Twitter marketing for brands


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Twitter marketing for brands in a simple way

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Twitter marketing for brands

  1. 1. TWITTERMARKETING a game of 140FOR BRANDS characters
  2. 2. Twitter in IndiaTwitter users:15,000,000 India accounts for 3% twitter’s global totalMore than 80% twitterusers are male 29% netizens used twitter in past 6 months
  3. 3. So what we have today! Measure an impact Engage with audience Join the conversation
  5. 5. Learn twitter terminology1. HASHTAG 4. RETWEETA hashtag is any word beginning with the # sign. People use You can pass along someone’s Tweet byhashtags to organize conversations around a specific topic. retweeting it. Just hit the retweet button toClicking on a hashtag takes you to search results for that term. send the original message to all of your followers.2. MENTIONSometimes you want to bring a Tweet to someone’s attention, 5. LINKSbut you still want all of your followers to see the message. So Twitter’s link-shortening feature allows you toinstead of a reply, use a mention. Include the @username of paste a link of any length into the Tweet boxwhomever you want to mention in your Tweet, and it will and it will automatically be shortened to 19appear in the Mentions section (in the Connect tab). All characters. This makes it easier to fit long URLs@username mentions are clickable and link back to the into the 140 character limit.mentioned individual’s profile. 6. FAVOURITE3. REPLY You can favourite the tweet for futureYou can respond to a Tweet by hitting the reply button. When reference. This is just like an archivingyou reply, your response is public, and will show up in your something that’s really interesting to you.home timeline and the timeline of the person to whom you areresponding. The reply will also be visible in the home timelines 7. DM (direct message)of people who follow both you and the person to whom you sent You can send private messages to someone,the reply. Meaning, someone not in the conversation has to just like an email. For DM, sender and reciverfollow both of the people replying to be able to read both sides should be following each other.of the conversation.
  6. 6. Brand profile set up: Let’s get started Before you start creating Twitter brand profile, keep the following things/options ready with you; - Email Address - Display brand name - Username - Company info (about main section) - Profile header photo (1252 X 626 px) - Profile background (JPG, PNG, or GIF file, up to 800kb) - First tweet
  7. 7. Customize your brand’s Twitter profile page
  8. 8. Want to grow followers. Follow. Find. Browse.
  9. 9. Pay and get followers.Promote tweets, username, etc.!
  10. 10. Pay and get followers.Promote trends, as well!
  12. 12. Content planning – build sharable content News/ Events Shorten URL Question /Poll Tips/ Advice Product/ Service Campaign Sale/ # DiscountHashtags /Offers Fun & Festives
  13. 13. Remember, you just have 140 characters to play around.Compose your message within 120 characters or less and leave atleast 20characters so that others can retweet (RT).
  14. 14. Utilization of #hashtags. Tweets with hashtags get twice the engagement of those without. Using one or even two hashtags in a tweet is fine, but if you add a third, you’ll begin to see an average 17% dropoff in engagement.• Create a list of #hashtags relevant to your brand• Build a campaign around those #hashtags and invite followers to retweet
  15. 15. Posts with images have double the engagement of those without even though users can’t see them until they click on them.
  16. 16. Use URL shortener to shorten your longer link and track clicks on it.
  17. 17. If you ask followers to “RT,” you’ll get a 12X higher retweet rate than if you don’t. But if you spell out the word “retweet,” that figure jumps to 23X.
  18. 18. Exclusive deals/offers drive sales.• Launch special Twitter only promotions to your followers.• Tweet an offer code that unlocks a discount on your website at checkout, or tweet a secret word that customers can mention to get discount when they visit your website or store.• Offer free downloads to your followers who retweeted or favourite your message,
  19. 19. Scheduling and delivery of content
  20. 20. Be responsive. It’s a customer service channel as well where followers expect brand to respond.1. Reply when people tweet about you.2. Favorite and retweet positive messages, and thank those who are praising you.3. Promptly address critical Tweets about your business. And take conversation offline.4. Ask the follower to send you a direct message (DM) with contact information so you can communicate further by email or phone.
  22. 22. Use social media tools to know effectiveness
  23. 23. Learn what works, what not works. Analyze. Learn. Report. Action.
  24. 24. THANK YOU!Vinod Nagar,Regional Social Media ManagerNokia - Asia Pacific, Middle East & Africa OperationsCurrently, he’s working with Nokia as a regional social media manager for APAC & MEA Regionsbased out of Dubai. Previously worked in Ogilvy, Euro RSCG, etc. where he enjoyed working on IBM,Dell, HP, BSNL and list goes on.His entrepreneur skills drove him to build the foundation of a digital and social media company inDubai as well. He provides digital marketing consultancy to some of media & ad agencies in Dubai.Some of the brands include Clarins, Levis, Lulu Hypermarket, Thierry Mugler, Azzaro, BITS Pilani,MBC2, Samsung, Ford, Du, Parachute, Almarai, etc.You can reach out to me at (@vinodnaagar)Email: