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Know All About Australian Immigration ielts Band Requirement 2013


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Australia is the best place to live in. In spite of everything, the continent has so many opportunities to offer to immigrant workers. The ielts band requirement is an exam that checks your proficiency in English and provides you various band levels. You can get all the details regarding this from specialized immigration consultants.

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Know All About Australian Immigration ielts Band Requirement 2013

  1. 1. Know All About Australian Immigration ielts Band Requirement 2013 Every year people from India come to Australia for job, holidays and studies. If you want to settle permanently in Australia, then you have to follow some rules and regulations as laid down by the Australian Government. If you are skilled in any field then it is not a difficult task to get a job there. If you do not have any professional qualification than finding, a better job will be difficult for you. Those who want to migrate to Australia from India can apply for a skilled migration visa that is normally based on the educational background of the applicant. This kind of visa aims skilled people who want to settle in Australia and like to make a major contribution to the economy.
  2. 2. Language plays an important role in the eligibility test that you require to give to get an Australian visa. The Australian immigration consulate has divided its ielts band requirement 2013, which is a language test in three parts. Scoring at the level, you will be awarded various bands of ielts. Below are mentioned the division for ielts exams with immigration Australia:Proficient If you score at least seven bands in the whole language test like speaking, reading, listening and writing, you will be awarded this proficient level. Reaching in the proficient level will make you gain 10 marks. Superior If you score at least eight bands in the whole language test like speaking, reading, listening and writing you will be awarded a superior grade. Reaching to the superior level can give you 20 marks in the immigration point system.
  3. 3. Competent In addition, if you reach the competency level in writing, reading listening and speaking, you score six bands minimum. You will not be granted any marks in the immigration point system if you not qualify this level because it is the basic skill of immigration test. The importance of ielts band 2013 The main reason behind the importance is given to this examination is that its scores are vital for making your request strong when you file for the Australian permanent immigration visa under the federal skilled worker immigration program. The government of Australia intends to give immigration visa especially to those people who can adjust easily in the local environment and as we; all know language is one of the best way of achieving it in an earlier possible manner.
  4. 4. The other reason behind the importance of ielts band requirement 2013 is that those who can communicate in international language i.e. English properly have better chances to start contribute in the social and economical growth of the country. And suppose immigrants has not proper knowledge of English then the chances of adjusting to the country’s culture are less and therefore might not be able to contribute in Australia’s economic growth right from the beginning. This all proofs that language is very important for survival in any country and so Australia has been given so much importance to Australian immigration its band. Take the help of a good immigration expert To know more about the ielts exams, its importance and rules you take the help of a good immigrant consultancy. They have a team of experts who take your free assessment test and make you aware of the drawbacks in your profile.