKUR Shram Sanskar Camp, Jalna24 to 28 April 2013The Sevankur Shram Sanskar Camp which wasorganized at Ghanewadi-Jalna from 24-28 April2013 had been instrumental in generating a positivewave & enthusiasm in Jalna city. It gave newdimensions to the drought relief work, which wasgoing on there, since our first visit of 15-16 March.It was the first Sevankur camp, which was heldspecifically for a Cause & with 100 % public support& involvement. So it happened to be an importantmile stone in the history of Sevankur also. (Sevankuris the open platform facilitated by PRAYAS, sincelast 6 years for sensitization & motivation of youths towards social change; thereby playing a catalytic rolein creating the change makers).One of the major issues we noticed that, the longstanding scarcity of water had created lot ofnegativity in people’s mind about everything.There is a general feeling of helplessness &hopelessness about the situation. In spite of thesevere problem, people were not ready to cometogether for any collective action. There wasscarcity of vision, motivation, will power & “YES,We Can” attitude also. So while working on waterscarcity by de-silting of the dried up Ghanewadilake, we decided to remove the mental silt & blockaccumulated gradually in Jalna people’s mindset, by way of making collective effort towards cleaning the1650 meters of wall of the Ghanewadi Lake during the camp. And we can do that.The idea of organizing Sevankur Shram SanskarCamp at Jalna was very much welcomed by theJalna friends. Big thanks to Ghanewadi JalSamrakshan Manch, JES College, Rotary Clubs & allother individuals/organizations for the affectionate& warm hospitality. The camp was successful onlybecause of the whole hearted support from all theJalna friends. They have made all thearrangements of local logistics of the campincluding food, residence at JES College Jalna.Transport was also arranged to Shramdan site.We decided to hold the camp from 24-28 April, out of the need for immediate action, though the dates ofthe camp were not suitable for most of the youths, because of the postponement of all University examsdue to strike of University teachers. Still the number of outstation participants was around 100 (from 15 +districts). Sanskruti Samwardhan Mandal-Saroli Nanded & Deepstambh Foundation-Jalgaon helped usactively by sending teams of volunteers to participate in the camp from their own organizations. The timetable of the camp was like this.5.30 am - get ready & departure from JES College to Ghanewadi Lake by buses (distance 10 kms).6-10 am – Shramdan at Ghanewadi Lake 11-2 – back to JES College - bath, rest, lunchPress Conference at JES College, Jalna on 24 Apr.
  2. 2. 2-5 pm – motivational session for the participants5.30 - 8.30 pm – visit to different wards of Jalna & nearby villages – study, survey & awareness activities.6-9 pm - parallel motivational session for the Jalna citizens at JES College.The enthusiasm of Jalna people gradually builtup. Nearly 350 people participated inShramdan activity on day 1 & 2. This numbercrossed 1000 on day 3 & around 1500 on lastday. The doctors, businessmen, industrialists,teachers, lawyers, school & college students,factory workers, house wives all activelyparticipated in the Shramdan activity. Many ofthem had done Shramdan for the first time inlife & said that it was one of the mostmemorable & joyful event in their life.The evening motivational sessions also proved to be valuable in motivating people & creating a positiveatmosphere in Jalna city. Dr Avinash Saoji, Kaka Shitole-Pune & Rameshbhai Kacholia-Mumbai, Dr AvinashPol-Satara & Nilima Mishra-Jalgaon interacted & shared their experiences in these sessions. The feedbackwas that we never had such an opportunity to see/listen to such kind of amazingly dedicated personalities.Even we were not aware that such kind ofpersonalities still exists. Shri Annaji Hajare & DrVikas Amte could not come to Jalna due to theirhealth problem; still the enthusiasm & themotivation level don’t drop down. That wasanother challenge for all of us. Many of theaudience came just to see on the first day & afterthe session they get so motivated & became theactive participants of the camp. They themselvesparticipated in Shramdan activity & also broughttheir friends, kids, other family members alongwith them.The Jalna people pledged that they will continue doing Shramdan activity every week for two hours onevery Sunday. They also demanded such amotivational session at least once a month, whichwe have agreed upon.Donations of Rs. 4 Lacs + had been collected in cashat the Shramdan site for Ghanewadi de silting workduring these 4 days.One of the press representatives present in pressconference of 24 April was so much impressed, thathe called upon Shri. Sunil Raythatta immediately,saying that 50 members from his organization-Jamate Islami will be participating in the Shramdan & they have done it daily till last day.Bhupendra Mujumdar-Pune & Chotoo Varangaonkar-Amravati had shouldered the responsibility of theShramdan & other routine camp activities. Dr GirishKulkarni/Bapujii-Snehalaya, Yajurvendra Mahajan-Jalgaon, Rameshbhai Kacholia, Vishal Shah, Dhiren Dalal –CF Mumbai, Madhukar Dhas/Mahesh Pawar-Yavatmal,Nitin Patil-Mumbai, Sanjay Salunke-Pune & many otherfriends visited/interacted/joined the camp.Daily Evening Motivational session for Jalna citizens at JES college
  3. 3. The district collector, Shri. Sham Deshpande was very much supportive & visited during the camp himselftwice. He very much appreciated the concept of Sevankur Shram Sanskar camp. He interacted with theparticipants on one day. He came to Ghanewadi Shramdan site for about three hours on the last day, met& appreciated all the participants. He promised to extend all his help & support to this work.The local print media has also taken cognizance of the Sevankur camp & propagated very positively aboutit by publishing the daily happenings. It also helped in creating a positive atmosphere in the city.Nimeshbhai of Caring Friends-Mumbai with DILASA-Ghatanji Yavatmal, PRAYAS-Amravati, and Dr. AvinashPol-Satara with the help of Snehalaya-Ahmadnagar, BNGVN-Bahadarpur Jalgaon, and Atul-PrajaktaUpadhye-Nagpur visited Jalna for the first time on 15-16 March 2013 & started working for the droughtrelief work mainly at Ghanewadi lake of Jalna & Akola Dev of Jafrabad tahsil.The de silting activity was going on at Ghanewadi since last 3 years by the local group “Ghanewadi JalSamrakshan Manch”on their own, without much of govt. support. But now the district collector has startedsupporting them actively & we being instrumental in mobilizing Govt. involvement in their activity.We have been successful in achieving all the 5 basic objectives of the Camp which were as follows.1. To offer some time, labor, love & affection & mental support to the severely drought affectedfellow Indians of Jalna district. In return to fill our lives with lot of blessings, inspiration,experiences, learning etc.2. To learn from the experiences of Jalna people, so that such drought situation should not come toour places.3. To gain the positive self confidence, that we can come & work together & by doing so we can solveany problem in front of us in future also.4. To strengthen the chain of like minded friends, creating life time relationship & bond.5. To get the joy & pleasure of GIVING & to learn the real meaning of LIFE.Contact : Dr Avinash Saoji, PRAYAS, Amravati. Mob. 94207 22107, 94228 55607Email :; aksaoji@gmail.comWebsite :; Blog : www.prayas-sevankur.blogspot.comCon tact