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  1. 1. VINIT MUNISHWAR Thane (W) MAHARASHTRA •9665630271/9765903081 • Embedded hardware Engineer (PCB designer) WORK HISTORY Sep 2014 - Apr 2015 Technical sophisticated professional with 6 Month Experience in embedded Hardware engineering (PCB and schematic designing) Field. Spry logic technologies ltd Currently Associated with R & D Department of Spry Logic Technologies Ltd. Dist- Thane. India FUNCTIONAL 1) As per profile for embedded hardware engineer. My duties are to editing schematic as per customer requirement. 2) Making PCB in EDA tools. 3) Verification of component decals, as well as ordering components. 4) Generating Gerber File for PCB manufacturing, Printing 5) Making component layout in COREL DRAW and forwarding to assembly section. 6) Making BILL of Material for ongoing Project. SKILLS MENTOR-GRAPHICS EDA TOOL (PADS) PADS POWER LOGIC:- MENTOR-GRAPHICS EDA TOOLS are generally used for Electronics Schematic Design. PADS POWER PCB:- MENTOR-GRAPHICS EDA TOOLS are generally used for Electronics PCB Design. COREL DRAW Corel Draw here is to Draw component Layout for Assembly Mounting MULTISIM MULTISIM(NATIONAL INSTRUMENTS) Stimulation Tools Generally Used For Verification and Debugging Electronic Design.
  2. 2. MICROSOFT-EXCEL MICROCONTROLLER INSTRUEMENTS AND MEASUREMENT Application is to make Bill Of Material For Purchase Department of Company. Worked on Micro-controller 8051 and its Basic interfacing.(LED,LCD,DC MOTOR,SERVO MOTOR,MEMORY,RTC,ADC/DAC etc). 1) CATHODE RAY OSCILLOSCOPE taking reading of waveform and calculating noise immunity. 2) DSO Handling 3) Digital Multimeter (DMM). BASIC ELECTRONICS 1) ANALOG ELECTRONICS 2) DIGITAL ELECTRONICS AREA OF INTEREST Schematic designing PCB Designing Circuit Analysis using Simulator Debugging & Testing Hardware Board. Drawing Component Layout PROJECT UNDERTAKEN WIRELESS INDUSTRY CONTROL WITH ACKNOWLEDGEMENT (Vilasrao Deshmukh College of Engineering, Mouda, B.E Project, 2011-12) Brief Description: All industrial devices which work on 230v and 440v can be operated wireless by remote. Example: induction motors, pumps, grinding machine, computers, fans, lights etc.In this system, two transceivers are used. One transceiver work as a remote and another transceiver is installed on the device which is to be operated. In both transceiver section, micro controller IC8051 is used. In which, software has been installed by using assembly language. This software helps to operate multiple devices at a same time and also reduces the hardware requirement of the circuit. DATA BRAIN MASTER & SLAVE CARD Basically it is Project for UPS Data Logger and we are measuring parameter like voltages and current on different channels and give it to slave to display output. Data loaded will be save into micro-sd card for future purpose. ALL-TERRAIN ROBOT This project aims at designing a manual robot which will be remotely controlled. The robot will be able to tackle combat like situations like the ones faced by soldiers in the battle field. The robot will have a four-wheel drive system with a proximity sensor mounted on it, which will help it to navigate when the battlefield is covered with a cloud of dust. Monitoring of the battlefield will be done by the onboard camera which has night vision capabilities. It will help it to navigate in the battlefield by continuously transmitting live visual feed. Minesweeping activity is incorporated in the system with the help detector which will be placed at the front end of the robot.
  3. 3. EDUCATION Jul 2013 - Feb 2014 PG Diploma Embedded System INSTITUTE:-BICARD Certification in basic embedded system (GRADE-A) Oct 2008 - Jul 2012 BE (electronics engineering) INSTITUTE:-Vilasrao Deshmukh College of Engineering (RTMNU) 4 year graduation in engineering in electronics and communication stream (Aggregate-63.71%) Jul 2007 - Feb 2008 HSC INSTITUTE:-CP & Berar Jr College Education Details of HSC (Higher Secondary School)(12 th ). (Aggregate-68.83%) Jun 2005 - Mar 2006 SSC INSTITUTE:-Paranjape High School Education Details of Schooling in 10th (Aggregate-78.80%) EXTRA CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES 15 days basic electronics workshop in vortex Pvt ltd, At Nagpur. Active participation in WAD UG 2011(Workshop on aptitude development). Active associated with AERSI India. PERSONAL PARTICULARS & PREFERENCES Mother Name:- Miss. Manju. V. Munishwar Father Name: - Mr. Vijay. R. Munishwar Date of Birth: - 5th Nov. 1990 Language known:- Marathi, Hindi, English DECLARATION I hereby declare that above mentioned information is correct up to my knowledge and I bear the responsibility for the correctness above mentioned particulars. Thanking You Date:- Place: - SIGNATURE