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Live your dreams


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Published in: Education
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Live your dreams

  1. 1. Once upon a time Thus I seek from you Name, fame, money, power But remember,In the commune of a Mystic That missing shining ray Are but few of the tools The ego can be weakenedA seeker enquired That’d enlighten my darkened life That nourishes the ego But never defeatedFor a magic or a trick And help choose the right way” Letting your subconscious be fooled For the battle between the two Is continuous with no end“A magic or a trick” Replied the Mystic But the subconscious knows you wellSaid he “Born you are It can’t be deceived Fiercest rivals they are“That can help transform And die you will It tries to awaken you with dreams It might appearMy dreams into reality” That’s the only reality That you really wish to be perceived In reality however That Existence fulfills One can’t exist without the other“For since my childhood Of course the ego fights hardDreams I’ve had infinite Everything else Contaminating the dreams Of this factSome evaporating with time Is mere filling of the gap Exploiting your lust, greed and The moment you’re awareSome still holding me tight That matters to none desires You can choose the dream to live Except your own heart It wins most of the times By taking a step towards eitherBut unfulfilled remains mostWith some rare exceptions It matters to your ego For ego has a powerful weapon That single stepAs years zoom past in fulfilling For it seeks reasons That of the temptation Walked in total acceptanceResponsibilities and expectations To value the life But it can’t be consistent Will help you live your dreams Against recognitions For the very same reason And a life full of abundanceBut then there are momentsOf painful realization But recognitions only come from without So it’s just a matter of time So the magic or the trickThat by abandoning my dreams Not from within For subconscious has patience That you so eagerly seekI’ve lived only in regret Hence the constant urge Aware that the ego will weaken Lies in taking that one step and frustration To satisfy other beings Before its tireless persistence Now…Now… at this very moment Vivek Kabra©