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OER for Teachers: Basics and Exemplars for TLPD at FDRC


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Open Educational Resources (OER) for Teachers: Basics & Exemplars for Teaching-learning and Professional Development...facilitated PGTs and TGTs at FDRC, New Delhi in May, June, July, August, 2013.

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OER for Teachers: Basics and Exemplars for TLPD at FDRC

  1. 1. © CC-BY-NC-ND-SA
  2. 2. May,June,July,August--2013Vinod K Kanvaria: OER at FDRC 2CanYouReadThis?
  3. 3. OER: Outlooking at the ConceptualScenarioThis interaction is aimed to cover -Open: An IntroductionOpen Source: An UnderstandingThe Blurred Line between ‘Open’and ‘Free’OER: What do they include?OR: ClassificationMay,June,July,August--2013Vinod K Kanvaria: OER at FDRC 3
  4. 4. OER: Outlooking at the ConceptualScenarioThis interaction is aimed to cover -OER: Uses and ApplicationsOER: Life Cycle for DevelopmentOER for Teaching-learningOER RepositoriesOER for Professional DevelopmentMay,June,July,August--2013Vinod K Kanvaria: OER at FDRC 4
  5. 5. Open !What is ‘Open’ ?What is it ?May,June,July,August--2013Vinod K Kanvaria: OER at FDRC 5
  6. 6. What is Open ?CopyrightFreeOpen / CopyleftMay,June,July,August--2013Vinod K Kanvaria: OER at FDRC 6
  7. 7. See, What is happening?May,June,July,August--2013Vinod K Kanvaria: OER at FDRC 7
  8. 8. OPEN IS EXPECTED TO enhance the quantity aswell as quality OF TEACHING AND LEARNINGOpenEducationFreeCopyrightMay,June,July,August--2013Vinod K Kanvaria: OER at FDRC 8
  9. 9. OPEN SOURCE: DEEPER UNDERSTANDINGFree RedistributionFree and Unbound Source CodeDerivative or Derived WorksIntegrity of the Source CodeEquality of Persons or GroupsNo Discrimination against FieldsOpen SourceMay,June,July,August--2013Vinod K Kanvaria: OER at FDRC 9
  10. 10. OPEN SOURCE: DEEPER UNDERSTANDINGDistribution of License Version-freeMust Not Be Product-specificNot Restrict Other SoftwareMust Be Technology-neutralOpen SourceMay,June,July,August--2013Vinod K Kanvaria: OER at FDRC 10
  11. 11. OER defined"OER are teaching, learning and researchresources that reside in the public domain orhave been released under an intellectualproperty license that permits their free useor re-purposing by others. Open educationalresources include full courses, coursematerials, modules, textbooks, streamingvideos, tests, software, and any other tools,materials or techniques used to supportaccess to knowledge.“(William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, 2007)May,June,July,August--2013Vinod K Kanvaria: OER at FDRC 11
  12. 12. Open Educational ResourcesThe four ‘R’s of OERReuse – Use the work verbatim, just exactly as youfound itRework – Alter or transform the work so that it bettermeets your needsRemix – Combine the (verbatim or altered work) withother works to better meet your needsRedistribute – Share the verbatim work, the reworkedwork, or the remixed work with othersDavid Wiley, 2007May,June,July,August--2013Vinod K Kanvaria: OER at FDRC 12
  13. 13. Blurred Line Between Free and OpenBoth are ImportantNatural Sciences Social SciencesFree OpenMonetaryConceptSocialConceptMay,June,July,August--2013Vinod K Kanvaria: OER at FDRC 13
  14. 14. What can Open EducationalResources include?Social SciencesLearningcontentLicensesOERToolsMay,June,July,August--2013Vinod K Kanvaria: OER at FDRC 14
  15. 15. Full courses, coursematerials, content modules,learning objects, collectionsand journals, online tools andsoftware to support contentcreationMay,June,July,August--2013Vinod K Kanvaria: OER at FDRC 15Learning Content
  16. 16. Software to support the creation,delivery, use and improvement ofopen learning content includingsearching and organization ofcontent, content and learningmanagement systems, contentdevelopment tools, and on-linelearning communitiesMay,June,July,August--2013Vinod K Kanvaria: OER at FDRC 16Tools
  17. 17. Intellectual property licensesto promote open publishingof materials, design-principles, and localization ofcontentMay,June,July,August--2013Vinod K Kanvaria: OER at FDRC 17Licenses
  18. 18. What are the Six Licenses?May,June,July,August--2013Vinod K Kanvaria: OER at FDRC 18
  19. 19. OPEN LICENSES: What symbols stand for?Creative CommonsAttributionNon-commercialNo DerivativesShare alikeCombination as per the needOpen LicenseMay,June,July,August--2013Vinod K Kanvaria: OER at FDRC 19C C
  20. 20. On the basis of Internetconnectivity, Targetgroup and FocusMay,June,July,August--2013Vinod K Kanvaria: OER at FDRC 20Classification of OER
  21. 21. On the basis of InternetconnectivityOnline OER Offline OEROne-timeConnectionOERMay,June,July,August--2013Vinod K Kanvaria: OER at FDRC 21
  22. 22. On the basis of Target groupIndividual OER Group OERMay,June,July,August--2013Vinod K Kanvaria: OER at FDRC 22
  23. 23. On the basis of FocusCommunicationFocused OERContentFocused OERMay,June,July,August--2013Vinod K Kanvaria: OER at FDRC 23
  24. 24. May,June,July,August--2013Vinod K Kanvaria: OER at FDRC 24But,
  25. 25. OER: Use and ApplicationOER: Using it in aVariety of WaysMay,June,July,August--2013Vinod K Kanvaria: OER at FDRC 25
  26. 26. Application of Open EducationalResources for TeachersSocial SciencesTeaching LearningOERProfessionalDevelopmentMay,June,July,August--2013Vinod K Kanvaria: OER at FDRC 26
  27. 27. Way 1Enhancing an existingcourse or offering byadding OERIn this case adding OER to thecurrent course may help not onlyteachers and teacher educators, buttheir learners too.May,June,July,August--2013Vinod K Kanvaria: OER at FDRC 27
  28. 28. Way 2Improving existing contentby replacing the existingmaterials with the OERThe replacement of the existing materials mayhelp in arousing the interest of the learners orhelping out with the conflict management in themechanism of dealing with the outdated andinsignificant material.May,June,July,August--2013Vinod K Kanvaria: OER at FDRC 28
  29. 29. Way 3Creating new part ofmaterials by using or re-purposing OERFor the new content, teacher can develop OERmaterials, or use the existing OER or use thematerial generated for some other purpose byothers as per his/her specific needs.May,June,July,August--2013Vinod K Kanvaria: OER at FDRC 29
  30. 30. Way 4Creating new courses byusing, re-using andrepurposing OERThis can help them in creating easily thenew courses considering latestadvancement- technical and content-based.May,June,July,August--2013Vinod K Kanvaria: OER at FDRC 30
  31. 31. Way 5Getting students togenerate OERWhen new OERs will be generated,these can be discussed in open forfeedback and further refinementbefore distribution at mass level.May,June,July,August--2013Vinod K Kanvaria: OER at FDRC 31
  32. 32. OER Life CycleMay,June,July,August--2013Vinod K Kanvaria: OER at FDRC 32PrepareSearch&Classify(Re)PurposeValueAdditionPublish&DeliverReview
  33. 33. Prepare•Module Specifications Sheet (Outline, Duration, LearningOutcomes, Assessment Criteria, Learning Units Description).•Context of Use (whether mainstream educational systemthrough programmes of studies or short professionaldevelopment courses or both).•Identify type of Open Licensing to be used.•Selection of the pedagogical strategy and instructionaltechniques.May,June,July,August--2013Vinod K Kanvaria: OER at FDRC 33
  34. 34. Search and Classify•Identify repositories to be used (e.g. Open learn, Connexions,MIT, OER Commons, Wiki Educator or Wikipedia etc.).•Look for related content – browse metadata, check licensetype, check content quality, level, format, pedagogical approach,duration etc.•Build a checklist of available content – classify according tothe pertinent criteria above or as per ones requirements.•Identify what is missing and what needs to be added, developedfrom scratch and/or adapted/repurposed/ re-contextualized.May,June,July,August--2013Vinod K Kanvaria: OER at FDRC 34
  35. 35. (Re) Purpose•Decontextualize highly adapted learning content.•Rewrite material that is not contextually correct, write newmaterials to cater for those that are missing, and/or mix materialsfrom different sources.•Add context-related learning activities that meet the pedagogicalapproach selected.May,June,July,August--2013Vinod K Kanvaria: OER at FDRC 35
  36. 36. Value Addition•Add new learning/pedagogical scenarios that improve thelearning experience of learners.•Provide multiple modalities (such as animations andmultimedia) for learning to suit individual preferences of learners(such as learning/cognitive styles).•Provide multiple access/delivery modes to increase accessibilityto learners with different constraints such as internet connection,limited bandwidth etc.May,June,July,August--2013Vinod K Kanvaria: OER at FDRC 36
  37. 37. Publish and Deliver•Publish on e-learning platform, stand-alone websites, andCD/DVD formats.•Deliver the course to target audience.•Monitor the learner progress and achievements and providetutoring/technical support.•Share in the different OER repositories or simply put thecontent available on your local website and let others knowabout it.May,June,July,August--2013Vinod K Kanvaria: OER at FDRC 37
  38. 38. Review•Gather feedback from learners on the course.•Review content to improve the course for subsequent cohorts.•Restart the cycle if there are changing requirements and/or tokeep up-to-date with on-going developments in the area or tocheck for other OER that have been published or improved.May,June,July,August--2013Vinod K Kanvaria: OER at FDRC 38
  39. 39. OERSome Exemplary CasesMay,June,July,August--2013Vinod K Kanvaria: OER at FDRC 39
  40. 40. OER for Teaching-LearningEdmodoClassroom 2.0Wikispaces & WikiclassMoodlei-Rubric & CmapMaharaOERMay,June,July,August--2013Vinod K Kanvaria: OER at FDRC 40
  41. 41. OER RepositoriesMerlotJorumBepressSlide shareOpen ClipartUNESCO, COLOERMay,June,July,August--2013Vinod K Kanvaria: OER at FDRC 41
  42. 42. OER for Professional DevelopmentP2P UL4CCourseraOERu, WikiSOOR-campusFree Training.orgOpen LicenseMay,June,July,August--2013Vinod K Kanvaria: OER at FDRC 42
  43. 43. Marching along with the FutureIn the current century,keeping in concern thefuture of education,massive benefit and multi-dimensional use, OERs mustbe used and supported formassive use.May,June,July,August--2013Vinod K Kanvaria: OER at FDRC 43
  44. 44. Our success willdepend uponthe extent to whichwe are ableto change ourselveswith the changingtimesEducation in the 21st CenturyMay,June,July,August--2013Vinod K Kanvaria: OER at FDRC 44And, “Success is theability to go fromone failure toanother, with noloss of enthusiasm.”--Winston Churchill
  45. 45. Let us all join hands toachieve excellence inEducationthroughOpen Educational ResourcesMay,June,July,August--2013Vinod K Kanvaria: OER at FDRC 45
  46. 46. Hoping to join youSomewhere, Someday,Sometime,Again…......
  47. 47. References, that might fascinate youhttp://www.collegeopentextbooks.orgMay,June,July,August --2013Vinod K Kanvaria: OER at FDRC48
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