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7 Tips to Market your Startup for $0


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Running a startup is extremely tough, marketing it is even tougher. As a startup business owner, you must be knowing the value of every penny unlike big brands who readily spend thousands of dollars every month as a part of their marketing budget. Also, a startup entrepreneur cannot wait too long for the ROI to reflect.

So what can you as a small business owner do to minimize your spend on marketing to the tune of $0- yes literally not even a single penny? There are actually many ways if you ask me but I am going to speak about top 7 in my list. Are you ready to know? Then read on.

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7 Tips to Market your Startup for $0

  1. 1. 7 Tips to Market your Startup for $0 @VineetKhurana Growth Hacker
  2. 2. Running a startup is extremely tough, marketing it is even tougher. The marketing budgets of startups are awfully low. This tutorial contains 7 smart and sweet tips for you to market your startup FREE! - yes literally not even a single penny! Why see this Presentation?
  3. 3. Wait, What?
  4. 4. Yes I mean it! Let’s get started!
  5. 5.  Make a clear understanding of your target market  Learn how to say ‘No’ to the unwanted clients  Identify who else is selling similar services or product  Make a concrete marketing plan beforehand #1 Identify your target market and competition ($0)
  6. 6.  Network with the decision makers & tell them about your startup’s services/products  3 startup events in a month are good enough  Validate your product assumptions from the attendees  Help others generously and you will be helped more #2 Attend startup events & make good connects ($0)
  7. 7.  Make a Free blog on & start writing  Share your experience which was a challenge earlier  Be honest & open in sharing your learning  Be persistent & observant. Your mainstream business will be benefited in the longer run by blogging #3 Make your blog and start writing ($0)
  8. 8.  Mailchimp offers adding 2000 subscribers & 12000 emails/month under its free plan. Take advantage of it.  DIY design templates for fast & attractive designing  Send offers, festival greetings to your clients using it  You can track status & success rates with their tools #4 Free Email Marketing with ($0)
  9. 9.  Huge network of professionals & entrepreneurs  Make appropriate connects from your industry  Ask feedback for your product from your connects  Early testers may become your customers later  Present yourself as thought-leader by sharing blog posts #5 Leverage the power of LinkedIn ($0)
  10. 10.  Most thought leaders & knowledge seekers are on Twitter  Choose catchy taglines to attract more engagement  Research & use hashtags to reach untouched audience  Ask your connects for trying your services or product  Don’t ever spam people or be ready to be unfollowed #6 Make Twitter your Best friend
  11. 11.  Be sure to update your website periodically  Optimize your website for clear Call to Action (CTA)  Research what is affecting your SEO and make future strategies on the basis of the same  Use the following Free tools (easy to configure & use) #7 Free tools for SEO, Keyword Research & more ($0)
  12. 12. Create an account, verify your website and explore the search terms you are being searched with- earlier known as Google Webmaster Tools. FREE TOOL #1- Google Search Console
  13. 13. Setup your account and see all the traffic sources on your website, the devices & browsers your website is opened on, visitors locations & a lot more. FREE TOOL #2- Google Analytics
  14. 14. Used for Google Adwords mainly but you can make use of it for doing SEO as well. Find the potential keywords and use them in your content strategy FREE TOOL #3- Google Keyword Planner
  15. 15. Free application to Study your website’s SEO Score and suggestions to improve it. Tells you what changes to do in your website within seconds. FREE TOOL #4-
  16. 16. The good part about a startup business is that it is extremely flexible and you can experiment with it a lot without having to lose much. Everything new that you do, adds to your knowledge- this is how I learned by experimenting & failing and this is how every startup entrepreneur learns. Conclusion
  17. 17. Now it’s your turn. Please share in the comments below. How do you plan to market your startup to sell more? And let’s connect on Twitter. My Twitter handle is @VineetKhurana I will follow you back for sure. What’s next?