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Applying for Australia permanent residence skilled migration


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To submit a competent expression of interest, it is important that you are fluent in English. This visa procedure requires extensive documents in support of the information provided and hence you should start compiling the documents the moment you receive the invitation.

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Applying for Australia permanent residence skilled migration

  1. 1. Applying for Australia permanent residence skilled migration Australia is one of the greatest places to work for as it offers all the privileges of urban and high-class lifestyle and also provides innumerable job opportunities. The industrial developments in this part have opened up different avenues of employments.
  2. 2. However, few areas in Australia require more attention and that is why Australia is keenly interested in diverting the skilled immigrants for working in these areas. If a candidate is interested in getting the Australia permanent residence skilled migration visa then, it is imperative that he goes through all the necessary details for getting his application accepted in the first attempt itself.
  3. 3. Skilled independent subclass 189 visa This permanent residence visa is especially for those candidates who have not received any sponsorship from any family member or an employer or have not received nomination from territory or state government. Once you get this visa, you will be allowed to work as well as live as permanent resident in Australia.
  4. 4. Requirement for subclass 189 visa To become eligible for the Australia permanent residence skilled migration visa you should be able to fulfill the following requirement:
  5. 5. You should have nominated a work field that is included in the occupation list of Australia immigration skilled worker’s list of occupation. You should be below 50 years of age You should pass the skill assessment scrutiny for the occupation you are applying for You must have achieved the relevant score through point system during that is required for getting an invitation for migration You should have at least minimum competency level in English Since this visa is meant for skilled independent worker class, it entitles the candidate to live and work in Australia on permanent basis. To get an invitation through SkillSelect for applying for this visa you have to first submit expression of interest. You can be staying outside or inside Australia when you are granted this visa.
  6. 6. This visa allows you following benefits: You can indefinitely stay in Australia You can study and work in Australia You can take advantage of the health-related expenses and care awarded under the Australian scheme by enrolling in Medicare You can apply for citizenship of Australia if you complete the required eligibility You can sponsor eligible relatives and family members for permanent residence You can travel outside and inside Australia during the tenure of five years of visa period. After that, you will have to apply for return visa for coming back to Australia.
  7. 7. To become eligible to apply for this particular visa, it is necessary that you submit an expression of interest first, so that you can get an invitation from the SkillSelect. After you receive an invitation, you will have to apply for the visa online within 60 days. After you have received the invitation, you cannot change the details given in your expression of interest. You can take help of established immigration consultants such as Abhinav Outsourcing for carrying out this task.