1. Hottest and latest news- This guy seems to be picking up valuable tips from every   experience of his dating. Yes I am ...
chemistry period. Mrudu was calling manoj in a very romantic way. Its was   ‘Manoooooo…. Come here da chellam’. There is n...
10. hot pick: our town’s mr.romeo or most wanted reporter guy is getting too busy and   most popular among girls. He has b...
15. Hottest pick: our town’s opposite pair akshay and shravs are heating up the town with   with the touch of romance. Aks...
21. Hot pick report given by preth: our town’s duo pair akshay shravs are romancing too   much now a days. Shravs is being...
25. Hottest pick: santhanu who is not atisfied with his wife, our town’s sizzling girl swar   and has always been week in ...
trying its best to spice up their romance. The pair shares everything bet them and   tries not to keep any secrets bet the...
34. Hottest flirt: our town’s famous family pair akshravs have once again gone public to   show that they’rethe best and u...
express avenue(ea) she attracted 4-6 boys(grp of frnds) who shocked her frnds who   too went out with swar for enjoying. T...
any situation. We both r so made for each other, while the macho boy was surely   proving the same! The boy was seen sayin...
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  1. 1. 1. Hottest and latest news- This guy seems to be picking up valuable tips from every experience of his dating. Yes I am talking abt none other than our masala mama. Do u guys know d reason for his absense today eh??? Wel he had date with our beautiful lady gaga sivakami, so vinet is quite releaved now as his first date with siva turned out to be a very successful one. So wats nect vinet? Hey don’t forget to chill out with other gals. Guys and ombodus. Good luck connection raja!!! Take care and don’t spiol ur health by roaming with tooooo many illegal partners.-swar2. Hottest pick- the latest buzz in e-town is that our masala mama is reaching heights 2 attract guls by cross his limits now a days, as he was jollu vitufying on our head gul. Vinet ‘abishtu abishtu’ its not ur bed room its gods room, vinet needs to control his temptation I believe and d source close 2 vinet reveals that today he was uttering only out b’ay baby’sname all time and even while talking abt vtv movie connection raja said trishi instead of trisha, tat too he uttered twice, so vinet is trying to impress her in diff ways ah? U’ve added 1 more beautiful gul(siva) into ur cart, vinet how many more do u need, rn’t u satisfied with 8 gals, 5 boys, 2 alis??? Bdw vinet if u have so many galfrnds then ur gay and ombodu partners will surely feel. Plz don’t betray dem at any cost. Courtesy-comm stud, sharvs, mrudu. Sent-swar3. Hottest latest update” our town’s most rumoured pair singing celeb shravs and akshay r really committed!!! Shravs openly complained abt the hot picks to her boyfrnd akshay and he was threatening vineeth,official sender of hot picks that not to send any hot picks abt them. The pair has finally shown up the reality. But hot picks will not be afraid of silly billys. It’ll keep providing the newa. But let the pair be happy. Wat say pair???4. Hotpick- me.romeo has added one more person into his cart, he was romancing with one of the intelligent person of our school. I am talking abt none other than pandu sir. So vinet u made our own sir fall for u ah? Dis show tat u prefer male gender more dan other genders, hmmm gud but see to it tat pandu sir doesn’t break his relations with his fiancee lavanya, wat do u have to say mr.masala mama.5. hot pick: there is a secret behind manoj’s smile now a days. The reason is that mrudu- the most wanted girl of town has accepted him for romancing & they’ve taken it public too. They both were seen romancing on stage in front of the whole town in the
  2. 2. chemistry period. Mrudu was calling manoj in a very romantic way. Its was ‘Manoooooo…. Come here da chellam’. There is no other pair in town that has gone so public so far. This is wat u call a breath taking act. But now other guys will be sad as the most wanted girl is finally romancing a guy. Plz console them mrudu! Will u?6. hottest pick: it looks like the apt pair is back on track. They broke up last year after 3months of relationship. Here we r talking abt katy-akilan. Katy who even got pregnant in the short period of romance broke up with akilan due to some misunderstanding but it looks like the pair is together again. They were seen romancing in the love corner and akilan has also given a nick name to kay. The eyewitness said that akilan was seen saying’ en chella perayay en chellathuku(katy) vachutaen.’. the town is happy to have them back together. But plz don’t break up again pair. U guys r surely made for each other. Rn’t u pair???7. hottest pick- our connection raja otherwise known as mr.romeo is all set to make his life/career graph soar even higher. Bcoz yesterday when he was going to his house along with shravs and mrudu, vinet saw two ombodus and commented tat ’wow samma figure machi. Zero size kareena madhiri hot ah iruka. Panalaam pola iruku!’. This shows tat vinet is not leaving even alis and he proposed that ali too and he calls his new darling as his sexy sheelle, so vinet u have added one more person into ur cart. Bdw y r u emperimenting with all types of genders (rosy papa r boys & sivani varshini r guls & now sheela is two in one)? Wat say vinet? Last but not the least tellme ur fav gender(as partner)! Gul or boy or 9? Courtesy-mrusu, shravs.8. hottest pick: we all witnessed wat happened in english period. Same poem reading. Same mistake making. Same corrections. Ha ha ya we’re talking abt the duo pair akshay-shravs. Even meena mam,2nd momther of shravs was seen supporting their romance. The pair is surely getting closer than ever. Good work pair. Give us a happy news soon(ahem ahem)! Will u?9. hottest pick: finally the thing is out. Yes, the karate kid of town is really pregnant. The kid was seen eating green mango. The eyewitness said the santhanu had headache and vomitting sensation. So he has no other choice other than eating it in public. So we all know that the reason is our town’s sizzling girl swar. U happy now swar?
  3. 3. 10. hot pick: our town’s mr.romeo or most wanted reporter guy is getting too busy and most popular among girls. He has been romancing many girls till date. The list hasn’t stopped growing. Now the list has 10girls and the tenth new comer is none other than our town’s sizzling girl swar. The pair was romancing in the town the whole day. The other girl’s names r already repoted by manoj. It looks like the other guys r angry as the romeo has taken most of the girls. Wat say boy?11. hottest pick of the day- the connection raja has proved tat hez the romoeo as his number of girlfrnds is incresing day by day, today one blk beauty from 9th(lavanya) was constantly flirting on vinet in the bhajan hall. And vinet too was trying to attract her by acting smartly in fron of her. Sosomething fishy is going on I believe. So u have added one more beauty into ur cart but let me know whom u r gonna mary from these 7guls- sivani, varshini, trishi, elekya, sreya, lavanya and siva). Finally vinet, my suggestion is love is blind so btr go with lavanya as shez very much interested in u. wat do u say me.raja/romeo? Courtesy-comm guls.12. hottest pick: our town’s poll master has finally revealed his secrets. He said in an exclusive chat with hot pick that he already has 6 biological kids with his ex girlfrnds msn, swar and sivani. He also said that he is expecting twins from his current girlfrnds swarnalaxmi. May be preth likes kids so much. But instead try adopting orphans plz. Our country’s population is already high. Do u agree with us preth???13. latest hottest event report: our town is becoming a place for celebration, fun and unity. Today our karate kid santhanu tied knot to his long time crush sizzling lady swar. It was a very high profile marriage which took place in fron of everyone. The couple was seen very happy after the marriage and were still romancing. Hope they enjoy their life. But now most of the boys would be sadas sizzling girl is finally married. Good luck pair. Happy married life!!!14. latest update: its an omg moment for everyone as our poll master preth has revealed that he is committed with our ex town member swarnalaxmi. This has left everyone in a gr8 shock as he has cheated his 3some girlfrnds meena(msn), swar and sivani. All three will surely feel bad and devastated now. How can u break the heart of such beautiful onnocent ladies preth??? Courtesy-mrudu.
  4. 4. 15. Hottest pick: our town’s opposite pair akshay and shravs are heating up the town with with the touch of romance. Akshay who was called dear accidentally be mrudulla got dam angry and scolded back in which he said only shravs can call him dear and no one else shud. Akshay is proving to be a one girl’s man. Wat are u gonna do to prove urself as one guy’s girl shravs?16. hottest pick: it looks like the newly married couple swar-papa isn’t happy. Papa was seen secretly romancing trishi today in town in public. Swar who saw that was also not angry abt it. Papa was seen saying that nothing happened between them after marriage and when asked swar abt it she said all after 8 yrs cos we can’t have kids now. May be papa is not ready to wait. That’s y he selecting his new girl to keep and that lucky girl is trishi!!! Beware swar there is a competitor for u!!! wat say karate kid???17. 21-4-2011: official announcement: hot picks is closing due to various reasons. No more picks, thanks for supporting it till dat. We apologise for the same!18. Official announcement: hot paicks will be continued as many of them wanted it back! it’ll be back with bang in some days with some new exciting features.19. Hot picks r gonna be back with a bang with some extra features… the hot pick will be sent around 8 every night but feedbacks can be sent anytime! Only 1 pick a day… special weekend pick on Saturdays and Sundays… new ideas and suggestions are welcomed.20. Saturday’s special hot pick: our town’s singer boy amrit was absent for the whole week. But many are wondering why! Hot picks has taken a lot of pain in getting the information. Amrit is in amma’s ashram to get mental peace. He was suffering from great depression caused due to the marriage of our town’s sizzling girl swar and karate kid santhanu! Amrit couldn’t bear the loss of his dear love swaz and so he is relieveing his mind from it by sirrendering himself in amma’s ashram. Have some mercy on amrit , swar!
  5. 5. 21. Hot pick report given by preth: our town’s duo pair akshay shravs are romancing too much now a days. Shravs is being renamed as akshrvathi- published and edited by hot picks.22. Sunday’s special hot pick: our town’s sizzling pair swar-papa is in the news but again for the bad reasons. We all know that the chemistry of the pair is very weakdue to their low marks in biology as said before. This has left a drastic effect on our karate kid. The kid has turned into a gay cos of swar. Preth saideveryone that he is enjoying alone with santhanu. This let out many rumours thst santhanu has turned into a gay. Swar at least now plz change ur decision. U’re popreddy swar. so safegaurd ur hubby. U’re still a straight right papa???23. Hottest pick- our town’s connection raja seem s t0 be smiling a lot these days. There is not noe but 2 reasons behind his curved lips. First- his long time crush mrudu accepted him! Ok this is 1 reason down. Wats the next? Well, it seems that vinet is extremely happy that his partner has been awarded the title”mami” of the town. The reason behind his happiness is that the couple have apt name. that’s mama and mami of town and the best part is that they have their romance to public as vinet proposed her enormous number of times today and gave her flying kiss too and they were constantly romancing in the town that too in front of many. So wat say vinet and mrudu? Ur x- lovers r gonna feel for missing two hot gems. Wel congrats guys for entering the list of t-town’s pair.-snt by shravz behalf of swar.24. Official hottest pick: our town’s latest pair akshay-shravs is proving to beat all other pair in terms of evry aspect of romance, Starting from caring to loving part. They’ve openly announcedin public that they’re committed and r really happy with the way their love has turned out. To spice up their love life they had done a lot of work and r following it too. Both r so caring abt each other. Akshay always asks shravs “ATE?” to check whether she had taken her food properly on time. Shravs was also seen telling akshay to drink complan so that he could match her height. The pair also see to it that there are no things hidden bet them by saying each and everything through just a text. They call this as textance(text+romance). They were even seen exchanging things in public. Shravs is also called as akshravs as part of celebration. Can any pair be so romantic as them? No way we say! Anyone wanna bet???
  6. 6. 25. Hottest pick: santhanu who is not atisfied with his wife, our town’s sizzling girl swar and has always been week in chemistry due to their low marks in boilogy, has finally found a girl for himself and that unlucky lady is none other than our town’s gujarat beauty sivani. The illegal pair was seen romancing in public and the rumours has even reached our teachers. Uma mam was calling sivani as papa(nick name of our town’s karate kid) as the part of her indirect teasing. So swar must be sad now as her husband is trying to cheat on her. But don’t worry u’ll always be referred to as popreddy as always. Wat say popreddy, papa and papa’s papa (sivani) ? courtesy- swar,trishi.26. Hottest report: our town’s leading pair in every aspect of romance i.e akshay-shravs has given a shock to the whole town. Our town’s singing celeb sruthi has officially revealed that shravs is her biological mom and akshay is her biological dad!- report by sruthi!27. Hottest update: our town’s most wanted girl who has already got into an on and off relationship with many guys till date is not satisfied even after the large number of 20boys. The girl seemd to be attracting more and more boys and she is trying her level best to be the most wanted girl forever. We think she is likes the title so much that she does many things to add new boys into her guys’ longlist. The latest news is that she was trying to attract our town’s sportsman akshay, who is married to our singing celebrity shravs. The sources say that the girl tried all her level best in getting her best friends’ hubby. Don’t cheat ur frnd mrudu its not good. Beware akshravs.28. Latest update: our singing celebrity shravs clearly revealed in an exclusivr chat with swar that t-town members shud tease her only with her ex-bf ramu and present bf akshay. She doesn’t like being teased with rohan or ranga or any other guy. She gets hyper tensed if any1 teases her with them. So guyz plz tease shravs according to her wish as she doesn’t mind being teased with her heart throbs :-* -akshay and ramu… thank u-swar29. Hottest update: our town’s most romantic pair akshay-shravs is in the news so many times, for both good and and bad reasons. And this time they’re in the news for mixed reasons. The pair who has scored the highest points when it comes to romance is
  7. 7. trying its best to spice up their romance. The pair shares everything bet them and tries not to keep any secrets bet them. They even romance till late night. The bad reason is that the daughter of this amazing sruthi has outraged for the last update. Sruthi doesn’t want ramu to be her dad and she wants only her biological dad akshay as her dad. She openly outraged at picks that she cannot and doesn’t want to have 2 dads and she has only one dad and that’s akshay. So shravs plz leave ramu and choose akshay for ur daughter sruthi’s own goodness.30. Hottest picks: our town’s best family is in the news again and this time its for a pretty good reason. Yup here by the FAMILY we refer to none other than akshravs’ family which includes akshay-dad, shravs-mom, sruthi-daughter, dheeraj-son in law and sakun-grandson. We all know that girls are always a dad’s child and of course it’s the same case in this happy family too. Akshay was seen mostly in commerce road just to keep a watch on his lovely daughter sruthi. Sruthi too wasn’t quite, she showed off her love and respect back by calling him as her sweet dad in front of everyone to make him feel proud and happy. But wats mom shravs doing behind the walls. Wat say family???31. Hottest pick: there is a very happy family in our t-town. Guess whose??? Kk slow down its our town’s singing celebrity sruthi’s. sruthi who had secretly married her long time lover dheeraj has finally revealed the truth. She has revealed that she has married her lover dheeraj and even has a son named Sakun with him. This family is of course the biggest happy family in t-town. Can anyone guess who r the happy grandparents? Yes yes its obviously our town’s most romantic pair akshravs. Wat say family?32. Latest update: hot picks tried its level best and has got the info from sruthi abt the latest rumours that akshay-shravs are her parents. During an exclusive chat with vineeth she said that she has got her height from dad akshay and singing skill from her mom shravs. They have encouraged and supported her in every possible ways. Wat r u gonna say for this akshay-shravs?33. Family tree completion: my grand daughter is swar is married to our t-town’s karate kid santhanu and is also in an illegal relationship with amrit and utkarsh and many others just for pleasure.
  8. 8. 34. Hottest flirt: our town’s famous family pair akshravs have once again gone public to show that they’rethe best and unbeatable when it comes to romance. Shravs travelled all the way to her husband’s house just to flirt with akshay and see him hot body.sharvs lied to her mom that she is gonna do some repairing work for the bike and went to see her hubby. The pair was seen flirting so well on the road in public and didn’t even mind their frnds. Now we all y the pair is the most romantic pair of the town. R there any more secrets akshravs?35. Hottest pick: mrudu and kose beware!!! U have got one more gul as ur comprtitor, its none other than our hotty katy. Shez trying to attract guys by replyung to their messages immediately but shez least bothered to reply our town guls…. Wat do u say katy? Rit now akilan, vinu, manoj, shiva(junior blacky guy), sathanu, ram prasad r in ur last. Now u have added pretham tooo, so how many more guys do u want eh? Anyways congrats and plz don’t take away mrudu’s and kosu’s aals anymore!!! Paavam them!!!-swar36. Hottest Pick: 2 pairs of e-town were seen romancing in public. The pairs r ass-vinu and swar-amrit. Ass-vinu were seen romancing and blushing outside when the school got over while our swar-amrit pair made it more interesting. Amrit was waiting for swar near the gate and exchanged flying kisses when swar’s van passed him!!! So much of love and kisses were passed in just few seconds! Lloks like the pairs are showing the public that they love and live for each other! Courtesy: most wanted reporter guy.37. Hottest event at the outing: Sruthi dj’s public romance, amrit moaning swar’s name the whole day, akshravs’ silent and thirutu romance and the most hottest is ass-vinu’s. they both dashed each other and were texting each other with kinky messages while they were roaming. The source close to the pair said vinu even found when out that it was not ass when some of her frnds tried to prank him from ass’s mobile. Lets all hope that the pair had a gala time and r happy like this for ever!!!38. Hottest pick: it is very easy to get fooledby her traditional next door gul image and to say that shez innocent but one knows her true image to the fullest. Guys I’m talking about none other than our town’s second most wanted gul ass!!! This pretty lad seems to be enjoying her company with vinu as she has not deleted even a single hot pick abt her and vinu and that too she saved all of them in a separate folder. So there’s so much love blossoming between them. Vinu now wat do u say??? Do u also save all the picks abt u and ass just like her to sho love or do u do more crazy stuff??? Most importantly do u also love ass so much as how she loves u??? courtesy-swar39. Special edition of special event at the outing by M.D, hottest pick: it looks like our sizzling girl is winning in the game of attracting largest number of boys. Today at
  9. 9. express avenue(ea) she attracted 4-6 boys(grp of frnds) who shocked her frnds who too went out with swar for enjoying. The boys proposed swar and were fighting with each other for the sizzling girl of our town. They even asked her numb. At least she dropped them all but got their e-mail ids. Looks like she’ll soon become the most wanted girl of the whole city. Wat is ur answer for this swar? R u leaving ur long term boyfrnd amrit??? Courtesy: ass, katy.40. Hottest pick: there is yet another pair in town. Vinu must be the saddest person cos of the new pair as our town’s sanyasi broke his vows and indirectly asked ass for a date by asking her to give him a coffee bite. Did u accept this offer asss? Don’t betray vinu plz!!! @ by the way keshav!!! Which coffee did u mean? U must be daing person to ask for a coffee dirctly to a girl espcially to an already committed girl ass!41. Hottest pick: as connection raja is on leave today for a pick up! He must be really proud of himself as he has been awarded the ROMEO title. He alrady has so much awards in his name and now he has added one more too. This award has been given to him as he has been romancing sivani,varshini, sreya, elakya, mrudu, swar, katy, prags and the best part is that ass, katy and sruthis’ parents have accepted vineeth as their lovely dearly son-in-law as they have been teasing their daughters with vineeth. So wat do u say mr.romeo??? which girl r u gonna select as ur wife??? Courtesy-swar42. Hottest pick: known for her best expressive face, there is no doubt the our 2nd most wanted girl assis a powerhouse of explosive talent! Her latest pick with keshav stands testimony to that fact! Ass is not only talented in impressing and picking up guys but shez also extremely talented in dropping and ditching the picked up guys at ease without hurting them! Today she told her x-boyfrnd vinu is btter than keshav and wants to continue her relationship with vinu and want to drop keshav as his property is not that good(no double meaning). So wat do u say keshav and vinu? Vinu r u happy to join with ur x-girlfrnd and become x-x-boyfrnd of her’s? courtesy-swar43. Hottest pick: it looks like the favourite pair of rumour mills is bck in action after a long time. Yes we’re talking abt ass and vinu!!! The pair is getting their marriage plans ready and its soon expected to be on the cards! They revealed it to their mutual close frnds that they’ve got close enough and cannot keep hands off ech other and r planning to take it to the next level. Vinu also has never let his lover ass down at any situation and has always been there for her!!! Lets wait and see wat happens!!! Wat say ass-vinu???44. Hottest pick: the cute pair of town is finally taking their relationship to the next level as reprted earlier! The source close to the pair reveals that the pair has got colse enough to take it to the next level and r ready to get married and to start a family! Ass was witnessed saying that her boyfrnd is really good and he’ll never leave her in
  10. 10. any situation. We both r so made for each other, while the macho boy was surely proving the same! The boy was seen saying to hid frnd that I’ll never leave my ass!!! She is my life and there’s no one else I the world who can ever replace her. And to spice up this the rumour mills have also started spinning the news that the pair is gonna secretly get married. Its gonna be a very low profile marriage if the sources are to be believed!45. The most hottest pick: the cute pair ass-vinu shud be on cloud nine as today is the delivery date of vinu’s baby! They would be the most happiest pairs of e-town. Congrats pair. Inform us whether the baby is a boy or a girl.