10 Thoughts that I Carry with me to Tianjin


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I am on my way to the World Economic Forum in China, which is a Summer Davos – a great opportunity to interact with interesting people who are influencing the world.

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10 Thoughts that I Carry with me to Tianjin

  1. 10<br />thoughts that I carry with me to Tianjin<br />www.vineetnayar.com or @vineetnayar<br />
  2. 1<br />I am told that emerging economies like the BRIC nations are about to dominate the world’s future because they are witnessing a labor force growth along with declining birth rates = more workers with lesser mouths to feed. Good.<br />But I would like to know what the world of academia will propose as a sustainable economic model for implementing technology in these financially strapped economies that can dramatically accelerate their development?<br />www.vineetnayar.com or @vineetnayar<br />
  3. 2<br />The business potential for IT and Communications companies in enabling eco-sustainability has been assessed to be around Euro 600 billion. Remarkable.<br />But how do we build the case for our Governments to contribute in such projects so that they can measure, monitor and multiply the benefits realized by society?<br />www.vineetnayar.com or @vineetnayar<br />
  4. 3<br />Who says you can’t be a CEO at 40?<br />But what do the Young 30-something Global Leaders and “CEO-elects” think about the real “business” of the “CEO’s office” in tomorrow’s boundary-less world?<br />www.vineetnayar.com or @vineetnayar<br />
  5. 4<br />A good friend of mine has convinced me that it is time we articulated the tenets and practices of management 2.0. I’m game.<br />However, the uncertain world ahead will need one element more than anything else – creativity. Can “creativity” be managed – in business or even in sports, music, culture and fashion?<br />www.vineetnayar.com or @vineetnayar<br />
  6. 5<br />Some say that Millenials can’t be managed. I disagree.<br />I am looking to hear from the best and the brightest from across disciplines on what it takes to unleash the abundant talent and potential for leadership among the youth workforce of the world… this is the greatest opportunity facing us today.<br />www.vineetnayar.com or @vineetnayar<br />
  7. 6<br />In my mind, Japan gave us Kaizen and America Inc gave birth to the “White Collared” worker.<br />I am confident that some of the most radical and disruptive thoughts of the next decade will be discovered in the complex and colorful socio-economic fiber that pervades all of China…<br />www.vineetnayar.com or @vineetnayar<br />
  8. 7<br />Martin Luther and Gandhi moved the Earth by using two elements of motivation alone – a dissatisfaction with the today and a romance for the tomorrow.<br />I invite thoughts and ideas from all who are experienced in sparking a movement of change across the world on the back of these two pillars alone.<br />www.vineetnayar.com or @vineetnayar<br />
  9. 8<br />The World Economic Forum is a confluence of the world’s most influential thinkers. And also the hotbed for the most inventive marketing on this planet.<br />I am looking to be impressed.<br />www.vineetnayar.com or @vineetnayar<br />
  10. 9<br />At HCL Technologies, Employees First, Customers Second has been evolving for the last 5 years now.<br />And I suspect we may have only experimented our way through a small part of EFCS 1.0, or should we start thinking of Ver 2.0? I’m listening…<br />www.vineetnayar.com or @vineetnayar<br />
  11. 10<br />This is going to be one of the most interesting WEF Annual Summits that I have ever been to. For sure.<br />Be in touch with me on vineetnayar.com or @vineetnayar<br />www.vineetnayar.com or @vineetnayar<br />