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Plone is the most secure CMS, do you need to shoe everything into it? We will show you how to think SOA and show how you can integrate an secure e-commerce system with your Plone site.

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  • What is around in the Plone e-commerce landscape.

  • When you install your Plone becomes something else then a CMS
    Alan mentioned yesterday, Not customizing but building application

  • SOA - think service, reusable service
  • SOA has some disadvantages, depending on how you see it.
    Different technologies means you need to keep more knowledge up to date. But this can also be turned around. Since you use the best tool for the job the knowledge about that tool is probably easier to obtain and maintain then own developed tool or abounded system.
  • don’t reinvent if there is a very good tool for the job.
    A clean Plone is much easier to upgrade. Do you use a CMS or do you build an Application?
    Think about your Plone as a service and integrate it into the other systems.
    Decoupling gives you flexibility.

  • Using XDV/deliverance we can see the theme as a service.
    One implementation and applied across the services.
    You don’t need to implement one theme for Plone, one for the e-commerce and so on.
  • Solr is a fast growing and scalable search and indexing engine.
    Index content across your services and make it searchable from Plone.
  • Magento is one of the biggest open source/commercial systems.
    Others also very popular are available through CPanel like oscommerce.
    We try to stay with python, not many options today.
  • The case study is a shop which will be released during november.
  • Online today
    Plone 3 with QuillsEnabled blog and EasyShop installed.
    Quite simple website but still hard to upgrade.
  • Upgrade to Plone 4 would be very easy if we didn’t have the e-commerce in there so we uninstalled it.
    Upgrade of EasyShop would require to much work so we decided to look for an external system.
    A system that we could contribute to or fork and create our e-commerce system of it and beat Magento :)
    QuillsEnabled is obsolete for Plone 4, other replacements like collective.blog.star.
    Plone theme, reimplement it and even two times if we choose external e-commerce. No we will implement it just once and apply it on all services with XDV.
  • After uninstalling all the products we had a very clean Plone to upgrade, just a simple blog really.
  • We stay with python because we love it. LFS is a new kid on the block and fresh. It is fast
    small and clean. Since Django runs on GAE, theoretically we could make LFS run there too if we want.
    We created a product to export EasyShop products to a csv and then import it into LFS, with images and all.
  • Basic needs in the Plone CMS are
    find the objects
    so you can link them
    thumbnail view is nice too
    and relations to i.e. a Press Release.
    How can we get this into Plone without poluting the CMS with undesirable code?
  • Structure into a folder called shop so when user surf to url /shop/productX the XDV will serve content from the LFS.
  • What we are looking at in next step is to integrate Solr to get all indexed content available in Plone.

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