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101 creative ideas for forums from iMoot2012

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101 creative ideas for forums

  1. 101 creative ideas for forums@vinnystocker
  2. My intentions You m want ight t your o adjust moni tors!I hope to be able to give you a few ideas to take away and use in your teaching
  3. For use in blended teaching, or can be adapted for remote learningNote - Most of these ideas willneed careful explanationin your forum introduction
  4. Buy one get two free!Some of these ideas you canuse for Glossaries andDatabases too!
  5. How to set up Forumshttp://docs.moodle.org/ 22/en/Using_Forum
  6. How to set up Groups and Groupingshttp://docs.moodle.org/22/en/Grouping_users
  7. 3 PartsGeneral ideasSubject specific examples Using custom Scales for Ratings
  8. General ideas
  9. AnticipateDiscuss what you think will happen next ………………… 1
  10. BlogAssign different students to blog aboutthe lessons you have taught2
  11. Break it downThree or four persons selected from a grouppresent different aspects of a problem for others to discuss 3
  12. Chat backIn a face-to-face lesson, pupils post questions.You reply verbally and the pupil posts a summary4
  13. Close a forumClick the prevent icon (X) in the student role forStart new discussions & Reply toposts in the forum administration permissions5
  14. CommunityCreate off topic discussions for your students6
  15. ConvertA graph into text 7
  16. ConvertAn image into text 8
  17. ConvertText into a flowchart 9
  18. ConvertText into a graph10
  19. ConvertText into a storyboard 11
  20. Convert Turn text into mind maps then upload the image and rate each other12
  21. Counting quality postsOnly rate quality posts, and use count ofratings to record the total. Set the Scale as the max number of posts to count 13
  22. Diary Limit posts to one per day; each pupil starts onediscussion, replying to their own, including the day of the week in the title 14
  23. Discussion CarouselNormal forum, tell pupils they can onlyreply to the previously unanswered post, then have to make a new post 15
  24. Editing time Q & A. Use the 30 min editingtime to improve answers after posting16
  25. Eyes offTeacher only forum - hidden (fromstudents) in the forum settings17
  26. Film the teacherAsk pupils to film your lessonsand upload to a forum 18
  27. Front load the lessonPost material to be covered for pre-reading / pre-questioning19
  28. Help!Help desk for homeworksupport 20
  29. HierarchyPupils arrange content in a list goingdown in levels of importance. Q & A 21
  30. IdeasHave students generate ideas on a topicor on a reading that you will address inclass 23
  31. HypothesiseWhat would happenif……..dinosaurs still existed?22
  32. JobsGive students specific jobs for a forum. E.g..Summarise, illustrate, extend, exemplify etc24
  33. Learning Style SelectorTeacher posts material in a variety of formats- Written, audio, video. Pupils reply to the post withthe style that helped them the most25
  34. Line-up stom cu ! on ter re laMo les s caUse a custom scale to say how much you agree or disagree with a particular statement 26
  35. NewsAutomatically created, for generalannouncements. - Use it! A great way to keepstudents updated27
  36. One thingI learned today was……..28
  37. One-to-OnePair up - One half of the students start adiscussion to explain an idea, the otherhalf reply to check understanding29
  38. OpinionsFind out your students opinions oncontent you have recently taught30
  39. Out of timeContinue a verbal class discussion ifyou run out of time31
  40. Pupil voiceGet pupils involved - askthem for ideas32
  41. QuarantineQuarantine a post by splitting itand moving it to a hidden forum33
  42. Quiz showGet students topose each other questions 34
  43. RevisionArrange in pupils in groups. Pupilsresearch, discuss and summarisea particular revision topic35
  44. Revision again!Teacher posts exam practicequestions. Q & A type forum36
  45. Self selector Set different tasks as new discussions. Pupilschoose which to complete (5 out of 8) to cover the content 37
  46. SequencingLots of information jumbled up in the introduction. Q & A forum where they have to post in the correct order 38
  47. Similarities and differencesTeacher posts two concepts. Pupils born in aneven month, reply with similarities, odd replywith differences between them39
  48. SnowballTeacher posts material. First two pupils reply Ive got it,and start new discussions summarising adding newcontent. Next four reply and so on….40
  49. SpotlightTwo students post opposing views, followed byopen discussion by the rest of the group41
  50. SuggestionsFor course improvements 42
  51. SurgeryPupils post their learning problems forthe teacher (or others) to answer43
  52. Teach the TeacherMake the learners teachers on yourcourse. See what they come up with 44
  53. Today we….Teacher posts what was done in a face-to-face class eachday, for revision and absent students45
  54. Video DiaryPupils upload a video diaryand review each others46
  55. VocabImprove each others posts todescribe an idea or create a story47
  56. Subject specificexamples
  57. ArtFind a picture that is a good example of aparticular use of Line / Tone / Form andexplain why48
  58. ArtPupils upload a photo of their work, anddescribe their creative process49
  59. ArtTeacher posts an art work, pupils describe it with thoughts and feelings 50
  60. Business studiesUpload video interviewswith business leaders51
  61. ChemistryWhat is your favouriteelement and why?52
  62. Design / TechnologyPupils post photos of their projectsafter every lesson, to show development53
  63. DramaCollaboratively write a play54
  64. DramaGive pupils a character and situation. Theirdiscussion forms Live Scripts that are acted out later 55
  65. DramaPost a video clip of a particular piece, pupilsdiscuss the lighting and post similar examples56
  66. EnglishDebate on a topic57
  67. EnglishDescribe a typical day in your life as if you areone of Shakespeares characters58
  68. EnglishDistil a section of prose into 140 character Tweet and post as a reply 59
  69. EnglishHaiku poemsStarting their own,others reply,till three lines are written.60
  70. EnglishPost a book review 61
  71. English Post separate words as new discussionsand have students define or give uses for them 62
  72. EnglishRespond to each post from the point of view ofa particular character from the book you arestudying63
  73. EnglishUse this image as a prompt to write a short story 64
  74. ESL / EALIdioms - give an example ofan idiom in context65
  75. GeographyTreasure Hunt - Post a picture of a natural feature e.g.. LochNess, pupils have to find out where the picture was taken66
  76. HistoryGuess Who - Teacher has a historical figure inmind, pupils ask questions to get YES / NOanswers, first to guess wins67
  77. HistoryTimeline - Pupils post about particularevents, carefully replying to each other, so that it displays in chronological order 68
  78. LanguagesAlphabet game - Post the name of a foodbeginning with A. The first person to reply posts beginning with B etc 69
  79. LanguagesTeacher posts an audio clip for students totranslate. Q & A type forum70
  80. LanguagesTranslate each post as a reply71
  81. LanguagesUpload a picture anddescribe it in French72
  82. MathsPupils research a mathematician, posting a bio without mentioning their name. Other pupils guess who it is 73
  83. MathsQ & A forum with calculationsset in the introduction74
  84. MusicAsk pupils to record their songs andupload them for peer feedback75
  85. MusicStudents post links to YouTube music videos that convey a particular feeling 76
  86. PE Teacher posts a video of a complexmovement, then pupils upload a series of stills of them carrying out the activity 77
  87. ScienceSpot the mistake - Post a video of the teacher doingan experiment unsafely - the pupils have to comment78
  88. SciencePass the buck - First person describes ascientific process. Next person replies with aprocess that is linked and so on79
  89. SciencePost pictures to show weatheringnear you80
  90. ScienceTake pictures of 3 or 4 living things and arrange in a food chain 81
  91. ScienceUpload and critiqueexperiment write-ups 82
  92. ScienceWord Filter - Post some scientific text on a Q & Aforum, pupils pick out keywords and define them83
  93. Science Write a post about the biggestachievement of a famous Scientist 84
  94. TextilesWhich designer had the biggest impact on 21Cfashion. Reply with pictures only85
  95. Using customScales forRatings
  96. How to let pupils Rate Forumshttp://docs.moodle.org/22/en/Forum_permissions#Locally_assigned_roles
  97. How to set up custom scales - Playwith the Aggregate type settings, and check any calculationshttp://docs.moodle.org/22/en/Scales#Creating_a_new_scale
  98. A bit more….A scale to extend discussions.Please simplify, give me more, try toadd a few examples etc86
  99. Bloom’s A scale pupils can use to rate the level ofthinking in a post using Bloom’s taxonomy 87
  100. De BonoA scale using the colours ofDe Bonos thinking hats88
  101. ExemplarTeacher posts exemplar work of different levels andpupils rate them, to show what grade it deserves89
  102. FeedbackRate todays lesson. Teacher asks for feedback! / 5 90
  103. Feel good factorGreat post, Well done etc. A nice commentthat can be awarded to any post91
  104. Names of charactersPupils post quotes others ratepicking which character theybelong to92
  105. OutstandingA simple scale. Outstanding, Satisfactory,Unsatisfactory93
  106. Revision questionsQ & A - set a question in the intro and post the marking criteria. Pupils grade each other after they post 94
  107. RewardsA scale based on the rewards system used in your institution – Merits, Credits etc 95
  108. GardnersReply and rate posts using GardnersIntelligences. Intrapersonal, Linguistic,Logical -Mathematical etc96
  109. Smilies:-) :-D ;-) :-/ V-. :-P ^-)(Moodle will not auto convert these as they are not in an html box)97
  110. Stars★, ★★, ★★★, ★★★★, Google for text symbols ☃ 98
  111. Traffic lightRate using Red, Amber, Greenwhether you understand the post99
  112. Vote Collect votes and comments ona particular topic, design or idea 100
  113. And lastly, not to forgetA single simple discussionabout something!101
  114. Anonymous posting plugin by Juan Leyva - try it!http://docs.moodle.org/22/en /Anonymous_posting_plugin
  115. Hopefully that gives you something to think about
  116. Thanks!
  117. http://about.me/ vinnystocker@vinnystocker