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telecom analytics ppt


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an introduction to telecom analytics

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telecom analytics ppt

  1. 1. By Vineeth Menon BITS Pilani
  2. 2.  The project is to compile the customer location details analysis of authentic mobile customer based on which further l-commerce activities can be pursued.
  3. 3.  The profiling of customers can be done in terms of location, customer behavior  Here in the initial phases we are focused on location based analysis where this would enable us to give patterns or most possible locations for commerce from location data
  4. 4.  Call Detail Records Records consisting of caller’s data like time, incoming, outgoing calls further the SMS,GPRS data needs to analyzed(based on L-commerce approach) (a data file consisting of all these parameters is reqd.)  TRx configurations of sites and site locations These TRx additions actually done after the higher cell usages are identified. So these data are relevant to us.
  5. 5.  Call detail records pattern analysis needs to analyzed day to day.  R-tool scenarios needs to be automated for this purpose  TRx additions are basically done on monthly basis , hence monthly analysis is perfect , exact location data are obtained from this reports.
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