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Behavioral Training


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There is always something positive in all negativity.

Published in: Self Improvement
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Behavioral Training

  1. 1. Behavioral Training
  2. 2. I believe in myself, Iam proud of myself!
  3. 3. I am a born CHAMPION, bornwinning the race of 40 million!
  4. 4. I am unique, aMasterpiece, the only one of my kind
  5. 5. I am abundantly 1Happy, Healthy, Rich and holistically Successful
  6. 6. I am always grateful for my gifts
  7. 7. I am the Architect of my I WILL,Fate, I take Responsibility for 1 THEREFORE, I AM my Life, I create my own destiny, I live every minute purposefully
  8. 8. I am a Leader, I inspire and lead by being an example.
  9. 9. I am wise so I always choose 1 the right thing
  10. 10. I keep my selfPhysically and Mentally always strong and Healthy
  11. 11. I lead every moment of my lifeAlive, Awake, Alert and Enthusiastic
  12. 12. Wonderment Passion Commitment I lead life with Values, Commitment, PassionValues and Wonderment
  13. 13. I am positiveI always Think , Speak and act Positive
  14. 14. I am always Self Motivated and myConfidence is my Strength (Illustration: Bungee Jumping)
  15. 15. I Can achieve anything, everything is Possible to me
  16. 16. I Dream Big, and with my passion, Commitment andPersistence nature, I achieve my Goals and Vision (Illustration: Steve Jobs)
  17. 17. I Learn from my Past, Plan for my Future but Live andaccomplish it in the present
  18. 18. I Believe that every Problem is aChallenge and I face them bold, considering them as an Opportunity to grow stronger
  19. 19. I do my Best and leave therest, and I openly accept theResult happily and gratefully
  20. 20. I always learn from my Failures and Mistakes,so I am always a Winner
  21. 21. I everyday compare me,with myself the day beforeand track my growth and progress consistently
  22. 22. I always show care andlove to everything and everybody in life
  23. 23. I am always cool minded and I just pretend to be angry if situation demands
  24. 24. I live a fully potential andmeaningful life, which makes me and people around me holistically successful and add glory to my creator
  25. 25. There is a Champion is each one of us!