Canada Immigration Modifications for 2014


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The proposed Canada Immigration Modifications For 2014 make the future of the FSW scheme quite precarious, and it is highly advisable that if you fit into the current scheme of things, then you should move your request before April 30, 2014, as 15 of the 24 listed trades still have numerous slots available for applications.

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Canada Immigration Modifications for 2014

  1. 1. Canada Immigration Modifications For 2014 The much talked about program of Canada Immigration, i.e. FSW 2013 edition is still open and kicking. It will continue till April 30, 2014, the last date for the acceptance of the applications for the federal skilled immigrants scheme. This scheme has received a mixed response from the applicants world over, as some of the trades were occupied rapidly, while some of the professions still have some space available for the new requests. I think it is high time, we reviewed the popular scheme more closely. Find here more details:
  2. 2. This scheme was opened for applications from aspiring immigrants in May 2013 with 24 professions. One of the major salient features of this scheme includes a fast track processing of the requests for permanent residential permits. The authorities have promised that all the requests filed under this scheme would be evaluated within 12 months of the receipt of requests. Each of these occupations was allotted 300 places. The government placed a consolidate annual sealing of 5000 slots for the 2013 – 2014 program. As per the current trends in the Canada Immigration FSW scheme, the race is still open for many of the professions listed in this years edition. As many as 15 profession codes included in the FSW program are still far from being fully occupied. Most of the professional codes belong to the highly skilled trades in engineering and healthcare. In the engineering trade, several slots are still available in following slots, i.e. Find here more details:
  3. 3.  Engineering  2145 - Petroleum engineers  2143 - Mining engineers  2146 - Aerospace engineers  3216 - Medical Sonographers  2144 - Geological engineers  2134 - Chemical engineers  Medical care  3212 - Medical laboratory technicians and pathologists’ assistants  3141- Audiologists and speech-language pathologists  3214 - Respiratory therapists, clinical perfusionists and cardiopulmonary technologists  3217 - Cardiology technologists and electrophysiological diagnostic technologists  3143 - Occupational Therapists  3215 - Medical Radiation Technologists  Other highly skilled categories  2113 - Geoscientists and oceanographers  2154 - Land surveyors  2243 - Industrial instrument technicians and mechanics Find here more details:
  4. 4. As per expert observations, these codes are yet far from achieving their individual annual numbers cap for the 2013 – 2014 program. The parameters for the Canada Immigration FSW as established included gauging the eligibilities of the applicants with help of the reviewed stipulations. To qualify the new parameters, the applicants must  Substantiate the fact that their linguistic skills in either of official languages (English or French) of the country are at par with the predefined language benchmarks, i.e .CLB / NCLC 7  Possess a minimum of one year of practical exposure in the indicated trade  Get a positive evaluation advice on the academic qualifications from one of the 4 designated evaluation agencies, to prove that they are sufficiently accomplished on the academic front.  Score a minimum of 67 marks in the critical profile analysis process Find here more details:
  5. 5. The scenario of the skilled migration scheme is expected to change largely after April 30, 2014. There are news of large scale Modifications In Canada Immigration. The Canadian government is planning an incorporation of the Expression of Interest (EOI) system, by early 2015. The proposed Canada Immigration Modifications For 2014 does highlight one major aspect, i.e. this makes the situation quite precarious in regards to the future of the federal skilled immigrants scheme – FSW. With three months to go before the curtains are drawn on April 30, 2014, it would highly advisable, that if you fit into the scheme of things, then you should seek expert assistance, and file move your request for immigrating to the Maple country. Fill Free Assessment Form