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Loan Origination Software Case Studies - Insight Consultants


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This is a presentation of the various Loan Software that we have set up for our clients and dashboards to get a snapshot view of the overall lending process.

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Loan Origination Software Case Studies - Insight Consultants

  1. 1. T H I N K T O G E T H E R
  2. 2. Client 1: A Leading Loan Origination Software Company
  3. 3. Problem Our client, who has been part of the Lending Industry in the United States for over 15 years, identified three customer pain points. 1. Most of the LOS in the market are not easily configurable. Hence difficult to customize for both geographic and organizational level credit policy differences 2. All are hosted on-premise, and based on legacy technology. Hence not flexible enough to address constantly changing lending policies and regulations 3. They do not have dynamic custom reporting capabilities or reports. Hence real time visibility into operations was practically zero
  4. 4. Additional considerations 1. All sensitive data should be protected against theft and misuse 2. Eliminate the need for banks to invest in data centers 3. Loan officers should not have to be tech experts – shouldn’t have to learn to install/configure/manage applications on their computers 4. IT department should be able to retain their IT policies which in most cases requires restricted permission on user machines
  5. 5. Our solution Develop a completely new, cloud hosted, web based, configurable, scalable loan decision software that would also 1. Offer better productivity with less resources at a lower cost 2. Ensure better user experience 3. Be quickly deployable 4. Offer unfettered mobility, enabling anytime anywhere access from any device
  6. 6. The specifics • We built the application in ASP.Net MVC • Hosted in the IBM Softlayer Cloud on a Windows 2012 R2 instance • Created a dashboard with rich interactive interface and real-time reporting, that can provide instant data across regions, branches, divisions, and organizations • A scalable system that can be deployed within existing systems for meeting compliance requirements • LOS architecture designed with highly parallelized, rules-driven mini workflows, interwoven with a Document Management System for specific activities in the business workflow
  7. 7. Sample dashboards
  8. 8. Result A cloud hosted, web based, loan origination solution that is currently being used by dozens of banks across the United States.
  9. 9. Client 2: A Leading Auto Loan Refinancing Company
  10. 10. Problem 1. Our client was using a web based LOS written in ASP, which has complex pages with performance issues 2. Learning difficulties and the scarcity of expert resources to handle ASP was a major concern
  11. 11. Additional considerations • Though the client finds it difficult to handle, users are comfortable with the interface of the LOS. Hence, looking for a solution to modify the LOS in a way that would make it equally convenient.
  12. 12. Our solution 1. To re-design the LOS in a way that would not change the user interface and the way it’s working 2. The new application will be designed in a way that will allow for scalability and interface re-design in future
  13. 13. The specifics • We used .NET, which is Microsoft’s current framework to build the enterprise application • We included a business layer which helped to modularize the application and will allow for scalability in future
  14. 14. Sample dashboards
  15. 15. Result A scalable modular application, that is twice as fast as its previous version, that managed to retain it’s well liked UI
  16. 16. Client 3: A dynamic instant cash loan start-up
  17. 17. Problem Our client is a leading instant cash loan company in the United States, who offer easy solutions for its customers instant fund needs.They face a few challenges: • The various products available in the market only addressed specific functions.There was nothing that addressed the entire process. • It also needed to be scalable and highly customizable. • It had to be AI ready to facilitate automatic decisioning.
  18. 18. Our solution 1. Develop and deploy a custom Loan Origination Solution 2. Permit future enhancements based on client’s specific requirements
  19. 19. The specifics Analyzing the flaws in their current LOS, developed a loan decision application with below features: • Loan application visibility • Auto calculation of the payment schedule based on pay frequency • Loan document generation • Underwriting module • Customer portal with borrower sign in, consent page, payment schedule view, ability to view borrower’s personal information • Manage loan and loan status field
  20. 20. Sample dashboards
  21. 21. Result A fully integrated LOS that is highly customizable and scalable. Currently managing thousands of loans every month across multiple states in the United States.
  22. 22. Thank You! Vinny Alex CEO & Managing Director Tina Mary Thomas Operations Head +91 9845131701 +1 817 806 9510 We look forward to working with you!