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List Of Jobs On Federal Skilled Worker Visa List For 2013


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Canadian authorities are yet to make a formal announcement on List of Jobs On Federal Skilled Worker Visa List For 2013. The initial impressions indicate at the overall linking of the new FSWC scheme to the 2011 version of NOC. We have been observing the current trends in Canadian labor pool and on basis of our experience we have been able to ascertain a list of possible trades that will dominate the coming impending FSW program.

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List Of Jobs On Federal Skilled Worker Visa List For 2013

  1. 1. List Of Jobs On Federal Skilled Worker Visa List For 2013A completely revised edition of FSWC 2013 program opens up on May 04, 2013. Wehave been busy in addressing various queries about the possible fallout of the newscheme and the premise of the trades and Trades that will be covered in this neweconomic class scheme. To be more on cautious side we have been observing programdevelopments keenly and have been able to establish certain facts that may proveessential for people waiting for month of May. Under the current clarifications a the newprogram may not be linked and referenced to any specific list but it is very much beingforecasted in expert circles that the List of Jobs On Federal Skilled Worker Visa ListFor 2013 may actually rely on the national trade tabulation – NOC version 2011. TheNOC is updated periodically or as per requirement and right now NOC 2011 is taken asthe indicator guideline that influences skills migration policy of the maple country.There are many versions being propagated as prospective Jobs On List For FederalSkilled Worker Visa 2013 but clearer clarification to this direction is yet to be releasedofficially by Canadian authorities.As per trends being felt and observed by the teams of experts at our end, it clearlyindicates that various positions and trades appearing in the National Occupation List –NOC in major and minor groups will includeNOC Major, Minor and sub Group matrixMajor Group in the classified “00” group include trades at • Senior Managerial levels in hierarchy starting with o Legislators o Senior government managers and officials o Construction, logistics etc. • Specialized middle rung managerial levels like o Finance managers o Human resource managers o Purchase o Administration o Insurance o Banking o Real estate o Advertising o Marketing o Postal services o Engineering o Telecommunications (with exception to broadcasting related activities) o Architecture o Health care o Public administration
  2. 2. o Education, social services o Principals o Public protection o Commissioned police officers etc • Middle rungs managerial positions in various fields trade premise that include o Retail trade o Wholesale trade o Customer support and services o Food services o Accommodation o Restaurants • Middle rung managerial management occupations in trades such as • Transportation • Production and utilities • Construction • Horticulture • Natural resources extraction, fishing etc.As per our assessment dominating Jobs On List For Federal Skilled Worker Visa 2013will also include several other trades that need proficient people in professional capacityi.e. professionals in • Finance as o Auditors o Accountants o Investment analysts • Business as o Marketing o Advertising o Business management advisersBesides the managerial levels, the expertise deficit in supervisory and other professionalcategories will be plugged with the help of Canada Federal Skilled Worker Visa JobList 2013. These professional trades include • Supervisory trades in o Administration o Finance o Administration and miscellaneous operational trades in administration o Finance, o Insurance and corresponding trades • Professional categories in
  3. 3. o Natural and applied scientific professions i.e.  Health • Health services and research (not nursing) • Nursing trades • Technical trades in health services  Physical sciences such as • Astronomy • Chemists • Physicists  Life sciences i.e. • Biologists • Forestry  Engineering i.e. • Civil • Mechanical • Chemical etc  ICT  Mathematicians etc • Technologists i.e. o Chemical o Geological o MineralThe List Of Jobs On Federal Skilled Worker List 2013 is an expansive list and itsjurisdiction spans over various other technical, non technical and general professions inwhich the domestic labor pool is facing an acute deficit.