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Canada Federal Skilled Worker Points Calculator 2013


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Canada Federal Skilled Worker Points Calculator 2013 system will change considerably with implementation of new manifestation of FSW in May 2013. The changes in point wise analysis of profiles indicate government’s intent of arming immigration policy with a dynamic mechanism that will be able to address all urgent and crucial issues of domestic labor pool. Phenomenal changes have been made in all areas of profile assessment i.e. age, academic qualifications, linguistic skills, adaptability factor, arranged employment.

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Canada Federal Skilled Worker Points Calculator 2013

  1. 1. Canada Federal Skilled Worker Points Calculator 2013Canadian skills immigration program will be launched in new manifestation in May2013. The selection and processing priorities in this new edition have been modified to agreat extent. The proposed changes are going to have a widespread impact on theoperational aspect of the skills immigration policy of this country. The new CanadaFederal Skilled Worker Points Calculator 2013 system compliments these proposals.This new manifestation signifies the intentions of Canadian authorities.The primary concern of authorities has been to make the skills migration programeffective and useful. To give this scheme a credible edge and make it receptive andresponsive to the changing aspirations of an economy which is reeling under theaftermath of credit crunch authorities have taken necessary steps and measures.The primary aim of the program is to address immediate issues of ageing workforce anddwindling demographics. The revised Points Calculator 2013 of Federal Skilled Workerclass forays into different aspects of profiles of probable candidates.Most prominent alteration in marks allocation can be observed in areas of • Age • Linguistic Skills in Official language • Academic accomplishments • Foreign employment exposure • Adaptability factor • Arranged employmentForeign employment exposure has been deemed to an inadequate influencing factor inguaranteeing migrants adjustments and settlement in the country. So as a consequencemarks allocated to this parameter have been downgraded from 21 to 15. The Markshave been reassigned to age and linguistic department of migrant’s profile.Linguistic skills have been envisaged as most crucial part of a profile and thus the markshave been raised from 16 to 24. To top up a minimum offset level at par with CLB/NCLC7 has been defined as minimum desired parameter for an applicant to be consideredsuitable for migration. In addition to setting up a minimum desired level in officiallanguage of the country (English or French) now the people will need to evidence theirskills in each parameter of linguistic skills (speaking, writing, reading andcomprehension) CLB/NCLC 7 will only fetch 16 marks and CLB/NCLC 8 will be fetch 24marks (maximum). The criteria of allocation will be applied to all 4 aspects of linguisticskills.As the Canadian government intends to attract and encourage younger migrants agepreference has been made age a primary tool of FSW Points Calculator 2013 system of
  2. 2. assessing an immigrant’s profile. Minimum entry age has been established at 18 yearswhich will enable a profile a maximum score of 12 marks this maximum score will beallocated to people with age upto 35 years. Marks will reduce with each point withaddition of age per year of i.e. people aged 36 years will be scoring 11 marks and so on.This makes it evident that people will be able to score lesser with addition of each yearin their age i.e. people aged 47 will be allocated only 1 point.Academic qualification will continue to be allocated 25 marks as before but the markswill be assigned only after the academic profile evaluation by a designated independentCanadian assessment agency. This process will have to be completed before filing ofrequest for permanent residential permission under FSW.Canada Federal Skilled Worker Points Calculator 2013 system stipulates changes inmarks allocation strategy for adaptability factor and all the scoring elements have beenredefined and reassigned. Arranged employment instances will be fetching 10 marks asbefore but the allocation of these marks will be confirmed only after receipt of laborpool evaluation advice – LMO.