How to boost your blog's brand awareness with guest blogging


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How to boost your blog's brand awareness with guest blogging

  1. 1. ==== ====I NEED TRAFFIC: Heres The Actual Loophole We Use to Systematically Get #1 Rankings ForAny Keyword We Want ... Get Tons of Hits, Free Traffic & Website Visitors to Your Blog orWebsite Quickly & Easily ... ====Do you write guest articles? Do you know that you can boost your blogs brand awarenesstremendously with just a single guest article? Do you know that you can strengthen your personalbrand by leveraging your published guest post? Do you know that you can build a relationship withA-List bloggers through guest blogging? Well, I will advise you to read on as I reveal eight practicalsteps to leveraging your guest posts for increased brand awareness.Now for those hitting the world of internet marketing and blogging for the first time, I think itsworthwhile I give you a brief overview of what guest blogging is. Guest blogging is just an onlinemarketing tactic that entails sharing valuable content with readers online but in this situation, thearticle wont be published on your blog. It will be published on other peoples blog and thats wherethe term "Guest blogging" comes into play. Now some novice might confuse guest blogging withsubmitting articles to directories but I stand to say they are not the same.Why Writing Guest Posts is Different from Writing for Article DirectoriesTo avoid complication, I want you to note that guest blogging and submitting articles to directoriesare similar; in the sense that they both involve writing valuable content on other platforms. But thediscrepancy surfaces in their level of play and audience.Guest blogging is usually executed on "laser targeted niche blogs" while article directories on theother hand are Multi Purpose or "mass content" sites. Note the key difference "niche targeted" and"mass targeted." Another disparity is that there is a closer tie and communal bond between theblog owner, the guest bloggers and the readers. This is the reason why guest posts result instronger interaction than articles published on article directories. Now that you have understoodthe difference, lets move on.Everyone has what it takes to write a guest article but not everyone understands how to take fulladvantage of a published article. Thats what I will explain to you today. Whenever I visit forums orread other peoples comment, I noticed that some people are of the perception that they wouldrather publish an article on their blog than other blogs.Now why should you write a guest articles for other blogs?Getting published on other highly regarded blogs is not just a marketing tactic; it is a guerrillamarketing tactic because it is just like knocking on the doors of targeted potential customers.Instead of setting up a blog or creating a product and waiting for readers to find you by coming toyour blog; you leave your comfort zone and meet the readers at their favorite handout. This gives
  2. 2. your blog a competitive advantage over others that dont write guest posts. Are there otheradvantages of writing guest posts on other blogs? My answer is a resounding yes. Guest postscan boost your brand and give you a leverage you cant find anywhere else. Do you want to knowwhat this leverage is? Then read on.How Guest Blogging can Boost your Brand Awareness1. Guest blogging is a powerful internet marketing tactic, thats if you really understand what youare doing and how to go about it. I have a friend that concentrates on guest blogging; in fact, 90percent of his marketing resources and efforts are directed towards getting his articles publishedon other blogs; and this tactic made him a success.2. When you publish articles on other blogs, you will benefit exposure for your blog and this willboost your brand awareness.3. Writing guest articles will increase your reputation online. You might create a product in thefuture and the blogs you have been featured on will be a great platform for you to publicize yourproduct launch.4. Guest blogging is a solid "White hat link building strategy." When your guest post getspublished, you build backlinks to your blog and this will boost your pagerank over time. A backlinkfrom a quality article published on a reputable blog is measured as a vote of credibility. With therecent clampdown on "Private blog networks," guest blogging will only wax stronger and its one ofthe link building strategies that have stood the test of time.5. Some blogs are strong in SEO; others have solid social media following. Getting your articlepublished on such blogs is like killing two birds with a stone. SEO + Social Media = IncreasedBrand awarenessNow to successfully increase your brand awareness and tap the maximum potential of guestblogging; getting your articles published is just the first step. You need to know how to get the bestout of your articles. Below are eight extra ways you can exploit your published guest articles.How to Exploit your Published Guest Article for Increased Brand Awarenessa. Write an article on your blog stressing your guest blogging effort and achievement; and link toall your published guest articles. This will show to your readers that you are an expert in yourniche and such expertise has being acknowledged by other bloggers.b. Getting an article published on a reputable blog is not an easy achievement; many have triedand failed, so feel free to brag about your guest articles on social media."If you dont tell people about your success, they probably wont know about it." - Donald Trumpc. Use your guest articles as a case study to boost your marketing campaigns. When sending outguest blogging proposals, dont link to articles on your blog.Rather, link to your best guest articles. This will confirm to the recipient of your pitch that your skill
  3. 3. or expertise has been acknowledged on other blogs.d. If your article finally gets published, dont just sit on the achievement. Get involved in theinteraction that follows. Strategically answer all questions and criticisms expressed by readers ofyour guest article. You should also share the article with your social media followers. This willfurther toot your horn as an authority in your niche.e. Write several quality guest articles on a specific blog and after sometime, ask to be interviewedby the blogger. This works like magic because a person who has several quality articles publishedon a blogs stands a good chance of being interviewed than someone who has written nothing.Also, being interviewed on a blog where you have being a guest writer will further strengthen thebond between you and the readers. Remember, the strength of the bond equals the strength ofthe brand.f. When you have published a significant number of articles on a blog, be bold to request a specialposition for your chosen articles. This will not only boost your readership but also your brandimage.g. Create a convincing, unusual authors bio. Make sure your bio fits the brand you are buildingonline. For instance, if you want to brand yourself as a ruthless copywriter, then your authors biocan goes thus:"Ajaero Tony Martins is a ruthless, no-nonsense copywriting consultant that believes in nothing butresults and profit to your business."h. Be consistent; even if it means writing one guest article monthly, do it. Consistency andconcentration is a key to success in any marketing campaign; whether online or offline, so keepwriting. The more you write, the more your writing skill improves and the more you strengthen yourbrand image.In conclusion, these are my tested and proven tactics for building a strong brand image for myblog. Apply these tactics when writing and promoting your guest articles; and I will see you at thetop.And just before I drop my pen, I am giving you a once in a lifetime opportunity to download myMaster List of Best Small Business ideas and learn How to Make a Million Dollars Fast in less thana year.Article Source:
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