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Gemalto Roaming Cloud enables Mobile Operators to launch Wi-Fi Roaming with minimum effort and maximum impact.
Presentation given at WBA roundtable in Paris (Wireless Broadband Association) on June 21st.

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  • The agenda for today. A short introduction on GemaltoThen the Wifi roaming opportunity? With a question mark.And a conclusion slide.
  • Some call it an avalanche, some call it a wave. To illustrate the Mobile Internet raise, I’ll give you 2 figures.85% access to Mixi, the largest SNS (social network service) in Japan is from mobile.35% of …Read more:
  • Let’s have break - I have a questionfor you.What can you get with 39,000 USD?An AUDI car? …Roaming is still expensive
  • Another question to the floor. What do they have in common?Answer: Wi-Fi. Wi-Fi is everywhere!
  • If we combine the 3 previous slides: people want Internet from smart phones, high data roaming costs and Wi-Fi is everywhere, Wifi roaming looks like the ideal solution….All of this for revenues that will likely be small compared to data roaming revenues.So, it it worth …?
  • This is where we come in.We propose a turnkey service to MNO Our WiFi Roaming Cloud is a B2B hosted service.With it, MNO can offer their subscribers WiFi Roaming with minimum effort & max impact.
  • Maximum impact: 2 features
  • Conclusion: peace of mind, Launch Wifi Roaming with minimum effort & maximum impactTo know more, come and see our demo in the innovation showcase.
  • Gemalto Wi-Fi Roaming Cloud

    1. 1. Gemalto Wi-Fi Roaming Cloud19th WBA Roundtable - Global Market Update<br />Vincent Véran<br />Director of Business Development<br />21st June 2011<br />
    2. 2. 2<br />20/06/2011<br />Agenda<br />1. Gemalto<br />2. Wi-Fi Roaming, an opportunity?<br />3. Wi-Fi Roaming Cloud<br />4. Take Away<br />
    3. 3. Gemalto in Mobile Communications<br />1.5 billion secure devices – produced and personalized in 2010<br />450 Mobile Operators – trust Gemalto<br />1,000 solutions in use – for Roaming, m-payment, M2M, LTE, Mobile Marketing, Device Management,…<br />1.8 billion mobile users – connected to one of our platforms<br />3<br />
    4. 4. Gemalto Roaming OfferMaximize your roaming revenues and profitability<br />Steering <br />of<br />Roaming<br />Roaming Director - efficient and user-friendly SS7/ SIM-OTA steering<br />Allynis Roaming Director - Real time steering in managed service<br />Roaming Module – connects existing SS7 steering and OTA<br />Roaming Optimizer – massive OTA campaigns as a managed service<br />OutboundRoaming<br />Wi-Fi Roaming Cloud- over 500,000 Wi-Fi hotspots worldwide<br />Wi-Fi Roaming<br />Dual IMSI + Instant Roaming - extend your roaming coverage<br />Expand footprint<br />Optimize network<br />GLR (Gateway Location Register) - Increase your inbound roaming <br />InboundRoaming<br />Corrective Dialing System- fix common dialing mistakes<br />Welcome SMS- promote your offers<br />Home Short Code - provide a seamless access to the home VAS<br />Increase your traffic<br />Expertise<br />Understand <br />your business<br />Consulting - Improve your roaming P&L thanks to our advices <br />Training - Understand Steering of Roaming and Inbound VAS<br />4<br />
    5. 5. The Mobile Internet explosion<br />5<br />20/06/2011<br />Source: Matsumoto-san Softbank (Japan)<br />35% of Android and iPhone owners in the U.S. launch mobile apps before getting out of bed.<br />
    6. 6. 6<br />20/06/2011<br />Watch a movie over 3G<br />(for US subscribers<br />roaming in France)<br />What can you get with $39,000?<br />
    7. 7. 7<br />20/06/2011<br />What do they have in common?<br />Mt. Dae Dun San<br />(Korea)<br />Chicago stadium<br />Answer: Wi-Fi<br />
    8. 8. So Wi-Fi Roaming is the solution?<br />8<br />20/06/2011<br />Yes but…<br />EAP-SIM not yet deployed<br />Building an offer is complex and costly<br />Set-up bilateral<br />Deployment of AAA<br />Development of smart phone app<br />Integration with billing system<br />Promotion of the offer<br />Is it worth the time, effort and money?<br />
    9. 9. Wi-Fi Roaming CloudA turnkey service offered to Mobile Operators<br />9<br />Hotels<br />Wi-Fi Roaming Cloud<br />MNO<br />End User<br />Airports<br />Etc.<br />Launch Wi-Fi Roaming with minimum effort and maximum impact<br />
    10. 10. 10<br />20/06/2011<br />Maximize service adoption<br />SMS received<br />Welcome to Spain!<br />Save 80% of your Roaming costs by using Wi-Fi. <br />Click here to download the app.<br />Largest Wi-Fi footprint<br />over 500,000 hotspots in 93 countries<br />Unique Promotion<br />Feature<br />
    11. 11. Minimize your deployment effort<br />11<br />20/06/2011<br />All-inclusive turnkey service<br /><ul><li>Largest Wi-Fi footprint
    12. 12. Authentication: EAP-SIM, login/ password
    13. 13. Smart Wi-Fi client
    14. 14. Billing
    15. 15. Promotion service</li></ul>Benefits for Mobile Operators<br /><ul><li>Optimize costs: no CAPEX
    16. 16. Simplify deployment (billing, AAA, Client)
    17. 17. Reduce internal effort
    18. 18. Quick time to market</li></li></ul><li>12<br />PEACE OF MIND<br />Launch wi-fi roaming with Minimum effort<br />& maximum impact<br />