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Election 2009 A Game Changer For India


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This election result is as much a game changer rather more than a game changer than it was for US when Obama fought his historic election. And there are so many factors which will be attributed to it. Few of which (different from what you have been hearing on all 24*7 news channels) I could imagine, are outlined here.

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Election 2009 A Game Changer For India

  1. 1. Election 2009 GAME CHANGER FOR INDIA Vinit Tulsyan ELECTION 2009 GAME CHANGER FOR INDIA, CHANGE IN PARADIGM FOR INDIAN POLITICS/CORPORATES/PEOPLE/ECONOMY OR INDIA AT LARGE Singh is King Sonia Gandhi Rahul Gandhi Priyanka Gandhi YOU ARE THE CHANGE WE HAD BEEN WAITING FOR… A HISTORY MADE IN INDIAN DEMOCRACY on SATURDAY, 17TH MAY’09, AND MORE HISTORY WAS TO BE MADE ON MONDAY, 18TH MAY’09 ON INDIAN MAKETS (CURRENCIES, BOND, EQUITIES), AND RIGHTLY SO, IT WAS MADE… This election result is as much a game changer rather more than a game changer than it was for US May 18, 2009 when Obama fought his historic election. And there are so many factors which will be attributed to it. Few of which (different from what you have been hearing on all 24*7 news channels) I could imagine, are outlined here.
  2. 2. Election 2009 GAME CHANGER FOR INDIA Vinit Tulsyan Obama’s said YES WE CAN, or CHANGE WE CAN BELIEVE IN at a time when he was fighting election, that too his dream of change was for a country which was already a powerhouse in the world and had the tag of most developed/advanced country in the world. Our political parties never gave came out with this kind of slogan, and one reason of this could be attributed to the earth and the sky gap in between economy, or the countries in large. Our parties did not come out with such a slogan because they never believed in themselves and undermined the wisdom of our people or citizens of India. They thought that our people are poor, uneducated and how come they will understand the meaning of CHANGE. A DISTANT DREAM ACHIEVED WHICH I COULD NOT HAVE THOUGHT IN MY WILDEST OF IMAGINATION I will not talk any conventional things which are repeatedly been talked about in all channels including business news channel of more reforms, liberalization, growth oriented policies etc but I will focus on things that why this election is a game changer for India, Indian People/Democracy/Economy or India at large. Why we never believed in change and why now we can believe in change. The cabinet formations this time around have been evolving largely around issues (a distant dream to even think before Friday) such as GOVERNANCE, i.e., YOUTH, PERFORMANCE, CRIMINAL RECORD, A FORWARD LOOKING THINKING. And as per me, much of this dramatic change has to be attributed to three factors largely, one and the biggest being, the rational judgment given by Indian Public, the second being the Rahul Gandhi Factor and the last being Manmohan’s dream of a dream cabinet. Though Mr. Manmohan Singh factor along with Sonia Gandhi factor has been termed as “SINGH IS May 18, 2009 KING” but I believe the real next king is Rahul Gandhi. Such a hope from a leader has never been seen in India and the last time this kind of expectation was seen from OBAMA in US. But the only difference between the two I am able to figure out is, that American Citizens had put in their hope
  3. 3. Election 2009 GAME CHANGER FOR INDIA Vinit Tulsyan behind Obama who was in running for the president and in case of Rahul Gandhi, it’s the 17th Lok Sabha (in 2014) people (including me) are most optimistic about. All the muscle power, criminal background candidates filled by the Great Dreamer (of becoming prime-minister), Mr. Lalu, Mr. Paswan or Mr. Mulayam Singh Yadav have largely been defeated and more than 40% of elected MPs below the age of 50%, and India has never seen this kind of phenomena. My personal belief says that this phenomena will further gain momentum and going forward (starting this govt.) we now can expect a relatively corrupt free govt., with faces having larger vision or blue print for India, which will go in sync with Mr. Manmohan Singh’s, and the Gandhi’s (especially Rahul’s vision of India in which a lot of emphasis is given to youth and poor people of India). India can now hope to speedily jump down in the ranking of World’s most corrupt countries. PROUND TO BE AN INDIAN TODAY It is clearly evident that the caste and religion politics have taken a back seat, which is surprising and dramatic. At-least extremely surprisingly and dramatic for me, because though I feel I have a decent understanding of Indian Politics and what I have been thinking throughout about India and Indian Politics that the time when more than caste/religion, people (who are largely uneducated) will take a shift and on a nationwide basis will vote for a totally unexpected ERA. I am 26, and what I had been thinking (till Friday) that our next generation (whether be muslims or hindus) or my Childs will have forward looking thinking and will rise above the politics of hatred, caste, religion etc, and focus on issues more relevant to you, me and Indian People in large. But TODAY I FEEL PROUD, proud to be an Indian Citizen and can now proudly up my head that despite all sorts of challenges such as a tag of THIRD WORLD, POOR and UNEDUCATED COUNTRY, we know what our wisdom is and what we want. And whatever we want we will get it despite all this politics of backwardness, division by almost all the parties (whether be it regional or national). Low Voter Turnout: A Blessing in Disguise May 18, 2009 I personally believe that the low voter turnout either in big cities or rural India has been a blessing in Disguise, due to the fact that almost 400 million voters, who were eligible to vote and were under the age of 50, went ahead either in excitement or out of wisdom and voted and voted for decisive politics. Otherwise if entire 760 million people would have exercised their votes, I believe the scenario would have
  4. 4. Election 2009 GAME CHANGER FOR INDIA Vinit Tulsyan been different and it would not have been as rosy as it stands today. This could have given a little bit of competitive edge to regional parties, who until Friday, had prepared a detailed shopping list (most rather all of them very-very expensive), to shop at a political bazaar/auction either conducted by the two leading national parties such as Congress and BJP. I thank god that their dreams shattered and shattered hard. Now it’s the question of their survival in their respective arena. And with the optimism I have I believe that they would be shattered to dust by the time we have 18th Lok Sabha Formation, which will be in 2019. I detail the reason of my optimism in the next section. I FEEL HAPPY BECAUSE IT’S AN BEGINNING FOR AN END TO DISGUSTING POLITICS AND POLITICIAN The verdict delivered by citizens of country just underlines one core important issue, which is DEVELOPMENT. The message is loud and clear that if you work, you will be serving us and if you don’t you will be mixed into ashes. There is no better example than the state of BIHAR. I hail from this place, and which is said or was said to be the most corrupt and inefficient state. A state where on the basis of caste and religion, one political leader ruled the state for 20 Years, I can just wonder that if a party’s logo could be “LANTERN”, what would be thinking of the party leaders and what their vision would be for this state. Another leader who formed his own party to take advantage of again caste and religion based politics has been entirely wiped out and has lost his own seat. Whenever I heard them on television, I felt DISGUSTED on me, that is this the state I belong to, a state which gives the largest number of bureaucratic people to the country. Today I feel proud that I belong to a state, which had resources, talent, but was feeling the pinch of BACKWARDNESS due to backward, caste, religion based policies and politics, effect of which had resulted in POVERTY and UN- EDUCATION, and this scene has changed entirely. And I will not be surprised that these parties are wiped out entirely by the time we are up for next assembly or Lok Sabha election, and that is the day I had been eagerly waiting for. May 18, 2009 The policies of Left have been rejected by people in the strong holds of left parties and by far these states are said to be states always voting for one parties, but we hear that LEFT parties have been drowned, this says it all about the HISTORIC IMPORTANCE attached to this election outcome.
  5. 5. Election 2009 GAME CHANGER FOR INDIA Vinit Tulsyan I will end by saying, this time the HOPE is bigger in India from Mr. Rahul Gandhi and will get even bigger by the time 2014 comes, than it was for US when OBAMA fought and won decisively. The fact that US being the largest economy and the most powerful country in the world, if there was so much of expectation there, one can just imagine about a country, which is developing, is said to be a third world nation, has more than a billion in population. THIS TIME AROUND I CAN SAY WITH GREATER AMOUNT OF CONFIDENCE THAT THE CHANGE WHICH ANY INDIAN CITIZEIN COULD NOT HAVE BELIEVED TILL FRIDAY NIGHT, NOW I/WE CAN BELIEVE IN THE CHANGE WHICH HAS COME PARTIALLY AND WHICH WILL BE COMING BY THE TIME IT IS 2014. GOD BLESSES INDIA, DR. MANMOHAN SINGH, MRS. SONIA GANDHI, MRS PRIYANKA GANDHI VADERA AND FINALLY MR. RAHUL GANDHI… Thanking You, Warm Personal Regards, Vinit Tulsyan Monday, 18th May 2009 May 18, 2009 DISCLAIMER: Every opinion and points expressed in this mail is that of the mine and does not necessarily reflect that of any other person. Pictures used in this document are downloaded from the internet, and some of the pictures may well have been copyrighted by certain people/organization. This document is circulated to public at large and is posted on my website/blog, and is entirely not- for-profit. Reference to any people or any other person’s opinion coinciding with the text could or will just be incidental. Any other person is free to have his/her opinion or can disagree to any or all of the text/views given here.