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How to use batch printing to handle multiple printing tasks at one go


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Printing tasks in offices have to be arranged on the basis of schedules & sometimes multiple printouts have to be taken out of the multiple systems that exist across a network. Our batch printing software allows users to get print outs of all available file formats across all versions of Windows in the desired manner & on the decided schedule. Print command can be given across multiple systems of a network to ensure that all the places where a print out must be received, is received without the need to manually get it done. A detailed log sheet is also presented so that the user can micromanage his printing tasks.

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How to use batch printing to handle multiple printing tasks at one go

  1. 1. How to use batch printing to handle multiple printing tasks at one go There are printing tasks that have to be taken care of day in and day out in offices & organizations. These printing jobs have to be taken care of in a manner that is conversant with the rapid pace of business today. There are multiple files that have to be printed on the basis of a predetermined schedule. In the case of a big organization with multiple systems, these files have to be made into multiple copies & delivered in real time to all the individuals concerned. These files can be simple Excel sheets, Word documents, pdf files or even full-fledged PowerPoint presentations. Doing so individually & manually requires a lot of work & money with the disadvantages of being slow & with the possibility of manual overlooks/errors creeping in. To print the file on multiple printers requires something more than just an individual working around the clock & running across like a here all over the place. A utility that can handle these problems in an automated manner is a must for modern day offices. Software that can dish out multiple printouts from multiple printers in an organized manner will save a lot of valuable money & time while delivering exactly what is required when it is required. Such a batch printing software must have the ability to deliver this while maintaining a proper log which will avoid all the wastage of money that otherwise goes on in making useless extra copies & dubious siphoning in the name of printing work. It must also be compatible with multiple versions of Windows that may exist across the same network & must have the ability to deal with multiple file formats.
  2. 2. Our software has the ability to deliver exactly what you want at a fraction of what it costs you right now when you set about the task of multi-printing. This is a printing software that can handle the printing of all available file formats including .TXT, .PDF, .XLS, .PPT, etc. It can do so file by file or folder by folder depending on the input provided by the user. It can be pre-programmed to ensure that the print outs that you wanted to deliver to your employees one week from now when you were out on business, get delivered to them on the exact date & time of your choice. Print commands of the files/folders selected can be given to multiple systems across a network thereby ensuring that not even a single moment is lost on account of the delayed reception of documents. The utility is compatible with all the popular versions of Windows. What is even better is the fact that it maintains a log sheet of the print outs taken & uses directory watcher to ensure that the printer that you intended to print particular page prints exactly that. Failed print commands are also listed so that appropriate rectification is done to ensure that the next command is executed properly. All this for a dime a dozen. Blindly go for this gem of a tool as you cannot wish for a more useful & handy office accessory than this. Source: -