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  1. 1. What a weirdo kid! What a weird nurse!!
  2. 2. Name this animal and spell it too This is so damn easy!! ALLY FANT ALLY-FANT
  3. 3. Name this animal and spell it too Sometimes, I really think I should put my foot down and refuse to study with these dumb second graders who d not k h do t know the th intricacies of Phonetics & Linguistics! Poor me!! ALLY FANT ALLY-FANT
  4. 4. Damn it!! The ink is over.
  5. 5. These days, you can’t even rely y ,y y on these filthy pen manufacturers to introduce an alarm system before the ink. bloody pen runs out of ink Ayn Rand is fake! All that talk about Capitalism bringing out the best in man is fail!!! I DEMAND ANOTHER THEORY….
  6. 6. What an inner neurotic experience indeed!
  7. 7. No great man has ever understood the principles on which the female form works!
  8. 8. What is the RAM size, how is the memory being indexed, what is the h lb d d h f h max. theoretical bandwidth of the memory system.. I need to see the memory chip timing diagram.
  9. 9. Why can’t these people y p p stop worrying about the measly bottom-lines and promote people on the basis of their unexplored potential?
  10. 10. I mean, whatever has been explored is exploited anyways.. Why not bet upon the hidden mines????
  11. 11. A few years later… A person who does not make mistakes, does not mistakes make any thing at all!