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Hurdles, the sprint with impediments on the way to automation


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Hurdles, the sprint with impediments on the way to automation.

The presentation talks about the common problems with automation and how to deal with it. Also the content covers a case study and how the author succeeded in implementing automation.

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Hurdles, the sprint with impediments on the way to automation

  1. 1. Vinod Purushothaman Follow me @vinodpthmn Hurdles > The sprint with impediments on the way to automation
  2. 2. Thomas Alva Edison “I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work.” First Agilist images@google
  3. 3. Agile says the same thing! Fail early, Fail often… This would be the capital to start with Automation
  4. 4. Automation Units Database Automation Testing Automation Build Automation Deployment Automation
  5. 5. Build Automation Deployment Automation Database Automation Testing Automation Automation Units Continuous Integration Continuous Delivery images@google
  6. 6. Background images@google
  7. 7. Environments DEV QA UAT Prod Replica
  8. 8. Challenges
  9. 9. Need for change was visible images@google
  10. 10. No body was ready for the extra mile images@google
  11. 11. We were dealing with the hardest thing in this Universe images@google
  12. 12. “ continue to persist in its state until it is compelled to change its state by force impressed.” EverybodyEvery body What Newton said is right… source@google
  13. 13. images@google
  14. 14. Our Approach Success The Climax The Pace First Move
  15. 15. #1 First Move > It is always hard images@google
  16. 16. Release Samurai > Make the pain “evident” Rotate release engineer roleimages@google
  17. 17. > Start with “Quick wins” Pick the best one to sell first images@google
  18. 18. > Limit the automation WIP images@google
  19. 19. > Go slow and steady Start with simple steps and keep on building one by oneimages@google
  20. 20. #2 The Pace > to succeed you should sustain images@google
  21. 21. > Define the vision as a team Past Retrospective Notes Automation Backlog Automate as many manual, boring jobs images@google
  22. 22. > Showcase during Retrospective Automation Backlog Members started picking up line items voluntarily and worked during the Sprint. Retrospective images@google
  23. 23. > No fixed plans images@google
  24. 24. Don’t be a Modern Doctor, be an Ancient Doctor > Do trial & error Focus on “what works" not “what's best”images@google
  25. 25. > Your efforts are “Tip of the Iceberg” Do it for the team, not for the business! Your efforts What business feel images@google
  26. 26. #3 Climax> we all need positive happy ending images@google
  27. 27. > Motivate team members images@google
  28. 28. > Campaign “Go home early on release day…” images@google
  29. 29. > Cast right tools for right problem Again focus on “what works" not “what's best”images@google
  30. 30. > Set clear direction to the team.  Check-in Guidelines  Conduct Group Discussion  Training Sessions  State Do’s & Don'ts images@google
  31. 31. > Reach your destiny Branching Strategy Build Automation Build Package Compile Configuration Changes Auto Release Emails Deployment Automation Db Deploy Automation Test Automation
  32. 32. Technical Details #1 Challenges we faced! What we did? What we gained  No proper source control branching strategy, leading to poor build/release management. Introduced new branching strategy. Kept it simple . More control over changes, more control over build/ release management.
  33. 33. Technical Details #2 Challenges we faced! What we did? What we gained  Database deployment was painful as we were using Redgate SQL as compared to generate delta script for the release. Defined db script templates and trusted developer to prepare the deployment scripts and checkin to source control. Apprised developers to vet database scripts against development database before checkin. Switching to template driven database scripts saved us a lot of time. It no longer needed us to generate scripts by comparing the databases, a cumbersome and time consuming job. Database scripts were automatically vetted at every environment and were stable by the time it reached the production release. This minimized database related release issues.
  34. 34. Technical Details #3 Challenges we faced! What we did? What we gained  Compiling configuration changes from various change request notes was cumbersome. Took environment specific configuration files to source control and pushed it along with build package. Trusted developer to update configuration file with respective values. Blending configuration changes from source control to build package eradicated the chance of configuration mismatches and errors.
  35. 35. Technical Details #4 Challenges we faced! What we did? What we gained  Preparing build package was cumbersome. Used ANT to build Java code and parse Cold Fusion. Used NANT to build .NET code. Automated build and packaging saved a lot of time. Increased the release readiness of the team and reduced post release production issues to a great extent.
  36. 36. Technical Details #5 Challenges we faced! What we did? What we gained  Careless checkin and integration issues were breaking build during release. Setup Cruise Control .NET as CI Server to perform nightly builds. Nightly build ensured that there are no build errors and we are good.
  37. 37. Values Gained Vet every single change Quick round-trips (Testing Automation) Avoid redundant manual efforts Rollout build more frequently Quality Deliverables Release Readiness
  38. 38. Together Everyone Achieves Moreimages@google
  39. 39. There are several resons to go for automation, but we could die for one precious thing in this world! images@google
  40. 40. You choose, if you believe…
  41. 41. Vinod Purushothaman Follow me @vinodpthmnimages@google