Facebook marketing for brands


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Facebook marketing for brands

  1. 1. FACEBOOKMARKETING Decoding the secretsFOR BRANDS of building brands
  2. 2. Social networking is primaryonline activity in IndiaSocial networking users: Social media penetration: 5%60,545120 1 in 4 online minutes is2 in 3 social media users spent social media siteaccess a social site everyday 50% of netizens use social30% of new sign ups to media to inform onlinefacebook comes from mobile purchase decisionsdevice Source: wearesocial
  3. 3. Facebook by demographics Source: wearesocial
  4. 4. So what we have today! Build Connect Engage Influence LearnPresence. Profile. With people. Fans. With people. Fans. Everyone. AnalyzeFanpage. Users. Users. Everywhere. performance.Everything begins They are customers! They love stories but Talk to friends of How good you arefrom here! inspiring one! fans! and what next! All the visual are only for reference.
  5. 5. buildGET ON FACEBOOK
  6. 6. Remember it’s FREE.You just need personal facebook account. Before you start creating profile/presence/fanpage, keep the following things/options ready with you; - Type of profile - Display brand name - Username - Company info (about main section) - Profile picture – 180x180 px (preferably logo) - Cover page creative design (815x315 px) - Product/Corporate/Event photos & video (if available) - List of negative words - Social media guidelines - First post - Timeline content
  7. 7. So let’s create fanpage step by step.
  8. 8. This is how the fanpage will look like
  9. 9. connectINVITE FANS
  10. 10. Invite everyone:Employees. Partners. Friends. Customers.
  11. 11. Pay and add more fans:FB ads. Emailer. Marketing collaterals.
  12. 12. engageCRAFT CONTENT
  13. 13. Make sure your content is relevant to your audience and business. News/ Events FB apps Question /Poll Tips/ Advice Product/ Service Campaign Sale/FB ads Discount /Offers Fun & Festives
  14. 14. Emphasize on visualization.Rich visuals make the best content and the best timelines
  15. 15. ‘Highlight’ posts to give them the full width of the Facebook container
  16. 16. ‘PIN’ posts, these posts stay at the top of the feed  promoting posts
  17. 17. Ensure FB apps have relevant info, your audience is looking for Just to name few; • Offer • Store locator • Product listing • Online shopping • News • Events • Videos • Campaign
  18. 18. Good example of storytelling on the wall
  19. 19. influenceTARGET FRIENDS OF FANS
  20. 20. Encourage exclusive deals and offers to attracts friends of fans
  21. 21. Run sponsored stories to showcase what friends of friends doing/liking
  23. 23. Analyze what works, and what doesn’t work: Facebook Insight. Edge Rank. Socialbakers.
  24. 24. THANK YOU!Vinod Nagar,Regional Social Media ManagerNokia - Asia Pacific, Middle East & Africa OperationsCurrently, he’s working with Nokia as a regional social media manager for APAC & MEA Regionsbased out of Dubai. Previously worked in Ogilvy, Euro RSCG, etc. where he enjoyed working on IBM,Dell, HP, BSNL and list goes on.His entrepreneur skills drove him to build the foundation of a digital and social media company inDubai as well. He provides digital marketing consultancy to some of media & ad agencies in Dubai.Some of the brands include Clarins, Levis, Lulu Hypermarket, Thierry Mugler, Azzaro, BITS Pilani,MBC2, Samsung, Ford, Du, Parachute, Almarai, etc.You can reach out to me at www.vinodnaagar.com ae.linkedin.com/in/vinodnaagarwww.twitter.com/vinodnaagar (@vinodnaagar)Email: vinodnaagar@gmail.com