How to get visa in australia


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Your visa to Australia depends on your eligibility based on work experience, academic qualifications, age, language skills and financial sufficiency. You need to select the right visa, place an EOI on Skillselect, take the points test, nominate an occupation and wait for the invitation to come.

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How to get visa in australia

  1. 1. How to get visa in Australia Decision to immigrate to Australia is not easy to make. The country has in place one of the most efficient systems to manage immigration and to also keep it justifiable economically. How to get visa in Australia is therefore dependent pretty much on your eligibility based on work experience, academic qualifications, age, language skills and financial sufficiency. It also involves a lot of brainstorming on issues relating to Visa, Skillselect, SOL, Permanent Residency, Points test and Documentation. But, what comes first is to decide on the visa.
  2. 2. Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) enlists different such visas in the category of Skilled migration, State sponsored, Emplo yer sponsored or Family sponsored.
  3. 3. Skilled Migration: The Skilled Migration program is meant for attracting the most skilled people to migrate to Australia and make contribution to the growing economy. Those having a work visa under skilled migration can also apply for Permanent Residence in Australia. One can also bring along the dependent family members as a provision on skilled worker visa. The visa can be obtained through 3 stages on procedure-
  4. 4. 1. Skills Assessment: Your score on Skillselect is what decides your chances on immigration. As discussed, your application would be put through a skills assessment test on work experience, education, language proficiency and professional competence. It is important that you score at least 60 points to reach the next level.
  5. 5. 2. EOI ‘Expression on Interest’: One needs to place on EOI over Skillselect along with the skills assessment. It is important that the nominated occupation is also mentioned on the visa application form. One is also required to comply with the basic eligibility requirements on skilled immigration- IELTS certificate on English language proficiency Age should be under 45 years Nominated Occupation on SOL A relevant experience of at least 1 year Income statement on financial sufficiency Medical certificate
  6. 6. Invitation on immigration: Based on your position on the merit list, Skillselect would send you an invitation to come and discuss employment with the prospective employers. 3. State Sponsorship: How to get visa in Australia gets easier with this visa type. You only need to place your application under Regional Nomination. An additional 5 points are added to you total points if your application mentions State Sponsorship. However, you would be required to work at the designated region in Australia for a period of 2 years as the primary condition.
  7. 7. Employer Sponsorship: A prior ‘offer on employment’ can also be your passport on skilled immigration. The work visa is issued instantly if your employer in Australia would sponsor your immigration under employed category. This also gets you some consideration on the skills assessment. Family Sponsorship:
  8. 8. One can also take route to Family Sponsorship to immigrate to Australia. Any one of your relatives who is also an Australian Citizens can go ahead and nominate you to live and work in the country. Apart from this, one can also take route to Investor’s visa PR visa or Working holiday visas to immigrate to Australia and work.