Canadian migrant skilled workers applied in 2014


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Several Canadian Migrant Skilled Workers Applied in 2014. The new FSW 2013 scheme has been quite a success and we feel that the government of Canada has been able to interpret its aspirations into a leaner and smarter immigration system. The new policy requires people to evidence their qualifications before placing their requests for migration.

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Canadian migrant skilled workers applied in 2014

  1. 1. Canadian Migrant Skilled Workers Applied in 2014 The race for the ultimate prize of immigration, i.e. permanent residential permit of Canada through its Skilled Workers program, the FSW is on and kicking. The completely revised FSW 2013 was launched in May 2013 with a new look framework, in which the government incorporated several new provisions to ensure entry of only qualified people.
  2. 2. The first edition of the Canadian skills migration scheme was launched with 24 trades (extracted from the NOC 2011 list) and a total of 5000 slots was allocated for this scheme in its first year. The trade codes included in the FSW 2013 edition included • • • • • • • • 0211 - Engineering managers 1112 - Financial and investment analysts 2113 - Geoscientists and oceanographers 2131 - Civil engineers 2132 - Mechanical engineers 2134 - Chemical engineers 2143 - Mining engineers 2144 - Geological engineers
  3. 3. 2145 - Petroleum engineers 2146 - Aerospace engineers 2147 - Computer engineers (except software engineers/designers) 2154 - Land surveyors 2174 - Computer programmers and interactive media developers 2243 - Industrial instrument technicians and mechanics 2263 - Inspectors in public and environmental health and occupational health and safety 3141 - Audiologists and speech-language pathologists 3142 - Physiotherapists 3143 - Occupational Therapists 3211 - Medical laboratory technologists
  4. 4. 3212 - Medical laboratory technicians and pathologists’ assistants 3214 - Respiratory therapists, clinical perfusionists and cardiopulmonary technologists 3215 - Medical Radiation Technologists 3216 - Medical Sonographers 3217 - Cardiology technologists and electrophysiological diagnostic technologists
  5. 5. Each of these profession codes were allotted 300 places (with an overall annual sealing of 5000 slots). The government also institutionalized a completely revamped selection policy that selects people on the basis of the new program parameters. The new stipulations highlight the changing attitudes of the government of Canada towards the Migrant Skilled Workers. Under the current conditions, the preferences of the authorities seem to have shifted from merely increasing the number of the qualified personnel to locating and selecting only a select few capable of adapting themselves rapidly to the local conditions.
  6. 6. The changes in selection law framework include selecting people who • • Are within the specified age groups, i.e. preferably 18 years – 35 years, or at least below 40 years in age Are in possession of verifiable and comparable academic accomplishments, i.e. the academic qualifications must be as per the predefined educational standards as defined by the authorities of the Maple country. These evidences of qualifications must be submitted to the designated agencies of Canada for a evaluation process.
  7. 7. • • • Are having adequate linguistic skills, i.e. at par with CLB / NCLC 7, in either of the official languages of the country (English or French). For this the candidates are required to write approved language tests. Are having a minimum required practical exposure in the trade being indicated in the request for immigration Are capable of adapting rapidly to the local conditions
  8. 8. The FSW 2013 program has been immensely successful with most of the trade codes achieving the annual numbers cap quite early, i.e. 10 occupational codes had hit the maximum numbers caps rapidly by the end of 2013. For other trades codes also several qualified migrants Applied In 2014. Till the receipt of the last reports the number of requests registered stands somewhere near 3900 applications. If you wish to place your immigration request for Canada and want know about how many Canadian Migrant Skilled Workers Applied in 2014, then we would suggest that you approach some dependable expert migration consultants and seek their suggestions and assistance on this issue.