Kolaveri Di and Importance of Viral Marketing in business


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A presentaion made by me on Kolaveri Di and how important is viral marketing in todays business scenario...
This presentaion has a brief of Viral Marketing and the success of Kolaveri Dii and what it has achieved till date...How the media has covered it and how companies are cashing in by the success of Kolaveri di..
I hope this is of help...

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Kolaveri Di and Importance of Viral Marketing in business

  1. 1. Presentation on Kolaveri Dii and How useful is ViralMarketingPresented By:Vineeth Salian201107Durgadevi Saraf Institute of Management StudiesMumbai
  2. 2. Presented By:Vineeth Salian201107DSIMS,MumbaiMMS- 4th Semester
  3. 3. Viral marketing• Viral marketing describes any strategy that encourages individuals to pass on a marketing message to others, creating the potential for exponential growth in the messages exposure and influence.• Like viruses, such strategies take advantage of rapid multiplication to explode the message to thousands, to millions.
  4. 4. Information• Viral marketing depends on a high pass-along rate from person to person.• If a large percentage of recipients forward something to a large number of friends, the overall growth snowballs very quickly.• If the pass-along numbers get too low, the overall growth quickly fizzles.
  5. 5. Viral Marketing Viral advertising, or Marketing buzz• These are buzz words referring to marketing techniques that use pre-existing social networks to produce - Increases in brand awareness - Or to achieve other marketing objectives such as product sales• Can be delivered by- Word of Mouth- or enhanced by the network effects of the Internet
  6. 6. Viral marketing may take the form of• Video clips• Interactive Flash games• Advergames• Ebooks• Brandable software• Images• Text messages
  7. 7. Marketers Goal• The ultimate goal of marketers interested in creating successful viral marketing programs is to create viral messages that appeal to individuals.
  8. 8. Viral Marketing
  9. 9. Elements of a Viral Marketing Strategy• Gives away products or services• Provides for effortless transfer to others• Scales easily from small to very large• Exploits common motivations and behaviors• Utilizes existing communication networks• Takes advantage of others resources
  10. 10. What is this Kolaveri Kolaveri??????• Kolaveri means “murderous rage” i.e. ‘sudden and tremendous anger against someone’• “Why this Kolaveri Kolaveri Di” It means “Why are you so angry with me??” These are words of a boy whose love has been rejected by the girl whom he loves so much and from the heart.• Lyrics of this song track have words from Tamil and English general slangs used in India. This 4:08 minute soundtrack and background score is composed by Anirudh Ravichander
  11. 11. Viral Marketing of Kolaveri :• Song is officially released on 18 November.• Then it spread like a fire through social networking sites.• Within first week of release, it received 1.3 million views on YouTube, more than 1 million shares on face book.• This is the first Tamil song to be premiered on MTV India.• On 30th November, Song has crossed 10 crore hits on YouTube.• International Time Magazine, Huffington Post and BBC has published report of this song.”
  12. 12. Viral Description of Kolaveri• It is detected that, Kolaveri virus spreading through human souls irrespective of age, sex and language.• Most of the victims are observed humming „Kolaveri.. Kolaveri.. Kolaveri.” In the mid night of 18 Nov, virus is injected though social media targeting all youth with no language barrier.• Virus will remain active for around 40-50 days. It will flow in the Indian blood affecting their souls.
  13. 13. Cont……• General symptoms are indulgent and warm feeling kindled in the heart. Infected patients are humming „Kolaveri Kolaveri‟ continuously. Kolaveri worm will be alive till the Movie “3” release expected in Jan,2012.• Lofty and soft voice seems almost responsible for outnumbering victims around the country.• Many intellectuals are researching how the virus marketing to suck the money through entertainment industry.
  14. 14. Invention of Kolaveri:• This funny lyric is composed by Anirudh Ravichandar• It is sung by Danush for his movie “3”,• Directed by his wife Aishwarya (daughter of RajaniKant).• She added this song into a movie to show the heart break of a boy.• Boy is asking the girl continuously, “Why are you angry? Why are you angry with me?• Director said, Song is mainly for bath room singer.
  15. 15. Kolaveri for Future Managers:• As per the ET, The soup song has turned an anthem for the future managers in the country.• All IIMs has accepted this song as the best examples of viral marketing. Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad (IIMA) has included this song in the subject “Contemporary Film Industry: a business perspective”• IIMA faculty Bharathan Kandaswamy has said, “I will discuss Kolaveri Di as part of a session on social media and online tools when my class starts in December.
  16. 16. • Kolaveri Di is a perfect case of viral marketing, which has created a huge difference in the world of publicity.”• The institutes have also made videos of the entire class singing to Kolaveri Di and posted them on networking sites.• Ramya, a student at IIMB student posted on her Facebook wall, “Kolaveri has been screened in many classes in IIM Bangalore. The professor sits along with the students and enjoys…Real Rage.“• Rajeev Kumra, faculty of marketing, at IIM Lucknow, says, “Companies have to be serious about viral marketing now, which is an upcoming area in marketing.
  17. 17. • We were discussing in class how the beautiful strategy used by Kolaveri Di can be used by company to leverage their marketing activities.• A first year post-graduate programme student at IIM Kozhikode, has done a case study on the song, calling it Project Kolaveri.
  18. 18. Kolaveri and Youth Energy:• It is not only the case that ‘Boys are using this song to please their girl friends.• This is song is used to fight against all ‘unfair’ activities.• The song is being manipulated to tease the Agricultural minister Sharad Pawar, who is being slapped to express anger against the inflation and rising food prices.
  19. 19. Kolaveri – Example of ViralMarketing• Magic of Kolaveri lyrics• Video footage• Refreshing Sound• Common phenomenon• Use of All social networks• Production by Celebrity
  20. 20. T-Shirts
  21. 21. Advertisements
  22. 22. Advertisements
  23. 23. Lessons in Viral Marketing• Broadcast Yourself” It is lot more than just A Viral concept need not be Rocket Science…. Sometimes… Its just a simple idea, captured right.• Contagious” A good Viral is highly contagious. You don’t need to promote it. A good viral spreads by itself.
  24. 24. Cont….• You Don’t Have to Spend to Get Noticed To spread the word out, you need not burn a hole in your pocket and promote things like crazy• Gaining a good amount of attention on-line Will attract the other traditional media towards your story. The viral was covered in leading News Channels & Newspapers
  25. 25. An Online Viral can spill over offline…Gaining a good amount of attention on-line will attract the other traditional media towards your story
  26. 26. In the News• Techzone director Naveen Bhandari said, “Kolaveri has generated huge revenues and has become a success for Techzone and the telecom industry.• Out of the total bollywood download market regional content is 25%, but with Kolaveri Di they have achieved 40% of the market.”
  27. 27. Viral MarketingNot Using It Could Kill Your Business!