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Edit profile and basics


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Edit profile and basics

  1. 1. EDIT PROFILE PAGE: Basics: • This Page should be auto-populated with information about the user from either their registration or if we used the RPX auto sign-in from another service, the information that we have. • The fields/options would be as follows with other instructions in brackets as appropriate with the appropriate section titles separating them Personal Information o Salutation (drop down)  Ms  Mr.  Mrs.  Dr. o First name (Input field) o Last name (Input field) o Email (input field with an option to add an additional email like on Linked in o Location (we will simplify the approach we took on Caribbean Axis to make this easier with the ability to select from a normal country drop down. We will do the categorization ourselves after the fact. So if someone selects Trinidad & Tobago, then we will on the site show Trinidad & Tobago, Caribbean ourselves but we won’t force the person to select Caribbean as a region. If they select certain countries like the US / Canada / UK we will give the option to enter a City and state or Province and City or County and City) o Originally from (same as above) o Upload a photo (replicate linked in functionality and info messages. I think we can do a smaller file size than linked in’s 4mb and we probably be able to reduce resolution on larger image sizes. Preferences
  2. 2. o Contact Settings (This will be an expandable area and have the options shown in the screenshot below).  Who can contact me: (By default like facebook it should say Everyone with an option to change it to Contacts of my contacts)  What type of messages will you accept (Instead of Introducations and Inmail it should say Connect Requests, Introductions and Messages)  Who can view my contact info (by default it should say Only Contacts. Other options would be Contacts of my Contacts, Contacts’ Extended Network, Everyone) o Public Profile Settings (also an expandable or contractable area but it can’t be as long as the linked in screenshot. Needs to be more compact.  Intro message: You can promote your experience by publishing your Caribbean Axis Professional profile to the web • Don’t show a public profile (to the right of this, an option to show a Public Profile Preview) • Full view public profile (this is a checkbox, and once selected has subordinate checkboxes. The Basics box would be selected by default) o Basics (Name, Industry, Location, Number of Contacts) o Picture o Summary o Current Position  Show details o Past Positions o Education(s)  Show details o Interests