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Feb2018_Posiview Note: SRA For Affordable Housing


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Suggestions to MHUPA
National Policy for Affordable Housing Through Slum Rehabilitation Schemes

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Feb2018_Posiview Note: SRA For Affordable Housing

  1. 1. Suggestions to MHUPA National Policy for Affordable Housing through Slum Rehabilitation Schemes CA Vinit Vyankatesh Deo
  2. 2. Ideas to Kickstart the economy through MSMEs Dear Readers, The pandemic of Covid 19 which is also now know (in)famously as Corona, will lead to a major remake of the World Economy. Unlike the other crises of this century viz the Dot Com bust of 2001 and the Lehman crisis of 2008, this crisis will not just affect the financial world but will shake the foundations of economies of all the countries - right from Villages and Cities to State and the Nation. Governments at all levels will need to take drastic measures to first stabilise the economy and then to plan for its growth. MSMEs are like the veins of the economy. They are essential to keep the supply of money flowing between the vital organs viz. Large corporates, MNCs, Banks, Government etc. This brief Concept Note presents 5 ideas that can help revive and grow the MSME sector. We urge the Central and State Governments to take swift and drastic steps to revive the MSME Sector so that it can become a solid foundation for building the revival of Indian economy in the post-Corona world. CA Vinit Deo Founder & CEO, Posiview Policy Solutions Feedback to or +91 89757 61062
  3. 3. Background ▪ Effective schemes for Slum Rehabilitation (SRA) can be one of the most viable and speedy methods of creating Affordable Housing in the Country ▪ Slums are usually based in the City and Suburbs. SRA Schemes can solve the problem of both housing and employment opportunities within the City area. ▪ Many slums are on private lands so Government will not need to fund these projects.
  4. 4. Issues ▪ SRA projects have a long gestation period as the Developer has to deal with large number of stakeholders right from the slum dwellers to Local and State Authorities, Environment Clearance etc. ▪ Huge upfront investment by the Developer as Banks/ Financial Institutions do not fund SRAs pre-approval ▪ Restrictions on mortgage of SRA land making it difficult for Developers to raise capital ▪ Sale of TDR generated from SRA not treated for deduction under Income Tax Act as Income from Affordable Housing project. Developers sometimes do not get free sale area and only income is from TDR.
  5. 5. Policy Solutions ▪ Central Government Policy for Slum Rehabilitation. Central Govt. incentives like PMAY for SRA projects should be linked to adoption of Policy. ▪ Slum Rehabilitation Authority to be not just the single-window but the SOLE Authority for all issues related to slums such as: – Special Development Plans and DC Rules for slums – Environment Clearance – All NOC required from National, State & Local Authorities ▪ Dedicated financing / refinancing Developers who undertake SRA projects through Institutions such as HUDCO and NHB
  6. 6. Benefits of a National Policy for SRAs ▪ Government: Will be able to get double benefit of affordable housing for slum-dwellers at no extra cost AND affordable housing units in Free Sale area available to Developers ▪ Slum-Dwellers: Since SRA projects will be in the city there will be cost and time saving on travel, finding job etc of the low income group people ▪ Home-Buyers: Will get affordable housing within the City area at cost within their Budget ▪ City: Will help in beautifying the City especially making it a Smart City.
  7. 7. Founders & Advisors ▪ CA Vinit Deo, Founder & CEO Vinit is a Chartered Accountant and an entrepreneur at heart. After a brief stint in leading Corporates (Times of India Group & Geometric Software Solutions), he co- founded Posiview Consulting Partners, an investment banking firm which has has closed over 200 advisory transactions of advising entrepreneurs on business planning, debt and equity raising. His passion for research and governance led to the founding of Posiview Policy Solutions, an Data and Insights driven organisation that will suggest innovative but pragmatic policy initiatives to Governments (Central, State, Local), Industry Associations, Development Institutions etc. ( ▪ Shweta Shalini, Mentor & Senior Advisor After a successful stint as a entrepreneur where she founded and scaled up companies (Fortune Cookie,Real Time Wave), Shweta joined politics and became Spokesperson for BJP Maharashtra as well as a key person driving BJP’s Social Media effort. She also plays a key role in the Startup and Innovation arena with her unique skill sets spanning Corporates, Political, Social and Entrepreneurial Worlds. She will mentor and guide Posiview Policy Solutions to focus on the right issues and devise solutions that can be implemented within India’s governance framework. (
  8. 8. Disclaimer: Presentation represents personal views of the author and not that of Posiview. It is prepared based on publicly available data to the best of the author’s knowledge. The author does not take responsibility of the authenticity, accuracy of the publicly available data. The contents of this presentation are for information purposes only and the author will not be responsible for any decisions made on the same Office 202, Chintamani Pride Near City Prid Multiplex, Kothrud, Pune 411038 Cell: +91 8975761062 Email : THANK YOU!
  9. 9. “Tough times never last. Tough people do.” Robert H Schuller Incubation, Mentoring & Fund Raising for Startups Fund Raising for Real Estate & SME Enterprises Policy Advisory to Government & Industry Associations / / +919130018000