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ContentHug: Teaser Pitch


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This is a teaser pitch deck for ContentHug. We plan to use it for basic introduction to raise funding.

Published in: Technology
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ContentHug: Teaser Pitch

  1. 1. Vinish Garg Manually Curated Daily Updates for Content Community Co-Founder @ContentHug Teaser Pitch
  2. 2. Startups Vinish Garg | @vingar @ContentHug John Content Strategist, North Carolina Track Latest Content via • LinkedIn/Medium • Email Subscriptions • Community Groups • Curation Tools –,, Storify For Whom
  3. 3. StartupsInformation Shock: Too Many Sources Automated Curation: Irrelevant Posts The Pain Points Huge Mailbox: Annoying Vinish Garg | @vingar @ContentHug
  4. 4. Competitors Very few, selected sources No engagement Very basic categorization, no tags or metadata for search Automatic curation Comprehensive (~ 200 sources) Comments and Contributors Categorized posts, events, webinars Manual curation, 100% relevancy Contributors’ profile page Intelligent content model Little to chose from! Vinish Garg | @vingar @ContentHug
  5. 5. Idea Validation: Influencers @JoePairman: I think the biggest asset you might have for this is the human curation aspect… @RoboColum: I like this idea. It is a better way of curating content in one place. It provides a quick and easy way… Welcome Sign Vinish Garg | @vingar @ContentHug
  6. 6. Idea Validation: Influencers Welcome Sign Vinish Garg | @vingar @ContentHug @marciarjohnson: I have subscribed to ContentHug. Nifty idea you have there. @larrykunz: (a) Clean, uncluttered appearance, a welcome change from! (b) Ratings (c) Share on social
  7. 7. Priorities Culture Vinish Garg | @vingar @ContentHug Secret Sauce: Manually Curated from around 200 sources, so 100% relevant
  8. 8. Priorities Culture Articles and Posts, plus Events | Webinars Details: Added Value Vinish Garg | @vingar @ContentHug
  9. 9. Priorities Culture Market Size Total: 500000 | Targeted: 100000 Comm Alone: Vinish Garg | @vingar @ContentHug
  10. 10. Priorities Culture Global Market John Content Strategist, North Carolina Paula Technical Writer, Melbourne Benn Content Engineer, Poland Maria Technical Writer, London All Love News. Preferences and Pain Points Vinish Garg | @vingar @ContentHug
  11. 11. Priorities Culture Business Model Sponsored Events Globally Available Open Position Featured Events Premium Events Display Vinish Garg | @vingar @ContentHug
  12. 12. The Buzz Michael Andrews Tom Johnson Our Story Vinish Garg | @vingar @ContentHug
  13. 13. Community A Platform for Conversations Leading Influencers: Experiences, Trends, Issues, Future Vinish Garg | @vingar @ContentHug
  14. 14. Vision slideshare Events, Speaking Vinish Garg | @vingar @ContentHug Curation + Lanyrd/Conferize + Slideshare
  15. 15. Team Vinish Garg Co-Founder Market-Fit, Technical Scoping for Scalability, Marketing Shena Garg Co-Founder UX, Technical Analysis, Architecture, Development Vinish Garg | @vingar @ContentHug • Blog: • @vingar @ContentHug • • @shenagarg @ContentHug •