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Browser information in PHP


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Browser information in PHP

  1. 1. Browser Information in PHPAs you know a browser is application software used to open web pages fromservers or over the internet. A browser is application software which displayscontent from the World Wide Web, which includes images, video etc. Todaythere are many browsers available in the market. Some browsers are asfollows:Firefox :-which was developed from Mozilla.  Safari :- which was developed from Apple.  Opera :- Mostly used in mobile operating system.  IE :- which was developed from Microsoft.To Find Browser Name in PHPIf you want to know a browser name through PHP then you can do that. Forthis purpose you will use the following code.
  2. 2. OutputWhen you browse your code in Microsofts Internet Explorer then your codewill give the name is Internet Explorer. Like as in the below image:To Find IP Address in PHPIf you want to determine the IP address of your system through PHP thenyou can do that. For this purpose you will use the$SERVER[REMOTE_ADDR] function in PHP. The code for determining the IPaddress of your system is as follows:
  3. 3. OutputConclusionSo in this article you saw, how to determine the browser name and IPaddress through PHP. Using this article one can easily understand, how todetermine the browser name and IP address in PHP.