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accompanying executive summary for detailed project charter for new platform implementation_v0

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Business platform proposal_v0

  1. 1. Business platform proposal for Group Prepared by: Vinko Pehar
  2. 2. Presentation summary1.Why... o proposal rationale2.What... o change benefits3.How... o align linkage between people, process, and technology in support of corporate strategy
  3. 3. Why a new platform?Legacy systems have become unwieldy • current business software is monolithic (non-service based architecture) o reporting, auditing, and general management tasks have become nightmare excel projects o simple integration tasks result in significant (expensive) build cycles • Build-in-house vs. buy dilemma...(predominance of build...) o lack of internal development resources has produced a stable of low quality, hard to use applications o absence of formal design/build road map does not support alignment of IT investment and corporate strategy • Poor quality of existing vendors o external vendor selection to date has ignored best-in-breed global offerings in favor second rate solutions
  4. 4. A better (new) platform changes all of this...A best in breed/industry leading solution offers proven,ready-to-use software • in buying vs. building, IT resources can be leveraged to accelerate speed-to-market tactics • A SOA (service oriented architecture) business platform offers simple and fast integration, and is easily scaled to meet business growth • Industry leading solutions offer easy to use software, built-in reporting and user management modules, and adherence to industry standards, e.g. OpenTravel Alliance, OpenAxis Group. • Partnering with a leading vendor reduces risks and enhances overall customer - vendor relationship o vested interest in customer success, established support practice and tools, long term vision and business practices to underpin customers strategic plans/goals
  5. 5. Linking people, process, technologyOur core business is sourcing, marketing, and selling travelproducts and services • eliminate duplicate software applications and unnecessary manual data entry and other menial (no value add) tasks • change our focus from a booking-centric one to a customer-centric one • place just a much importance on profitability as on revenue o measure and track where we make the most money, and who are our most valuable customers and partners (and where they are) • promote and reward employees for entrepreneurial o develop new products and services, find new and innovative ways of promoting and selling, and closely managing (listening) to our sales channels
  6. 6. conceptual platform & potential vendors Vendors/solution Vendors/solution s: Aggregation/distribution Web content s: •Openjaw platform management • SDLTridion • Pass • Fatwire consulting Vendors/solution Customer/partner Vendors/solution ERP/accounting and s: s: relationship • Salesforce management finance • SAP • Dynamics • Navision • OpenCRX* • OpenCRX* *OpenCRX – open source CRM/ERP business suite
  7. 7. Conclusion