Occupational therapists skilled immigration visa services


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Occupational therapists skilled immigration visa services

  1. 1. Occupational Therapists Skilled Immigration Visa Services Australia and Canada are 2 tremendous destinations that always encounter an incessant deficit of trained and qualified people in various critical and vital occupations. The only way to deal with the situation is finding migration aspirants seeking opportunities to relocate to other locations across the world. The need and desire for the sufficiently qualified people in these destinations presents a wonderful opportunity for the qualified Occupational Therapists, which in my sense must not be missed under any circumstances. These 2 destinations have been all time hot favorites for the aspirants seeking relocation because the facilities offered by the government are incomparable and unrivalled. The new entrants are offered temporary and even the permanent residential permits in lieu of the expertise entering in form of trained work force which gains entry on basis of Skilled Immigration Visa.
  2. 2. The Occupational Therapists have gained prominence in the stressful working environment. This domain has emerged as separate domain altogether and it actually challenges the methodology of conventional medicine. The emergence of occupational therapy challenged the views of mainstream scientific medicine. The practitioners specializing in this field use a combination or diagnostic strategies and many of the assessment formulations have been formed as a result of amalgamation of principles from various fields including nursing, psychiatry, rehabilitation, self-help, orthopedics and social work etc. These practitioners evaluate operational impairments, disease disorders, and injuries, emotional and psychological disorders of patients and formulate individual and group treatment schemes and render treatment accordingly to enable the people suffering from ailments to carry on with their routines involving work, leisure and other activities. The professionals involved in occupational therapy also prepare and apply health promotion schemes for and with individuals, social groups and employers etc.
  3. 3. The list of obligations which qualified and Skilled Occupational Therapists fulfill in Australia and Canada includes •Assessing capabilities and state of patients in terms of regular functions by evaluating and investigating, personal sessions and •Formulating schemes and apply treatment procedure to address issues faced by ailing people in terms of self care, work, leisure activities •Taking notes and keep history of clients •Rendering •Support and suggestion to family members, care takers, employers and teachers about assisting patients in home, leisure, work and school environments •Suggestions for appropriate apparatus like wheel chairs and splints to assist patients to adapt to functional disabilities •Establishing personal and customized care treatment schemes while functioning as part of interdisciplinary team •Offering and extending consultations and make recommendations for health promotion programs for prevention of impairments and optimize independent working in all functions of life •Monitoring, controlling, training and guiding workers and students •Coordinating with other medical specialists for comprehensive management of clients
  4. 4. People intending to shift to Australia or Canada must ensure that they obtain an assessment advice well in advance of lodging their requests for Skilled Immigration Visa. The documents and supporting to be sent to the designated evaluation authorities must be prepared in the manner as desired and packed as prescribed. To get an assessment advice on your qualifications for Down Under you need to include academic accomplishments and evidences of your professional exposure. The agencies vested with powers to assess your qualifications in Australia are •Vocational Education Training and Assessment Services – VETASSESS •Occupational Therapy Council
  5. 5. The people filing for Canada must submit their academic qualifications to WES and get the assessment report. It is highly essential for you to send the documents in the desired manner. You can avail our proven Occupational Therapists Skilled Immigration Visa Services and speed up the application placement process. Contact us to more details Abhinav Outsourcings Pvt. Ltd. 203 Sohrab Hall Tadiwala Road Pune - 411 001 Ph No: +91-20-4126-6662 / 41266664 Email: pune@abhinav.com