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Technology and social interactions


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Technology and social interactions

  1. 1. How do you imagine socialinteraction within 10 years, taking into consideration the impact of technology on human relations? By Vincent Thilly for IE Business School
  2. 2. The evolution of technology will have aprogressive but significant impact on socialinteractions and the way we build relationshipswith others.Let me walk you through the influences I findmost probable within the next 10 years.
  3. 3. People are more and more connectedwith each other through newtechnologies and this trend willcertainly not slow down.
  4. 4. Social NetworksOnline social networks and their use will evolve. Links betweennetworks will intensify and people will use them to refine theirrelationship networks in a way that allows them to create morecomplex and wider connections.Online social networks willbecome more effective inhelping people create addedvalue (e.g. work together orfind specific expertise) andfind satisfaction (e.g. identifythe right product or the rightdestination).
  5. 5. Permanent ConnectionPermanent connection to the internet is almost a reality. Newtechnologies that exploit this like the Google glasses willinfluence our relationships as we will be able to share momentsof our lives as we live them.This continuous access to the cloudmeans we will be able to« remember » many morerelationship events. In other words,I will never forget the name ofsomeone I meet, even someone Ibriefly meet.
  6. 6. Enhanced RealityEnhanced reality will dramaticallychange our relationships and socialinteractions as our reputation willstick to us and appear to otherpeople trough enhanced realitydevices.This will have enormousimplications on our ethics and ourvalues as a society.
  7. 7. Medical breaktroughsAs medicine improves, people will livelonger. Some talk about 200 years old asdoctors will be able to create organs andprescribe medication based on the genomeof the virus assaulting one’s body.A longer life perception should have animpact on our relationships as they couldlast much longer.
  8. 8. Virtual humansVirtual humans or robots will beadded to the workforce. This shouldfree the human race from laboroustasks that take a lot of time.Hence, more time will be availiable torelationships (personal orprofessional). People will be able todevelop deeper relationships andextend their network much further.
  9. 9. Communication TechnologiesNew technologies such as the universaltranslator and the hologram are likely to bedevelopped in the next decade. These deviceswill allow us to communicate more effectivelywith more people around the world.
  10. 10. In the next decade, social interactions will intensifyas the importance of relationships will increase.• Social networks will be an important source of added value.• Relationships will become deeper and more important as people will have a easy access to memories and live longer.• Selection based on reputation will influence social interactions deeply.• More time will be availiable to work on our relationships and build our networks.• Our networks will be much wider and diverse• Social interactions will be almost permanent. BUT…
  11. 11. Humans will always be humansI believe technology will never substitute the need for physicalinteraction that we have. Humans will always meet in person andtechnology will allow us to intensify our relationships withmemories, longer lives, more time, information, ...