Canada Immigration of Federal Skilled Worker Visa 2013 Eligibility Requirements


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Canada Immigration of Federal Skilled Worker Visa 2013 Eligibility Requirements

  1. 1. Canada Immigration of Federal Skilled Worker Visa 2013 Eligibility RequirementsThere is a great curiosity among migration enthusiasts waiting to try their luck inCanadian shores. The much awaited and keenly followed Canadian skilled immigration isgoing to be commenced on May 04, 2013. This opening up will accompany acomprehensively revamped specification parameter structure. Canada Immigration ofFederal Skilled Worker Visa 2013 Eligibility Requirements are set to dramaticallychange.The priority of the government has been to replace an ageing work force in the presentand the future context. As per the economic plan 2012 it will be a viable option to vouchfor relatively younger immigrants who have the capacity to contribute to the country’sproductivity and performance for a long time. This preference for younger people isrooted in objective of undermining the possible implications of places created by aretiring elderly work force. As the per the forecasts the economic expansion of thecountry will be higher than the present rate and this is definitely a matter of concern forthe authorities as they want a long term solution that can take care of fulfilling gaps anddeficit of required expertise that are created by a progressing economy.The new system that is going to supersede the prevalent statutes simply target peoplebetween age group of 18 to 32 years. these changes are going to be reflected in thepoint analysis of profiles ad the people in this age group will be given advantages inpreference in the evaluation process by being allotted more points than the other agegroup profiles.The point advantage outside the indicated age group will subsequently diminish as theage of the applicants rises. You must be within the most advantaged group to bedeemed as suitable for FSW program.The most critical aspect of Eligibility Requirements of Canada Federal Skilled WorkerVisa 2013 is the linguistic competence. This issue has been on the table for a long timeand has been pestering authorities consistently. On one side the migrants are strugglingto settle down in the country while on other side the employers are facing a severedeficit of trained and qualified labor even after influx of emigrants in appropriatenumbers.The primary reason cited for this deep rooted problem is the language incompetence ofthe new entrants into the country. To address this issue effectively Canadian authoritieshave established a minimum language standard by linking linguistic competenceparameters with the Canadian language benchmarks.To be eligible for the application you must evidence your language competence skills atpar with CLB 7. This level will enable you to score sufficient marks, although if you cansubstantiate higher level in competence, you can score a maximum of 24 points. For
  2. 2. marks you must be able to score minimum stipulated marks in each module of linguisticskills.Employment exposure accumulated in your own country will not be given as muchemphasis as granted in the prevalent system. You must have worked in your trade for aminimum of 1 year and the maximum assessable tenure of employment exposure willbe 6 years for some tangible evaluation advantage.Other parameters that will assess under Canada Immigration of Federal Skilled WorkerVisa 2013 Eligibility Requirements for ascertaining the suitability of an applicant will theacademic profile of the candidates. To ascertain the suitability of academic profile anevaluation of credentials from an authorized Canadian evaluation body has been hasbeen made obligatory for all applicants.