Know all about the procedure of migrating to Australia from India


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This article is a description of procedure for immigration to Australia from India. Migrate to Australia permanently is really a good opportunity. You must consider few things before you apply to be a permanent resident. A good Immigration expert can help you to know all about migration to Australia.

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Know all about the procedure of migrating to Australia from India

  1. 1. Know all about the procedure of migrating to Australia from India
  2. 2. Australia is the sixth largest country in the world. The amazing continent today is popular for places to travel or to relocate the biggest attraction of Australia is its scenic beauty. Recently, a U.S has come up with the survey result that Sydney is rated as one of the world's ten cities that offer the best quality of life whereas Melbourne was voted as the world's most livable city. Australia provides equal opportunities to immigrants in terms of work and longterm career opportunities. The cities of Australia like Sydney, Canberra, and Melbourne are most desired places for people to work and live. The level of comfort in Australia is not too high thus; one can get accommodation at a reasonable price. From an environmental point of view, Australia is the best place to live in. After all, the continent has so many opportunities to offer to immigrant workers. Moreover, the country offers a good pay rate, which makes it very lucrative. Every year many people come to Australia from India for holidays, studies or job. The migrants have made a major contribution to the economy of the Australia.
  3. 3. How to migrate to Australia from India? If you want to get a permanent citizenship of Australia then, you should follow certain rules and regulations as laid down by the Australian Government. If you are qualified or experts in any field then it is not a difficult task to get a job there. If you do not have any professional qualification than finding, a better job will be tricky for you. People who want to migrate to Australia from India can apply for a General skilled migration visa that is generally based on the skills or educational background of the applicant. That type of visa targets skilled people who want to make their career in Australia and like to make a significant contribution to the economy. Nevertheless, for that visa applicants need to meet the points test minimum pass marks of 120 to qualify for a skilled permanent resident visa.
  4. 4. The point assessment for a visa based on applicant’s age, occupation and language especially English. 2. The applicant needs to be less than 45 years of age and he/she should be proficient in English as tested by IELTS. 3. The relevant authorities should assess his /her education and work experience. 4. If the applicant has any relatives in the country then he/she can strengthen his application by providing proof of the relation and the relative's residential status. 5. Extra points can be earned if the applicant's spouse meets the expected criteria like being less than 45 years of age. 6. An applicant also requires going for medical and criminal checks before permanent resident visa is approved. 1.
  5. 5. Usually, a permanent resident visa is approved for five years; however, after completion of four years, applicants can apply for citizenship. Nowadays, the number of immigration-consulting firms has come up over the years to solve ones immigration issues and provide visa immigration assistance. My Contact Abhinav Outsourcings Pvt. Ltd. 203 Sohrab Hall Tadiwala Road Pune - 411 001 Ph No: +91-20-4126-6662 / 4126-6664 Mob No. 09372270573 Email: