Digital age marketing communication


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Marketing landscape is changed forever in digital age. We have transitioned from command and control marketing to connect and collaborate

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  • In the age of dialogue, face of marketing is changing rapidly. With the shift in control to consumers, marketing is increasingly about developing consumer connect and love. Have put together my thoughts and your views will help shape my next presentation on Social media
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Digital age marketing communication

  1. 1. Who moved my 30 second TV spot ?2/13/2012
  2. 2. Marketing communications? What has changed ?2/13/2012
  3. 3. What has changedCommand Interact Connect and and & Control Measure Collaborate2/13/2012
  4. 4. What has not changed Trust2/13/2012
  5. 5. Consumers have not changed at all What has changed is how they relate to brandsNow the price of attention is significantlyhigher. You can’t buy it anymore 2/13/2012
  6. 6. What do Marketers look at Targeting Response Reach Measurability ROI Engagement Uniqueness Interactivity Ease of use Sales2/13/2012
  7. 7. What needs to be developed in Digital Age Marketing?2/13/2012
  8. 8. Connect2/13/2012
  9. 9. Speak not merely Talk Listen not merely HearConnectObserve not merely See Write not merely Scribble 2/13/2012
  10. 10. Communicating to ConnectingMarketer to CollaboratorAdvertiser to Experience Creator 2/13/2012
  11. 11. Tools to Connect Now Marketer wants people to engage with the brand to connect2/13/2012
  12. 12. Engagement Tools Ford Fiesta moments Volkswagen• 100 people in US selected through Fiesta VW decided to test their proposition with a moments got Ford Fiesta cars for 6 simple question: Would you do months #anything4jetta?”• They were encouraged to share their experience with Ford Fiesta over the 6 Twitter users flocked to the hashtag, posting months on their blogs, Twitter, witty one-liners, embarrassing pictures and Facebook, Flickr and Youtube hilarious videos and a unique call-to-tweet system.2/13/2012
  13. 13. Idea ToolsNokia’s concept lounge Dell Logged about 11,000 ideas, of which, 350 wereOn design ,on ideas, on new age mobile implemented ,including making USB 3.0 port a standarddevices or on ways to interact with mobile feature on its PC and laptops, a common charger fordevices devices, and introduction of anti-glare on notebook screens. 2/13/2012
  14. 14. Product Tools Cadbury Collaboration Threadless Factory2/13/2012
  15. 15. Advertising Tools Pepsi UnileverIdeas for new Italian TV ad .The release of the Inviting its consumers to help in developing ads for itscommercial will support the upcoming launch of biggest brands. Creative people all round the globe have anthe global “Refresh Your World” campaign in Italy opportunity to add their promotional video materials to the ad portfolios of the world-known products. 2/13/2012
  16. 16. Distribution Tools Southwest airlines Southwest airlines embed widgets called ‘ding’ on your desktop by which they make you travel agent and push offers directly to you2/13/2012
  17. 17. 2/13/2012
  18. 18. People don’tdrink the soda,they drink thecan – thewhole package ofconnectivity. 2/13/2012
  19. 19. Let go “ above the line” , “below the line” and “offline”, “online” marketing mind-set It is about consumer emotion and experiences2/13/2012
  20. 20. Less about US and more about YOU approach Starbuck2/13/2012
  21. 21. Key to marketing is you don’t create markets,you serve a market that is so thirsty that it says ‘Iwant to get that drink’and you give them drink more than once. 2/13/2012
  22. 22. Objective Setting competition competition Communicate and amplify key product benefits. Allow deeper consumer Maximise trial and consumer Let consumers know your involvement and encourage loyalty by communicating value proposition Dialogue. competitive advantages and Emotionalise, build call to Usage messages relationship with consumersEngagement Preference Usage2/13/2012
  23. 23. Purchase Process Varying involvement depending upon audience group Product and price value along Their current brand recalled With customer website communications experience. Spread WOM / Incentivise/ Evangelize Perceived benefit only subtle Assuming no problems experienced then likely to stick with brand in futureThe intangible, intrinsic desires
  24. 24. Who are you ? What is my value proposition Why should people do business with me? Why they should buy my products? Why Me ?2/13/2012
  25. 25. Purchase Process Varying involvement depending upon audience group Product and price value alongEngage With customer website experience Spread WOM / Incentivise/ Evangelize Perceived benefit only subtle Assuming no problems experienced then likely to stick with brand in future
  26. 26. How do we become relevant to them ? What is that I offer that no one else does What is that my customers cannot get anywhere else? How easily can someone imitate what I do?2/13/2012
  27. 27. Purchase ProcessEngage OFFER COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE Spread WOM / Incentivise/ Evangelize Perceived benefit only subtle Assuming no problems experienced then likely to stick with brand in future
  28. 28. How do we continue to be relevant to them? If I were in market place to buy what you have to sell, will I think of you first, second, third or not at all?2/13/2012
  29. 29. Purchase Process Engage OFFER COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE ( Product / Technology ) Loyalty; DRIVE WOM ( Overall Experience*)*The unmatched service, quality, overall experience right from accessing the site up to after sales services
  30. 30. High Competitive High Competitive High Competitive Awareness Preference Usage2/13/2012
  32. 32. Analyze the market A Nail the relevant Strategy and story N Go to Market Plan G Energize the channel and community E Leads and Revenue Sustaining L Value2/13/2012 s
  33. 33. A Analyze the marketBringing customers inside the organization and understandingthe opportunities and threats in the environment 2/13/2012
  34. 34. Focus more on the 10% and less on the 90%. The 90% don’t pay attention to you anyway. They’re watching the 10% All untargeted advertising is noise2/13/2012
  35. 35. Consumer Insight ( Getting into minds of consumers) Fresh and non-obtrusive way of understanding customer need, behavior or frustrations. It’s about walking in customer shoes but first you have to take off your own.2/13/2012
  36. 36. Nail the relevant N Strategy and storyConverting these insights into value proposition that iscompelling for customers2/13/2012
  37. 37. ‘Nice to have’ to ‘Must have’ ? Content ( Brand Narrative) is only as good as the Context ( What it does for consumer) it creates . Increasingly brands are focusing on context because relationships are valued and limited by nature2/13/2012
  38. 38. Relevance Bring advertising closer to information  Nike Plus advertising  Notion is that Nike becomes the enabler of your better running experience. Importance of ‘when’- Just in time instead of just in case2/13/2012
  39. 39. DATA IS NEW INTEL INSIDE In God we trust but everybody else has to show dataData needs to transition from basic information to something thatis much more individual customer focused behavior. 2/13/2012
  40. 40. Bring Idea to Life2/13/2012
  41. 41. Bring Idea to Life2/13/2012
  42. 42. G Go to market Taking this offering to customers through Media, distribution channels and partnerships2/13/2012
  43. 43. Media Fragmentation Michael Jackson’s Thriller is the best selling album of all time. It is believed that this achievement will stand forever as music today is too fragmented for any single artiste in any genre to make such an impact.2/13/2012
  44. 44. Create Differentiations2/13/2012
  45. 45. Identify Passion GroupsEmbrace new ways of connecting brands withthe relevant consumer segments. 2/13/2012
  46. 46. While we use media to tell our brand story find new ways for customers to tell theirs2/13/2012
  47. 47. Say hello to …. connect2/13/2012
  48. 48. Create earned not mere paid media Influence not mere awareness2/13/2012 Dialogue not mere campaigns
  49. 49. Coca cola2/13/2012
  50. 50. Media needs to be multi-dimensional because customers live multi-dimensional lives2/13/2012
  51. 51. Smarter nuances solutions Innovation is creative application and a mindset Microwave was created for military application but the application of microwave to heat food was an Innovation2/13/2012
  52. 52. Energize the channel E and community Articulating value proposition and position in the market place.2/13/2012
  53. 53. The difference between iPod and Zune is fansDelight yourcustomers…The restis mere detail 2/13/2012
  54. 54. Find different consumersways to make increasingly don’tconnections shop in onewith consumers channel, theyusing technology shop in multiple channelsSelling shoes, mobile phones or insurance – every brand isa potential platform on which consumers could tell theirown story 2/13/2012
  55. 55. Our lives are driven by peer recommendation; from choosing a bar or restaurant to book, car or even diapers or vacation. We leave nothing to chance.2/13/2012
  56. 56. L Leads and Revenue “However beautiful the strategy, you should always look at the results” Churchill2/13/2012
  57. 57. Marketing is the new financeFocus shifting from number of leads to quality of leads.Integrating all marketing tools deployed into one unified system and matrix for measurement, to improve overall ROI and workflow 2/13/2012
  58. 58. Need to move fromviewing customersas destinations forour marketingmessages to treatingthem as partners inits production 2/13/2012
  59. 59. Nokia has 32% market share and 4% of theindustry profits. Apple has 4% market shareand 52% of its profits. 2/13/2012
  60. 60. Marketing should begin and not endat point of sale 2/13/2012
  61. 61. Engagement Preference Usage Brand Presence Conversation/DialoObjective Drive Trial And Value gue Reach, GRPs Ad Impressions Registrations, Ad Interaction CTR % Sign up to promotionMeasurement 2/13/2012 Ad recall surveys Social Media Metric Footfall
  62. 62. Search MarketingBanner Advertising Email Marketing Determine which marketing initiatives are driving results SEO, Referrals, Affiliate Programs & Offline 2/13/2012
  63. 63. Marketing Dashboard Search Email Campaign Radio Print Ad Newsletter Launch PR Mention Spot2/13/2012
  64. 64. s Sustaining Value Continuous improvement of customer experience2/13/2012
  65. 65. Brand success in the era of many to many isn’t the result of choices in media but choices in mindset2/13/2012
  66. 66. Which Metric are we tracking ? If your customers like you, be afraid… be very afraidWith so much choice, why settle for the thousandsof brands we could “like” when there is one thatwe could love? 2/13/2012
  67. 67. Which Metric are we tracking ? Nokia consistently polls among youth as the most trusted brand whereas Apple is the most recommended.2/13/2012
  68. 68. Some people want it to happen,some wish it would happen,others make it happen.Michael Jordan, the most decorated player in the history of the NBA 2/13/2012
  69. 69. Thank you!by MediaCom, 24.01.2011