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De Beers "Diamond Is Forever" ad campaign


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undergrad presentation on the legendar

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De Beers "Diamond Is Forever" ad campaign

  1. 1. “ A DiamondIs Forever” De Beers Ad Campaign: Case Study
  2. 2. Diamond Industry: Present Scenario• Global diamond industry is worth around $65 billion• U.S. leading consumer of polished diamonds• Retail sales over $ 30billion despite recession• 70% of the world’s diamonds cut and polished in India• Export of cut and polished diamonds down by 8 percent (near about $13024.53 million) in 2010 as against $14194 in India. Yet fastest growing diamond market today.
  3. 3. De Beers: Brief Overview• Founded in 1888 by Cecil Rhodes, it’s a cartel of 12 companies spread across the globe• Historically owned 85% share of the diamond market.• Infamous for influencing supply and demand to control prices - Purchasing and stockpiling same diamonds as other manufacturer - Flooding the market with diamonds similar to their competition that refused to join their monopoly• Diamond Trading Company (DTC) is the sales and distribution arm of the De Beers Group - Uses DTC as brand name and ForeverMark logo for marketting purposes - Exclusive De Beers boutiques operate in select countries• N. W Ayer & Son was De Beer’s primary advertising agency. Advertising Age named "A Diamond Is Forever“ best advertising slogan of the twentieth century.
  4. 4. • Losing its Grip on the Market In 1990s, several events happened: - Soviet Union collapsed, weakening partnership - Huge Argyle mine in Australia broke off from cartel - New mines in Canada discovered - Increasing popularity of synthetic diamonds•Market share fell from 85% to 45%• The Aftermath - Stopped trying to control market and instead focus on using its marketing and brand - Spent $180M on marketing in 2004 - Partnered with Louis Vuitton to open retail outlets• In 2003, earned sales of $5.5B and income of $676M
  5. 5. De Beers’ Marketing Strategy 1. To push the idea that diamonds were eternal, forever linked with romance, emotionally valued and a necessary luxury.2. To strengthen the tradition of the diamondengagement ring – “make it a psychologicalnecessity”
  6. 6. De Beers’ multifaceted advertising plan included…• Public Relations• Direct advertising in print and radio• Specific radio programs publicizing diamond trends• Weekly service called Hollywood Personalities which published stories in over 125 leading newspapers with descriptions of diamonds worn by major celebrities.
  7. 7. • In-film product placement
  8. 8. • Commissioning portraits of “engaged socialites”
  9. 9. • Series of successful magazine ads featuring works of The Great Four – Picasso, Derain, Dali & Dufy. Other artists were Jean Hugo, Bernard Lamotte
  10. 10. Salvador Dali Salvador Dali (1952)
  11. 11. Raoul Dufy
  12. 12. Jean Hugo
  13. 13. Bernard Lamotte
  14. 14. Evolution of De Beers’ print ads Late 30’s…
  15. 15. Caroline Edmundson, 1946
  16. 16. Through the 50’s…
  17. 17. 1969 1961
  18. 18. 1978 1970
  19. 19. The ’80s…
  20. 20. 1993 1990
  21. 21. • TV ads of featuring silhouettes against the background score by Karl Jenkins (video)• Later TV ads (video)• De Beers ads in India (video)
  22. 22. • Ads with De Beers diamonds imposed on timeless masterpieces (Manet)
  23. 23. De Beers rendition of Botticelli’s “Venus”
  24. 24. Other gimmicks • To mark its 40th year, De Beers launched the most expensive Barbie doll till date priced at $85,000 decorated with 160 diamonds and gold (1999)
  25. 25. Recent Ads… ‘Right Hand Ring’ campaign to attract non-bridal market base (2003)
  26. 26. ViralMarketting“The Unending Kiss” (2009)
  27. 27. Analysis• Long term strategy – to change mindset and behaviour pattern of people rather than simply driving short term sales• Ads appeal to emotion rather than the product itself• Despite dire economic situations – Depression and the IInd World War – De Beers reinterpreted prevailing trends rather than fighting them
  28. 28. Bibli(ng)ography Youtube